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Madame Derp Face Antoine: Bad Nicknames That Are Clearly Out of Love

I'm super enjoying Madame Antoine right now, and mostly because besides being funny in its own right, it is the perfect ground for Derp Face (Sung Joon) to do what he does best.  Make derp faces.  If I tried to capture every face he makes that makes me laugh, I would basically just have to be constantly taking screenshots the entire time instead of enjoying the show.

Which brings me to the perfect time to discuss this topic, which I had been meaning to since I admitted that I was crushing on Fish Bangs: my habit of creating horrible nicknames out of endearment.

So I have this habit of nicknaming characters and actors in K-dramas.  I have many posts about that, as some dramas are better for nicknaming than others (see Phantom, Shine or Go Crazy, Cruel City, or Chuno).  But the best (or worst?) is when a bad nickname from a drama sticks to an actor and they forever becomes that nickname, even if I love them completely.  The bad nickname (it didn't even have to start with hate ever, sometimes it just happens to be bad) will then become a term of endearment, even though it sounds like an insult.

Derp Face- Sung Joon

Sung Joon earned this nickname from the beginning (like back in the Lie to Me or Can We Get Married? days when I first discovered him), because he just makes the best derpy faces.  Like all the time.  This guy really knows how to work the expressions while he acts.  Which is good.  Lots of people don't know how to do it.  I think I consistently started calling him Derp Face after Gu Family Book.  He made a lot in that one.  His faces made his otherwise serious character completely comedic.  Haha, maybe not a good thing, because I couldn't take his character seriously, but then again there were like fifty second male leads in that show.  Ridiculous.

I called him Dr. Derp Face in Hyde Jekyll Me, and he was annoying, even though his faces were amazing... except he made the crazy face like every scene.  But watching him in Madame Antoine is just pure joy.  After a similar plot of man tricking girl to fall for him in High Society, where he was too serious to make too many really good derp faces, I am loving seeing him be a huge derp as he acts too cool, thinking he can trick her into falling for him.

Only to be thwarted into falling for her himself, although he would never admit it yet.  He is an emotional idiot, which is why he is studying love in the way he is.  That lip twitch though, mwahahaha.

As ridiculous as this drama is, it is wonderfully enjoyable too.  I am constantly just laughing at Derp Face and all the faces he pulls as he thinks he is too cool and the one in power, etc.

Turd Face- Im Siwan

Im Siwan will always be Turd Face to me, even though I love love love him so.  He got that name from Triangle, where he was literally a little turd who made perfect turd faces to annoy me so.  But he was such a good actor that I didn't even recognize him from other things I had already watched him in, where I loved him, like that one Choi Daniel movie, waiting for love or something.

One of the best parts of Misaeng was all of the wonderful faces that Turd Face made as Geu Rae.

I also related to him when it came to avoiding the hugs.

He just is so expressive, which I said is one of the best things an actor can be good at.

I love Turd Face.

Pyeontae- Byun Yo Han

This nickname came from Misaeng (which wasn't the first show I'd watched Byun Yo Han in) but I kept calling him Pyeonte honestly because I think that is a fun word to say, even though it's quite a horrible nickname to give someone as it means pervert.  His character isn't even really a pervert.  Lizabreff always tries to get me to call him Fake Pyeonte instead, but that is just way too much to say, so I just laugh and keep calling him Pyeonte, because I love him and his amazing smile.

But now we also call him Bien Yo Han, partially an accidental mispronunciation on Curdy's part, because in Six Flying Dragons he is très bien.  RAWR.

Fish Bangs- Yoon Hyun Min

I started calling Yoon Hyun Min Fish Bangs because of his role in Falling in Love With Soon Jung, where he played one of the worst villains/second male leads ever.  He was just a bad dude, and on top of that he had these bangs that were just sort of plastered on his forehead like a limp fish.  They were yuck.  But then I fell in love with him in Cruel City, enough to make me start watching My Daughter Geum Sa Wol, in spite of my better judgement, because there would be 50 episodes to look at the not fish banged Fish Bangs being adorable.  Plus, I heard there was a Yoo Jae Suk cameo.  It was hilarious, btw.

