Friday, January 22, 2016

My Secret K-Biases, Ridiculous Dislikes, and People I Can't Take Seriously

I don't know why I am not completely honest with my feelings, even down to the celebrity crush level.  I guess I am just a compulsive emotional liar, especially to myself, haha.  You know when you secretly like someone but it's so secret that you don't even tell yourself?  It's not just me, right? ... Ahem.  Well, I do this all the time, and then when I finally realize it and admit it, I'm suddenly like "why did I never...?" or "I can't believe I didn't just admit this..." or "what was I thinking?"

I also have unreasonable dislikes for people.  Sometimes they are based on an impression from a drama that remains long after they are no longer playing that character, but I still can't separate them from that character, and sometimes it is because I think their face looks creepy.  I tell you, they are unreasonable and also a total joke (because I actually don't hate them as people or anything, I just like to hate on them).  I also have people that I just can't take seriously and will lovingly laugh every time I see them do anything... anything at all.

Secret Biases

Whenever I finally admit a crush to myself and then tell my BFF Lizabreff about it, she's always "Yeah, I saw that coming" or "I know" and then I ask "How!?!  I didn't even know!" and then she'll proceed to tell me all the signs that I gave when I was in denial and lying and stuff.  She's even taken to doing it with my K-biases when I finally figure out that my bias is not who I thought it was.  I'm like "I am starting to think I like _______ from _______" and she's like "I knew it."

So here are some of the peeps that I secretly loved for longer than I admitted.


He's like the quintessential member of all of these categories, because for the longest time I didn't like him for no reason at all.  So until very recently, he would have been in the next category of peeps I have an unreasonable dislike for.  But in my defense I think that the reason I didn't like him at first was 50% his lack of emoting skills and 50% the way that Super Junior was introduced to me.  I mean, if all you know is his blank freaky hamster face, then you'd be scared too.

I've told this story before, I think in my Kpop for the Day Picker Upper, but the first song I was introduced to was No Other, and I was like no.  Yuck.  It's just pure fan service.  It wasn't until Sexy Free and Single came around that I kind of liked them.  And then when I really got into them it was clear that Heechul was my bias.  He still is.  However, Kyuhyun creeped his way into my heart when I really got to know him.  I had heard that he was the "evil maknae" but it wasn't until I saw what that meant that I fell for him.  I said I liked bad guys, right?  He is hilariously evil, and now when I look at that evil hamster face, I grin with delight.  I don't know why I love him bullying Eunhyuk so much...


This one is the biggest case of "what was I thinking" because for the longest time I thought that Key was my SHINee bias, and I thought that if it wasn't Key it was going to be Taemin.  While I do have skin envy for Key, I now know that it has always been more of a contest between Onew and Jonghyun with Jonghyun winning.

In fact this is the one that I told Lizabreff that I think I was starting to like him best and she was like "no kidding, you totally do" and then proceeded to tease me about him being my real bias until he really was.  I asked her how she knew and she was like "you kept talking about his solo work and stuff, etc."  I think the thing that kept me from admitting it was how big his mouth is.  Also, we jokingly have called him JT for quite some time because his solo style is very Justin Timberlake (which is by no means a bad thing).  We also joked about how needlessly shirtless he was in Crazy, but it's not like I don't watch other MVs because they are needlessly shirtless (cough cough Taeyang cough cough).

I think the thing that sealed the deal was Lizabreff telling me the reason that I liked him was because he looks a bit like Kim Sung Oh... um... thanks for pointing that out, now he has to be my bias.  I do have a thing for sexy cheek bones and eyes.  Then by the time that Married to the Music came out, I could definitely deny it no longer, because he is so sexy in that one.  Basically everything about him is sexy.  Whew.  Yeah, took me long enough to figure it out, but he is definitely the one.


