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"I love Choi Daniel in So Ji Sub's Body" and Some Nicknames in Phantom

I was surprised at how much this drama sucked me in at once.  Now I regret not watching it when it first came out, but not at the same time, because now we could watch it as fast as we wanted... and that was very very fast.

How could I resist watching it when I finally figured out that it had some of my favorite actors?  So Ji Sub (that man is just so very sexy), Choi Daniel (I'm pretty sure I just want to marry him, he's so freakin' hot), and Uhm Ki Joon (also known as Grumpy Cat). Once I figured that out, I was watching it pretty much the next day.

Now to talk about this show without too many spoilers or whatnot.  But it's old, so that shouldn't be too big of a problem... unless you're like me and waited to watch it...

One thing we really love about this drama is that it doesn't have all the typical kdrama tropes (necessarily) but it does have a lot more of the American cop show tropes, which is refreshing when given the kdrama twist.  I was thrown off so many times in the first two episodes, and I am usually pretty good at predicting things.  Nope, I got a lot wrong, which made me just want to keep on watching.

Also it's a good blend of comedy, intense, and just plain cool.  Definitely a thriller, but more of a technology thriller, a bit psychological too, and an action thriller.  There was so much going on that you couldn't not get sucked in, but it was never too much that you were like "what is going on" or "how will they ever wrap this all up?"  In fact, this is one of the few that wrapped up most of the loose ends and didn't just make up crap at the last minute to solve everything.  I feel like it had a plan the whole time and stuck to it.

There were some things that just were annoying, naturally.  There were different crime plots, and some of them were less well done, while some of them were outright creepy, just like we like them.

But I would have to say that the biggest thing that bugged us was the reuse of shots.  You know, that exterior of the building shot they always use so we know where the scene is taking place and at what time of day.  Normally this is ok because it's just a building shot, but they made the mistake of making it an action shot, complete with people walking up to the building.  It was the same each time.  That's not even possible.  The same people walking in the same way every day.  Nope.  As if we wouldn't notice... ha ha ha... So annoying.

Why did they need to put this part in, showing the peeps walking in...

When they could have just shown this shot, just the building, and been fine?  Seriously lame.

But there was a whole lot more things to love.  Like this bromance:

Or this bromance:

Or this bromance:

Or all the many other plot twists, both predictable and not predictable.  Also the constant eyes candy of having the lead be So Ji Sub.  I mean, rawr.

But this drama also makes that habit I have of not learning character names and just making my own nicknames for them stand out.  Especially since there were just so many characters that there was no way I was going to remember all their names, and characters in dramas usually do this anyways, so I feel no remorse or shame.  So here are some examples of my nickname habit:

Crazy Cow:

This is a nickname right from the show, so it's not that big of a stretch, but I literally can't call him anything else (because I really don't know his name, but I recognize it when it's on the screen).

I didn't think that I would like this character, but then he fast became my favorite.  I loved him so much.

Choi Daniel:

In this drama that means the character of Park Ki Young, no matter who he is played by.

Grumpy Cat:

That's basically just the actor's name, given him from A Scent of a Woman (when I fell in love with him instead of Lee Dong Wook, which was perfect because Lizabreff loves LDW so there was no fighting over anyone).  He will be Grumpy Cat no matter what role he plays.

The girl/the chick/her/she:

We literally don't have any name for her because they haven't given her too much screen time, and barely any character development.  We don't hate her, we just don't care enough to give her a nickname.  She's just there.

Baked Potato:

Once again a name from the drama, but it has followed her to be our nickname for the actress.  I don't think she'll get away from it anytime soon.

Little Guy:

This guy is just so cute and little.  I'm sure this developed from a series of other nicknames.  Like so: the secretary dude from Queen of Reversals/manager from Greatest Love > Crazy Cow's little assistant > the cute little guy > Little Guy.  I loved the moment when this stuck, which later turned into us saying: "No! Not Little Guy!  I don't want the spy to be Little Guy!"

Lab Coat:

Lizabreff tried calling him Douche Bag, which developed from the fact that he was the creepo husband from the shoe ghost story of Master's Sun.  But then we eventually ended up calling him Lab Coat more, since he was the only dude on the team in a lab coat.

Glasses Chick:

She's the girl in the lab coat, who is not in the show much, so we just call her glasses chick.


No way that G.O is going to get any other name.  He's either G.O or MBLAQ Boy.

Cool Hair:

He's cool hair in every drama he is in... ever.  I think the name was officially stuck during King of Dramas, but no matter what drama he is in, he has awesome, amazing hair.

Not As Cute:

Not to be confused with Model who was in the show for like one episode.

Not as Cute started off as Shoes Man, but became an actual character when introduced about the same time as Model.  And he is cute too, especially when wearing glasses, but to keep him separate from the extremely hot Model bad guy, he became Not so Cute, and then Not As Cute, because we agree that he is still cute.

Underbite Hamster Uncle:

Usually just called Underbite, because his underbite is something else, but when he makes certain faces, he looks just like a hamster.

Big Director and Little Director:

The two directors over the cyber crime team.  We just called them that because we knew that the big director was the superior to the little director, but pretty much couldn't remember anything else about them.  Except our guesses as to which one of them was bad and which one was probably good, or at least who we wanted to be good.

Chinese Bad Guy Face:

The Chinese part is an upgrade specifically for this drama, because his character is Chinese, but in every other drama he's in I still call him Bad Guy Face.

Sissy Cute Neck:

Every time that kid was on the screen, I would be like "he's got such a good neck!" but then, when he was running, I happened to call him Sissy Cute Neck and that stuck.  Then we called him creepy sissy neck, because he got creepy super fast.  What the heck.

Angry Boy/Angry Cute Neck:

The other kid hacker.  He looked more like an angry young man, but he was cute.  So yay screen time.

Mannequin Girl and Hair Bow Girl/Bangs Girl:

From that one plot arc where they were at the study cray cray prestige school.  No way we're learning random student names.  So we called the victim and the killer by these names to differentiate.  Man that plot arc was frustrating.  It was so obvious, but why didn't our usually smart cops figure it out right away?  It was so obvious!

Butt Face:

That prosecutor that we absolutely hated.  I also called him Dead Fish a time or two I think.  Basically since we hated him so much, we called him every insult that was appropriate at the time.

Square Jaw:

Another man that had no real purpose beside being another person to hate.  He was good at making us hate him too.

So many good nicknames.  I do this so often, and as you can see, they travel from show to show.  The amount of nicknames in this show also means that I really liked it, despite there being too many peeps to remember the names of, but if I cared enough about them to give them a fonder nickname than just their character description, then you know that you've got a good set of characters.  This show definitely had that.  Great characters and also really hateable characters.  And also Choi Daniel, who might be another one of my true loves.

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