Friday, April 17, 2015

Shine or Go Crazy for Goryeo Lee Gun- Another Nickname Post

What is better than Lee Gun?  Nothing, but what is pretty much equally awesome is fighting Goryeo Lee Gun, complete with facial hair and plenty of shirtlessness.

He's literally the only reason to watch this show.  Literally?  Ok, there are other reasons, but they are probably all associated with Jang Hyuk.

So, this was my friend Curdy's first drama.  She happened to come in during an episode and soon was telling me what was happening because she was paying attention better than I was.  Her mom (already a drama watcher) and little brother (sometimes a drama watcher) were over at the time, which is why she came in to watch with us in the first place.  This made me pay less attention and make jokes with the younger brother, so when I got lost because I missed something, all the sudden she was telling me what was what.  The rest is history... as in we watched the rest of the drama together.  She even went back and watched the first four episodes that she had missed.  That helped a lot with understanding relationships.

The great thing about watching with Curdy is that she is a natural at coming up with nicknames too.  I guess being besties with Lizabreff and I makes it obvious that when she started dramas she'd have the same habits that we do.

So, Shine or Go Crazy.  I guess that really is a good name for it, because that's what happened to the drama.  It was shining and super fun to watch, and then it went cray cray.

And then it went as cheesy as all get out.  What the heck ending!?!

But really, there were so many similarities to Fated to Love You, from his crazy over-the-top laugh... all the intense and random actiony stuffs to him constantly calling out Gae Bong/Ddong... the pet name of his true love... yeah.

Here are some of the nicknames we had for the extensive cast of this drama.

Goryeo Lee Gun, also known as Wang So, Sexy Man, or Guy Who Makes Me Laugh.

But he should also be called guy who makes me cry.  How does he do it?  Every time!

Gae Bong

I liked how crazy she was.  Sad she had to get mopey, but that's not a surprise.  Neither is her dressing up like a boy.  That's just a sageuk special.  Happens every time.

Luscious Locks, aka Wookie

Ugh, I hated Wookie.  Those luscious lock do him no favors.  Keep to very short hair, dude.  And... nope, I just hated him, his hair, his girly clothes and his stupid character.  Boo him!

Jesus Beard Kid

This kid's beard is so fake looking.  But he needs it to not look twelve.  I liked Jesus Beard Kid.  I wish there had been more of him and less of Wookie.  Stupid Luscious Locks.

The Wife

I loved the wife, and how bad-a bitca she was.  I also love, love, loved her clothes.  I could write a whole post on her clothes, and it would be amazing.  She is just a classy, gorgeous, ruthless lady, and Lee Ha Nui rocked it.


This dude's eyebrows are just a thing.  He's Eyebrows in every show he's in or will ever be in.  Always plays the bad dads, uncles, etc.  He's usually bad, because look at those eyebrows.


Poor little Wangja Pyeha, he was so cray cray most of the time, and when he wasn't, he was like a little crying dude.  Sad day.  He was pitiable and annoying, depending on how cray cray he was at the time.

The Adviser Dude, aka  Uhhhh! From Modern Farmer

I love this dude.  I used call him Go Bok Tae or Gangster Go because of Triangle, but now whenever we need say who he is, it's always Uhhhhhh! (or Grunter) from his role in Modern Farmer.  This guy is just great.  Wish he'd been more powerful in this, instead of just a shadow dude.


Leech just fit so perfectly, so we just stuck with it.

Beautiful, Beautiful Man

My personal favorite in the show, as you can tell since I took many, many pictures of him.  He was just so funny!  I loved him.  I couldn't agree with him more when Wang So called him a Beautiful, Beautiful Man.

Stupid Busy Body Bitca, aka Nanny

She was so annoying.  I hated her.  Sometimes I liked her, but mostly she was dumb and causing problems, so that's why we called her the Stupid Busy Body Bitca.  At good moments we called her Nanny.

Cool Guy, Cool Hair 

I always just love this guy.  And his hair is so cool.

The Mute 

Poor guy had to deal with so much crap.  Still, props to him for being a good "Mute."

Bad Mom

This mom was just dumb.  She was so annoying. She always made that annoying face too.  "Eh! I'm so emotional right now!  What's going on?  Wah!"

Rat Face

Curdy hated Rat Face the most.  She always hissed his name out like "Ugh! Stupid Rat Fasssssssse!"  He's annoying.

D-Bag Poong-ah

Not gonna lie, I loved Poong.  He's such a d-bag.  He's an idiot.  He's bad and lazy, and he knows it, so he just does whatever the heck he wants, and whatever.  He's just a d-bag.

So while I was completely disenchanted with the ending, with it's rosy little Deus Ex Machina and tying everything up with a bow only to unravel it two seconds later, the rest of the show was completely enjoyable to watch.  I mean you had all these characters to have fun calling things other than their names.  And then you have Jang Hyuk, being as sexy, funny, and awesome as he always is.

Let's face it.  He makes everything better, right?

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