To be honest, Ryeowook was probably my first Super Junior bias because he was clearly the only one I knew the name for for the longest time besides Siwon, who is the ultimate bias crusher and therefore a free pass.  Even though I thought that Sungmin and Ryeowook were the same person at one point, shows how well I knew SuJu then, ahem.  But I love his amazing voice and ability to sound amazing live, while dancing, no big deal.  Also, he is the best when it comes to emoting.  Lizabreff and I agree that he can be downright fierce.  He always puts so much emotion into his singing and it always sounds amazing, no big deal.

I once wanted to dye my hair purple, and when trying to describe what color purple, I said "Ryeowook purple" and I think what I meant was this hair here, from the A-Cha MV.

Yoon Hyun Min aka Fish Bangs

I need to just admit here that I love Fish Bangs (Yoon Hyun Min).  So much that I am watching 50 episodes of overly dramatic crap because it means 50 episodes of Fish Bangs being an adorable male lead.

As much as I hated him in Falling for Innocence (aka as Soon Jung in my vocabulary) where he earned the name Fish Bangs, I fell in love with him in Cruel City.  So much so that I would yell every time I thought he was going to die.  Then I heard he was the romantic male lead in My Daughter Geum Sa Wol and I kept considering watching it against my better judgement.  I still don't regret it 22 episodes in because I get to see this at least once every episode.  Besides the fact that this show is just crazy enough to be hilarious, his character of Kang Chan Bin is one of the more adorable and nice chaebols with an evil dad/parents there is around.  Not sorry, I regret nothing, because Fish Bangs.


I know I am obsessed with Leo and he will always be my number one.  But I would do anything for Ravi.  He fills my heart with joy when he says things in Engrish and especially when he says his name... in every single song.  I am still angry about any disses sent his way.  No.  Don't dis my Ravi.  I'll fight you.


G-Dragon is basically my ultimate bias.  I love him the best.  I always will.  But I have a huge soft spot for Daesung.  I will defend him to the death.  He is an adorable, manly, handsome man and his voice is my favorite.  I always get sad when his part in a BIGBANG song is too small.  It's ridiculous, but I always wish that in Loser he would sing the second half of that one Taeyang part, after "I wanna say goodbye."  Aside from the rap parts, which are obviously my favorite parts, Daesung's parts are always my favorite.  So I would say that he is my secret second bias of BIGBANG.

Unreasonable Dislikes

This is probably a more prevalent occurrence than my secret biases.  I seriously just jokingly take dislikes to people that turn into running jokes.  I joke about how I can't stand them and give them nicknames and stuff.  I actually don't have any malice or hatred for them, because I don't really have strong feelings about that sort of thing, but it is funny and I definitely get teased about that all the time.  And it's true that it does keep me from watching things because these peeps are generally no, especially in dramas.  But most of the time I just make jokes about how I don't like them or want to punch them in the face, etc.


One, he looks weird, two he beats up on Running Man.  I always tend to dislike people who get too seriously competitive on Running Man, and since Nichkhun is so athletic, he usually takes things too far.  I have nothing against him as a member of 2pm or anything, I just don't like it when he is on Running Man.


This is definitely because of lingering feelings from Because It's the First Time.  But it is also because he has that kind of a face that just makes me want to punch it.  He looks overly excited and happy for no reason, like all the time.  Like he knows something and nothing at the same time and is just an overly excited little puppy.  Yeah.

Eric Moon

Not going to lie.  Literally the only reason is TRUNK NECK.  The fact that he's wearing a nasty dog fur coat type deal and a turtle neck right here is def totes not working in his favor.

Ugly Man- Ryu Soo Young

This one might be the most legitimate dislike.  He's just so ugly... in my opinion.  Yeah.  I've never liked him, he's played too many horrible 2nd male leads and I feel no desire to ever see him as a male lead so... I will probably dislike him for forever.  He is forever labeled Ugly Man.

Seo Kang Joon

I once took a quiz about who your KDrama soulmate or new years kiss is or something lame like that.  I said going in, "I just better not get Seo Kang Joon" (as he was one of the options in the quiz's picture).  I got Seo Kang Joon.  I screamed.

