Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Villains I Love to Hate, and Ones I Just Love Even Though They're Hateful

Ok, so I've been meaning to write this post since I forced myself to finish watching The King Face, because I hated Kim Do Chi that much, but school made me busy and I got lazy.  Also a bunch of other peeps wrote similar posts and I didn't want to be a crowd follower, so I waited until another hateful villain came along, in Shine or Go Crazy... but then more school happened.  So here we have it with Girl Who Sees Smells, and there is plenty to love and hate.

Ryu Soo Young- Successful Story of a Bright Girl

There are many types of villains that induce so many emotions from me, ranging anywhere from love to late.  Love to love them, love to hate them, just hate them, hate to hate them, there are all kinds.  The reasons for loving and hating them are connected to how well they played the part, how the part was written, how evil they are, how despicable they are, it goes on.  I tried to break this down into some examples.

Outright Hate, Loathe, Despise:

These are the ones whose character is so despicable, and who plays that character so well, that you literally just have to scream, groan, and cringe every time they are on the screen.  The primest example of this is Kim Do Chi, from The King Face.  He is sickeningly too smart, annoying and evil.  So I literally was screaming every time he was on screen, stuff like "I just hate you so much." Which is hard to imagine, since Shin Sung Rok is my love and I usually love him as the villain.  Not this time.  I absolutely loathed Kim Do Chi.  Ew!!!!

Ugh, he's just nasty.  Shin Sung Rok played him so well, that I can't even stand him.  But never fear, he'll appear at least two more times on this list.

If there is anyone else who single-handedly made us scream and shudder every time he was on screen, it was Secretary OCD from Healer.  Agagaga!  Eh, just thinking about this face makes me shudder again.

I feel anger just looking at him.  I just hate him so much.

If anyone should win an award for being a nasty person that we all hate, it's every bad guy in Angry Mom.  They were just the lowest of the low, messing around with children like that.  But I especially hated this two faced teacher Do and his equally nasty two faced politician dad.

Yeah, you can just impregnate and murder students and generally do what you want.  You can use schools to launder your campaign funds.

That's not the most loathsome and nasty things in the entire universe.  Ugh.  So nasty.

Another absurdly bad guy, whose mission in life seemed to be to deflower innocent young noblewomen was the dude in Gu Family Book.

What the heck, dude.  You're just plain nasty.  Yuck.  Your death couldn't have come any sooner, because you are ridiculously yucky.

If there was another a person to make me scream every time she was on screen, it was the Mom in Shining Inheritance.  Oh. My. Heck.  She is the most annoying person in the universe.

Dr. Stranger was just full of annoying, over-the-top evilness.  They basically did everything to make us hate them, essentially making them "kick the puppy" to make sure that we know that they are bad.  Not just kind of bad, but really really bad.

So this guy was just annoying, because he was obsessed with revenge, which lead him to doing super nasty things and getting in the way, all the time.  Every time he popped up, we groaned, because that meant that someone was probably going to get hurt or make a compromising decision that would lead to more heart ache and angst.

And this dude is just yuck.  Ugh, double yuck.  He is just a slime ball in human form.  Being all self-gratifying and justifying, while he does completely inhumane things... because he can.  Yuck.

I did mention that Shine or Go Crazy was full of nasty villains.  They just made me roll my eyes... like all the time.

Shut up, Luscious Locks!

Haha just kidding, I meant Wang Shim Reuk:

Actually, I hate both of them.  And while Wang Wookie is not completely a bad guy, he's still a complete idiot.  And I really hated how Wang Shim Reuk justified himself like all the time.  Seriously dude, just stop, you're lame.

On a similar vein, we have this dude, who made me want to punch him every time he was on the screen.

I hate Robin so much.

Ok, fine, he's not the "Villain" of Hyde Jekyll Me, but he's the lamest person ever, stealing all that precious screen time from the people who matter... from the only person in that show who mattered... Goo Seo Jin.  I don't care if you have the same face, you suck.