But even though I love him, I will forever call him Fish Bangs.

Don't mind if you do.

Dog Poop Face- Han Sang Jin

What else do you call this dude when he was so nasty bad in Birth of a Beauty?  He was just a gae baby.  So we started calling him Dog Poop Face.  (I know, there are a lot of "face" insults in my naming.  I'm as mature as an elementary school kid).  Then, he was immediately in Hyde Jekyll Me and he was hilarious!  We were like: "Dong Poop Face?" and laughed.  So then the name became endearing because he was one of the more likable peeps in that crappy show (and he was a bad guy, btw).  So when I saw him suddenly pop in Six Flying Dragons I squealed with delight: "Dog Poop Face!"  And he has fantastic makeup in this too.  Makes his eyes pop, haha.

Bad Guy Face- Choi Jin Ho

I don't remember when I actually started calling him Bad Guy Face, but I definitely officially called him that in Phantom where his nickname was a variation: Chinese Bad Guy Face.  This was never a bad thing for me.  I like villains, and he is honestly a super sexy ahjussi.  His neck is so fine.  And his cheek bones.  Mmmmmm.  So I have no problem calling him Bad Guy Face, because it springs from love.  Plus I really like the roles he's getting these days, like in Oh My Venus, although this picture below comes from Moorim School.

Ahhhhhh!- Kim Byung Ok

It's really funny what names actually stick.  I used to call him Triangle Hair (or Skunk Stripe) while watching Triangle, but now I just call him Ahhhhhh! because of Modern Farmer, because of how his character only grunted and yelled for the first half of the show.  I love this man.  He is so good at what he does.  Even if he is constantly type cast as the gangster boss, he also plays a variety of other roles that prove how good he is.  His voice is also just cool.

Grumpy Cat- Uhm Ki Joon

I don't know if this actually counts as a bad nickname, but it is definitely out of love.  When Lizabreff and I watched Scent of a Woman and she was all falling for Lee Dong Wook all over again, I fell completely in love Uhm Ki Joon instead.  He is an amazing actor, and his character in that show was just like a grumpy little cat.  He obviously cared about her, but he was always looking grumpy and acting all gruff and stuff.  I loved him.  I also love him playing a bad guy, like in Phantom (I literally giggled when he finally showed up in the show).  He does the creepy smile thing really good.

Also, he has an amazing singing voice, which I found out when I started researching him (he was a musical actor first).  Yeah, that's how much I love my Grumpy Cat.

Crazy Noona- Yoo In Young

I suppose calling a girl Crazy Noona is not the nicest, but I promise that it is completely out of love.  I absolutely love Yoo In Young.  She is one of my favorite evil 2nd female lead girls ever.  I first loved her in My Love From Another Star, but she was my favorite in Mask- which is strange because she was completely crazy.  In fact, that's where she got her nickname.  She was his noona and she was completely crazy.  It was a simple as that.  But she plays them so well.  These aren't just bitcas, they are well rounded bitcas that have the humanity aspect and you end up feeling things for them, that aren't just hate and stuff.  Also, she always looks fabulous no matter what they do to her hair.  She is so classy.  I loved her style so much in Mask that I cut my hair like hers.  If only I didn't have baby fine hair and it looked like hers... (it still looks amazing, but it doesn't look like hers very much).  But it was proof in point that she can make the bitca sympathetic in Oh My Venus, when even before we knew she was not that bad we knew she was not that bad.  We could just tell.

I have other mean sounding nicknames, but some are just purely from hate because I hate them, like Fish Face (Ku Hye Sun) and Beater Boy (Kim Hyun Joong).  I also have many nicer sounding nicknames that are full of love and endearment and sound like it too, like Kitty (Kim Jaejoong), Sad Puppy (Lee Dong Wook), and Kitten/Kitten Face (Kim Soo Hyun).  I guess my good names are cute animal related, haha.  Well, basically I have a lot of nicknames... but these are the ones that sound mean and bad, but they are really full of love and endearment despite how they sound, because I love these actors a lot.  They are some of my favorites.  They are basically all pretty awesome.

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