50% freaky eyes, 50% lame characters.  I actually am liking his character in Cheese in The Trap.  He is weird and hilariously and awkwardly rough, but every time he gets angry at Park Hye Jin's character I go blegh because I am reminded of how much I hated him in Cunning Single Lady, etc.  I don't really hate him, but I doubt I will ever love him.  Not enough to want him to be my soulmate quiz result.  Shudder.

Uhm Tae Woong

100% because I hated him in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.  I have watched him in other things but I still don't like him.  I don't hate him either, but it's fun to keep joking about it because Lizabreff gets weirded out every time.  She just can't figure it out.  I just don't understand why I need to like him.  Even if he is a really nice guy in real life.  I'm sure he is, but whatever.

Sexy Voice Bad Teeth- Lee Sun Kyun

I have nothing against him.  I just have never really thought he was that handsome.  His voice is super sexy, and he looks okay handsome, until I see his teeth and then I'm like nope.  Like maybe if he never smiled he'd be okay handsome, which is totes opposite for me most of the time.  Also, I really didn't like him in Pasta... maybe if I saw him in more things... Coffee Prince wasn't enough, his plot was weird.

Peeps I Can't Take Seriously

Like seriously, I crack up every time they are on the screen.  Most of the time I don't even know why they make me laugh or that I feel compelled to constantly make fun of them.  Sometimes it's because they literally can't act or emote, others it's just that they make me laugh or whatever.  Anyway, this means I probably like them okay, because they make me feel happy, but I could never love them, because they are too laughable to think they are sexy or whatever.  I don't know... I am already laughing thinking about writing about them.


I think that Catch Me was the only time I was ever attracted to Yunho, but only when his hair is up.  A while ago he might even have been in the Unreasonable Dislike category, because he was so bad at emoting and obviously was so full of himself, but then I realized how fun it was to make fun of him that now I just do that and it is glorious.  Like in The Night Watchmen, hahaha.  So bad at acting!

Hong Bin

I think the secret behind Hong Bin is that he is clearly a handsome looking goober.  So every time I see him trying to be cool or sexy, I just giggle.  The moment he came on screen in Moorim School I couldn't stop laughing.  Oh, Hong Binny.  You were born to smile with those dimples, why do they keep making you act cool and sexy?  Haha.

Song Seong Heon- aka Sexy Abs No Act

That basically sums him up.  He's sexy.  His Abs are sexy.  He can't act.  But he's so sexy we don't really care.  At the same time I can't take him seriously.  I just like to look at him.  I think  Seungri will grow up to look like him, they're the same kind of sexy.  I think the thing I liked him in the most was He Was Cool, because I wasn't supposed to take him serious, and so it was hilarious.  Also, lots of random fighting for no reason.  So cheesy it worked... for Sexy Abs No Act, that is.  It was him in his natural habitat.  Acting "cool."

Yu Seong

This kid is one of the lead vocals in Bigflo.  His voice is great.  He has no stage presence.  He doesn't really know what to do with himself in MVs or on stage.  He has much yet to learn.  But then he is up against Hightop who is oozing with charisma.  Especially while watching him in Obliviate.  I just laugh, saying "look at me being cool with these potion-y things."


He's just so much fun to make fun of.  Everyone thinks that, right?

Leeteuk- aka Special Angel

I've never been able to think of him the same since I started following him on Instagram.  That's why I started calling him Special Angel.  Now every time I see him doing something I'm like "oh special angel" or "he's so special," haha.  He's just kind of that kind of guy.  I mean, that red felt hat though.


He's kind of a dork and I like that.  But he also kind of can't act, so I can't take him seriously especially in dramas and stuff.  He just makes me laugh like whenever I see him.  There is something awkward about him that just makes me laugh, okay?

So yeah, those are some of my random likes and dislikes, and some of the ones that I just can't take seriously even if I tried.  It just happens that way, I guess.

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