But Dr. Derpface was eye roll worthy.  Way too much time was devoted to the worst plot ever.  It was like countless hours wasted while Dr. Derpface made his cray cray eyes, talking to the worst psychiatrist ever, who was kidnapped for far too long, being locked in his closet (after sustaining a severe head injury too, talk about impractical).

And when he wasn't making the crazy eyes, then he was making this dumb "I'm the coolest face" which was equally as annoying.  Yeah, we get that you are a brilliant crazy person, now go away.

D-bags always belong on this list.  Because they are just, nasty.  Boo them!  Prime example: No Kyung Woo, Ho Goo's love.  What a d-bag.

Every time... gah.  Ugh.  bleh.

You know who else I hated?  This bitca.

Shut up, bitca.  You're supposed to be on her side, not the d-bag's

Love to Hate:

Because they are just so perfect, evil yet classy, and not too over the top smart that they frustrate us for too long about their unbeatableness, there is a special class of villain who is so bad and nasty that we have to hate them, but we love that about them.  Seriously, a really good bad guy, who is creepy, classy, sexy, and evil is just the best.  I've got a big soft spot for this category of bad guy, they're sexy... but you kind of feel weird about thinking that... but not at the same time, because it's true.

My Love From Another Star was the drama where I fell in love with Shin Sung Rok.  He was creepy and evil and nasty, and I loved hating him.  You know, I didn't want him to win or anything, and I definitely wanted the good guys to stop his evil creepy ways, but when he was stopped, and there was still two episodes left, the drama suddenly had no purpose and became incredibly boring.

Kim Bong Gu, King 2 Heart, has to be one of the first villains who out creeped me.  I had to skip ahead some creepy scenes, just to make sure it didn't get too much, because it was just the right kind of intense... like the coffin trick scene.  He did a good job balancing the childishness with the manipulative, creepy anger type deal.

Grumpy Cat in Phantom was perfect because he was a bit sympathetic, but so freaking evil that you still loved hating him.  He was just perfect, smug and clever, enough to frustrate us, but then he was so cool that we loved hating him, and seeing them eventually get him... though that was sticky still.

Three Days had the craziest bad guy ever.  Kim Do Jin was literally just crazy.  After they stopped him from reaching his goal, he decided to retaliate by just blowing like everyone up for kicks and giggles.  Now that is a bad guy that you love to hate.  He was so good at being evil, and I love that actor, so slow clap for him.

Girl Who Sees Smells' villain... I love to hate him.  He's so creepy.  After My Secret Hotel, I already knew Nam Goong Min could do sketchy creepy well, but he took this role to a new level.  It's so weird, because he's so sexy and then he's so creepy, so I can't handle him at all, but I enjoy hating him all the same.

Recently added to this is Suk Hoon from Mask.  At times I am tempted to add him to the outright hate category, but he made me laugh too many times.  He smirked all the time!  How did no one spot him being so evil and smirking all the time!  It was freaking obvious!

However, he was also too absurdly powerful.  He was always one step ahead of them, and predicted everything.  He also had the entire world in his pocket, so he always had the solution ready to crush them.  We screamed every time he outwitted them, and especially every time he played his wife, or was especially creepy and possessive and had too much power over any woman in the show.  Yuck.  However, he kept the show moving and super funny with his drama and faces, so I just have to love to hate him.

Love to Love:

Some bad dudes are just too sexy/classy/cool/evil not to just love completely.  I know I do this way too often.  Sometimes this kind of bad guy is literally the only redeeming quality of the whole drama (cough cough Night Watchman's Journal cough cough).
Sadam was like a rockstar trapped in Teletubby land.  Seriously, everyone was an idiot, and poor Sadam had to put up with so much crap.  At least he looked like a rockstar while doing it.

