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K-Drama Cameos FTW!

I recently started watching Squad 38, and to my delight, Kim Sung Oh made a cameo appearance in episode 2.  This got me thinking of how much I love cameos.  This stems all the way back to when I was a kid and watching the Muppet Movie and the Great Muppet Caper, etc, which are full of wonderful cameos.  This probably makes me appreciate all the lovely cameos in K-dramas as well.

So I made a list of all the cameos that I especially loved, and some that even made me watch the drama just so I could see the cameo, which is pretty much the most ridiculous thing ever.

Squad 38

I had already seen the spoilers on Twitter, but it still made me insanely happen when Kim Sung Oh's lovely face creeped around the computer monitor in the previews for episode 2, and then when I saw it in action, it was just amazing.

And then Park Sung Woong waltzes in and I am squealing like mad... which I already was, but it got louder and more intense, is what I'm saying.

But what is better than them just being in this show is what happens.  So funny.

History of a Salaryman

I almost wrote this post based solely on Kim Sung Oh's wonderful cameo appearance in History of a Salaryman, where he played the prosecutor who also wanted to date Yeo Chi (Jung Ryeo Won).

Mmmmm, but that hair though.  Rawr, haha.  And while I'm at it, I might as well include Lee Joon, who played the hallyu star who once dated Yeo Chi and was bribed to break up with her.

Descendants of the Sun

The best kind of cameos are the ones that are from friendships, so I love all the bromance ones, like Kwang Soo in DOTS.

Running Man usually cameos for their peeps, as you can see in Wonderful Radio and Emergency Couple.

But just as good as Kwang Soo's cameo was Yoo Ah In's, who played the best disinterested banker ever.  The more ridiculous and hilarious the cameo, the better.

I think that the fact that I had just recently watched Six Flying Dragons probably made this all the better.

Because It's the First Time

This was the one where I literally watched this drama because I heard that the Bromance (Jo Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min)  had a cameo.  I kind of regret that, because that meant having to watch 20 episodes of Poo Butt being a poo butt, but then again I don't, because this Bromance cameo.

It single-handedly made everything better.

Miss Granny

I know this is a movie and not a drama, but when the helmet came off and Kim Soo Hyun was there, I screamed with delight.  It was perfect, it was beautiful.

Honestly, until this moment I never knew I was that much of a fangirl for Kim Soo Hyun, but I guess I am.

The Greatest Love

The Hong Sisters always throw in a cameo from previous dramas, so this one was not a surprise, but it was probably the best cameo in a Hong Sister's drama, because the interactions between Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won are amazing.

Fighting over CFs and calling favors, pretending to be besties when the press is around, it is celebrity comedy gold.  Yep.

Good Doctor

Another bromance cameo FTW!  When Park Ki Woong showed up at the end of Good Doctor, I loved it.  Especially when he was being so cute and nerdy with those glasses.  A perfect cameo for the bromance of Gaksital.

To The Beautiful You

We were sad that Woo Bin was only a cameo.  I think we were both rooting for him over the poo butt male lead, because he is tres sexy in this.  All those sweaters and driving convertibles.


Ho Goo's Love

This one wasn't just amazing because it was Lee Sung Min, but because it was also a Misaeng cameo.  It was Lee Sung Min as Manager Oh from Misaeng.  Love, love, loved it.

Fated to Love You

I usually love it when Joon Park has a cameo, because he is cool and funny.  But with all the G.O.D connections with Jang Hyuk, this one was great.

My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol

I admit that hearing that Yoo Jae Suk would have a cameo in this was the thing that tipped the scale of me finally giving in and watching it.  I already wanted to because I love Fish Bangs and wanted to see him be a male lead, but then Yoo Jae Suk was the icing on the cake.  And his cameo was amazing too.

As if anyone could.

Another Oh Hae Young

This was another instance of cameos being better because they are cameos from other dramas, such as Gong Gi Tae being a lawyer in Oh Hae Young.

And the fact that Yeon Woo Jin's business card literally says Gong Gi Tae was wonderful.

Although I guess that is having ties to both Marriage Not Dating and Divorce Lawyer in Love...

Loved that Lee Pil Mo was Do Kyung's dad.

And Do Kyung's mom was Lee Yoo Ri.

Then Samcheon made a cute appearance, which we liked.

And to make the Super Daddy Yeol reunion complete, Seo Ye Ji played Hae Young's cousin.  Cute.


Probably the only thing I liked about Heirs was that one episode where I got to see VIXX and Heechul in a short amount of time.  But I probably appreciate it way more now, because I only barely knew who VIXX was back then and wasn't completely in love with Heechul yet.  But I'm obsessed with both now, so it's the only thing I can look back fondly on and appreciate, now more than ever.

I love that Ken is giving a thumbs down to Krystal's mistake

Don't ask me that, Heechul... don't ask me that!  Haha.

A Gentleman's Dignity

I think this might be the drama I like Jung Yong Hwa in the best, and it's only a cameo, but it is a hilarious one.  I love his face as he gets annoyed by Do Jin's jealousy and purposefully makes him even more jeally, haha.

Haha, you can't ask me that question either, Yong Hwa.

I also really loved those little pre-episode blips that were sometimes just funny, and sometimes gave background information and were always relevant to the plot, etc.  One of my favorites was when Sooyoung came to the coffee shop and Choi Yoon went full fan uncle mode, including the dancing, haha.

The Producers

This probably had the most and the best of the cameos of all.  Each one was amazing, but for time and space I only picked out my favorites.

Ryu Jun Yeol as a little trainee PD.  I'm not sure how cameo this was because he wasn't as crazy popular as he is now, at least I wasn't super in love with him yet, but I had to include him in this because I do completely love him now and he deserves all the love he can get, because he is amazing.

He was so good at nodding and taking notes, haha.

And my halmoni crush, Youn Yuh Jung, whose deadpan wins everything.

And the ex-boyfriends club members: Jang Hyuk

and Lee Chun Hee.  This girl just dated all the hot oppahjussi, didn't she?

I just had to include Lee Joo Seung too, even though he was more of a cast member.  I just loved that he was in it.

I think I loved JYP's cameo the best because of how it was done, with the whole fake buffering and him being so JYP and all.  His Skype intro though, amazing.

But the best of all was Lee Seung Gi being Lee Seung Gi, The Nation's Sweetheart, and how tiring it is to keep up that image, but how much of a habit it is that he keeps on doing it.

It's just too perfect.

And then, of course, when Baek Seung Chan is being petty, it was probably the best petty moment ever, because the worst thing he could do was cross out the formal "nim" on his dressing room sign, haha.

Even as I was writing this I thought of a million more I could have added to this list, which is good, because it shows how good K-dramas are at cameos, which apparently is a good thing, in my opinion.

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