Sunday, January 5, 2014

30. Can We Get Married? 우리가 결혼할 수 있을까 (2013) Korean

Sung Joon, Jung So Min, Lee Mi Sook, Kim Young Kwang, Han Groo

Drama Rating: 5/10      Neck Score: A-

I watched this for Sung Joon, the little bro from Lie to Me, and came out thoroughly impressed by Lee Mi Sook, who was the mom in Love Rain.  Such completely different characters and both played so well (she does this every time as I saw when I watched Lee Soon Shin).  This had enough plot and characters/couples to justify it being a 50 episode family drama, but thankfully it was not.  It's about a single mom with two daughters and a single younger sister who is trying to keep them all happy.  She's tacky, assertive, loud and fast talking, and I love her.  Especially when she talks to the stuffed animals that her daughter's ex-boyfriend gives her vs the one her perspective son-in-law gives her- beating up one and loving the other.  There is a lot of mom drama, which is a bit annoying, but also a lot of different love stories.  The aunt falling in love with motorcycles (and maybe a biker), the older sister leaving her douchey husband, the younger sister working out the kinks so she can get married, the best friend having constant fights with her boyfriend and maybe getting a crush on her friend's fiance.  Yeah, lots of drama.  I still didn't like Jung So Min.  Didn't like her in playful kiss, still not my favorite in this.  But with Sung Joon and Kim Young Kwang there are plenty of necks to love.

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