Liar Game was basically all about how awesome Kang Do Young was.  Once again, Shin Sung Rok is on this list, in another category too.  He rocked this role, and I was completely in love with him.  He was just such a sexy, quirky, creeper.

Vampire Prosecutor 2, not to dis on 1, had the sexiest of all the vampire villains.

He just was... rawr.

But he wasn't just a sexy bad vampire.  This isn't Blood.  He was super sympathetic too, and crazy.  But it was so good.  He was a sexy, compelling villain, and the only thing that made the crappy crazy ending of season 2 worth anything at all.  It got a little too weird there... at the end.

I just have to say it one more time.  Rawr.

Hate to Hate:

Sometimes, but not very often, we come across a villain who is so sympathetic or maybe just pathetic, that we hate the fact that we have to hate them.  We're like "Shunji!  Why you be a bad guy!  We just want you and Kang To to love each other!  We just want you to date Ueno Rie!  No!!!!"

Shunji broke our hearts a million times in Bridal Mask, but he also made us scream in rage and cringe in grossed outness, and frustration.  He was so cute and good, and then he went so very, very bad.  But by the end, he was making us cry again.  Poor little cray, cray Shunji.  We hate that we have to hate you... but love you... but really we have to hate you because you're batshiz crazy.

An example of a crazily pathetic bad guy is Kim Moon Shik from Healer.  He was pathetic because he was a good person who lied to himself for so long that he was basically delusional and didn't really know what was going on.  He was bad, but it was in a crazy pathetic way.  He let so many people down that we hate that it happened and he got taken by the baddies until he was a baddie himself.  Sad. Day.

So yeah, villains.  So many levels.  Yep.  You love them or hate them... but I guess we should mostly love hate them... because they are bad.  Yep.  Bad.


  1. I LOVE this post. I always tell my students that the conflict in a narrative "depends" on the quality of the villain not merely the quality of the hero. We have to believe that the villain can actually win for us to care about the conflict at all.

    This was a great list. I would add Min-Jung ( Lee Yuir)from Jang Bori because she really made that show. there would have been no reason to keep watching because the OTP was rather blah, but her scheming and her antics were admirable. I kept watching because I became so impressed by how evil and low she could get and how good she was at it. I loved her smooth delivery of lies. I loved her clothes. I loved her comeuppance at the end. It was really satisfying--none of that redemption bull so no jail time or physical injury for her.

    I also really love Choi Won-young. He was so good as the evil guy in Three Days. I am glad to see him get to be a nice guy even in smaller roles because I like him so much that I don't want to hate him all the time. This is my fear for both Shin Dong Ruk and NamGoong Min. I want them to be male leads, but they keep being so good as creepy,evil guys that I fear I will never be able to root for them again.

    1. True story. I feel bad for those guys always being type casted as the creepy villain, because they are so freaking good at it, but that shouldn't be the only thing they do... that might be boring for them. I vote male lead for all three of them (#ChoiWonYoung/ShinSungRok/NamGoongMinformalelead2015!)

      I never watched Jang Bo Ri, Lizabreff's mom told me it was a draggy bucket of crazy, and if the villain was the only thing good about it, that sounds about right. But it's good to know that she, at least, was good.

  2. Yes, Jang Bo Ri was draggy. I don't think I would have watched it if I had started from the beginning, but the recaps at PotU were so funny that I started watching about a third of the way and I watched just for the Lee Yuri antics.

    And I agree on a male lead for them all in 2015 in good shows. At least for Shin Sung Rok and Nam Goong Min when they have played nice guys, the shows haven't been that good.

    1. That's true. I first saw Namgoong Min in Unemployed Romance, which was just okay. He was cute in it and all, but it just wasn't an amazing character or drama, so I didn't get to see him shine in it, even though he was the main lead. It was just a ho hum drama with some good parts. And Trot Lovers was just a cray cray mess, but at least Shin Sung Rok was mostly cute and funny and saving it through the amnesia episodes... but still (shudder). They both need a better chance than that.