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The Nicknames of The Heartless Cruel City

A while back I finally got around to watching Cruel City.  It was amazing.  My queue is filled with melodramas, dramas, and heavy thrillers that I want to watch but usually put off as I waste my time with the fluffy romcoms.  I get around to them eventually, but not as quickly as they deserve.  But I'm glad I finally got around to this one, because it was really good.

I actually really love crime noir things, which is why I try to save them for a special time, when I can really savor them, but it usually turns out that I never have time for them and end up not watching them for forever.  I'm learning to just start them and make time for them.  Because they will be that good.  One thing that is always good about crime noir is the rich assortment of characters who all deserve a great set of nicknames.  Half of them only have nicknames in the show anyway, because that is apparently how the crime world works.

So, like the many nickname posts I have written in the past (namely Phantom, The Night Watchman, and Shine or Go Crazy's) here is a list of the nicknames I used while watching Cruel City.

The Bromance

I talk about bromances a lot.  This is the only one that will forever be called "The Bromance."  I have watched a lot of lame things for The Bromance.  Such as Falling In Love With Soon Jung and Because It's The First Time.  The Bromance is made up of Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min, who have more bro chemistry than any other bromance I have ever seen.

Which leads to the names for the two halves of this bromance.

Paksa or Sexy Man

He's everything you would want for the bad-a hero of a dark drama.  Complete with the sexy hair.

The unflinching attitude.

Yep, you could break a glass on his head and he will just keep staring at you.  He's that bad-a.

The guy liner and great expressions.

That clever sass, especially when threatening people.

Not to mention the sexy neck and amazing acting abilities.

Such loyalty and caringness... for his friends... namely Soo.

You could make some drinking game type deal out of this show and one of the items would be drinking every time Soo was used as bait for a trap to catch Paksa and almost dies, leaving Paksa to make difficult choices to save him.  Seriously, he's going to save him every time.

Which leads me to the other half of The Bromance, Soo.  Better known as:

Fish Bangs... or Soo... or even Soo Soo

As much as I hated him in Soon Jung, I loved Fish Bangs in this one.  He was almost my favorite character.  I was always to scared every time I thought he was going to die.  But Paksa always saved him.  Whew.  It helped that he didn't have fish bangs in this one, but actual sexy hair.  What a difference a hair style makes.

Plus his clothes were so good.

The amount of loyalty, trust, and friendship those two had was so off the charts.  This scenes basically encapsulates it all:

Which leads me to the next important person in Paksa's entourage.

Imo Noona

She was so cool.  Yeah, it's a little weird that she was in love with Paksa, because she basically helped raise him, but at the same time, who wouldn't be in love with Paksa?  I mean, really.

She can hold up her own against all the sleazy men she has to deal with on a daily basis.  She can pretty much take care of herself and not deal with all that shiz.

But as hardened as she is, she had a large capacity to love and trust still.

This makes her a very complex character, and also to some extent makes her vulnerable.  She would do anything to protect the people she loves, and will get into all kinds of trouble for them.

This leads to many complicated relationships.  Such as her relationships with Sapari Samchon, Soo, and Two-Face.

Soo and Noona have a sort of snarky love/hate relationship.  Mostly hate, but definitely a degree of love.  At least their love for Paksa will not let them outright hate each other.

Such snark.  But maybe they will be outright jealous of each other.  It happens.

Sapari Samchon

Another super complex character, because he has to act one way to survive, but is held back by the relationships he's developed along the way with Noona and Paksa.

His sense of guilt, or even his just outright love for Noona make him want to be better, even when he can't.

Now for some light sides.

Trunk Neck

I liked Trunk Neck.  He was good and smart the whole time.  He wasn't so stuck on his revenge or tunnel vision that he couldn't quickly figure out that Paksa is more than he seems.

He was just a solid good guy who was super smart and a bit head strong.  I genuinely liked him.


Because it was obvious from the start that this girl was gonna die.

Especially when Trunk Neck is trying to propose to her in the first episode and she is too wrapped up in her work to stop and listen.

I took one look at her and said:  Yep, she's toast.


She just looks and acts like a baby.

And I mean that in that she is young.  She's a bit bratty at first too, like immature, and she has a super baby face.  I loved her still, but still, she's Baby.

Two-Faced Ahjussi

This guy had more tricks and tactics going on.  I just have to call him Two-Face.

What is your motivation, you unscrupulous policeman?

So many complicated relationships!

And then of course there are the slightly more incompetent police peeps.

Chief and Block Head

Chief was just a nice little guy with not so much power against the corrupt leaderships.  Block Head was just annoying because he didn't think first before he did stuff.

North Korea

He will never be able to get away from his role in King 2 Hearts, at least to me.  Even though he was so good in Producer and other dramas.  Nope, even then he was North Korea.

Cool Reporter Girl

I liked her.  She was super upfront and fun.

And of course the other thuggies.

Annoying Field Girl

Yeah, it's the name that Noona called her, because she thought she was annoying too.  I trust Noona's judgement... mostly.  She did show good taste in liking Sapari Samchon, but was still annoying, especially when she made that "I'm so cool" face.


Also known as Meth Kim.  He never died.  Why didn't he die?  He should have many times, but somehow always survived.  Like a cockroach.

Ahhhhhhh!  Aka Scale

Of course it had to be him.  He just plays gangsters so very well.  And his clothes are cool tool.


I frequently wanted to just punch this slime ball dude in the face.  His face looks like a ball too.

Slimeball Junior or D-Bag Junior

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!  I was so glad this dude died.


It was a first for me, but I slow clapped at this death scene and at the poetic justice of who actually killed him, because Field Girl was never in my good graces before, but after this slime ball treated her like crap, she deserved her moment of revenge.

Dumpling Face

It looks like he needs a punch in the face.

Not As Cute aka Square Jaw aka Glasses Dude aka Paksa's Dude

Most of these names are cross over from Phantom.  But he was called Square Jaw a couple of time in this one.

Square Jaw's Girl aka BFF

She was nice, but sad story that she liked who she liked.  And that she worked in that line of business... and that she's an orphan.  But this was one of the better character's this girl's played.

Soo's Dude

I'm still trying to remember where I've seen him from before.  I couldn't figure out who played him, but I know I've seen him in another drama.

The list could probably go on.  That's what is good about this drama.  So many complicated relationships and people.  So much double crossing and too faced dealings.  Nothing is what it seems.  So much gray area.  It was good.  It was dark.  It was tragic and the acting was awesome.  And... The Bromance.  Haha.

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