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Second Male Leads That Make Me Want to Punch Them in the Face

Second male leads are the necessity of all dramas it seems.  Even if there is no second female lead (which occasionally happens) there is rarely never a second male lead.  More often than not, these second male leads are adorable and give us the syndrome of loving them (almost) more than the male lead and being heartbroken for them that they never had any chance at all with the female lead.  However, at least a third of the time these second male leads come straight from the devil.  They are so freaking annoying that you just wish they didn't exist.

With the end of Soon Jung and My Unfortunate Boyfriend, it becomes necessary to compile a list in honor of these second males leads that we hate so much we want to punch them in the face every time they are on the screen.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Ugh.  So here are some of the worst I have seen.

The Bug- My Unfortunate Boyfriend

His name developed over time, springing from the fact that he has the buggiest eyes.  We usually called him something like Buggy Eyed Bitca or Bug Boy, because he was the most manipulative jerk ever.  He also got way too much screen time.  Why?  What is the point?  He's a grade A jerk and he deserves nothing.  We only liked the parts of the show with No Min Woo in them anyways.  Seriously, this guy made me gag and want to punch him constantly when he was on the screen.

Fish Bangs- Falling In Love With Soon Jung

What is worse than a man who kills his best friend?  One who has nasty hair.  Just kidding, not about the hair, but what makes him worse than just being a murderer: the fact that he became a monster because he didn't feel like he was good enough for the girl, who was one of the nicest people in the world.

What made his so freaking annoying was that he was too good.  He was always one step ahead, gloating and being a nasty pants, and doing all this thinking that he could have Soon Jung.  When he figured out that he couldn't, then he just became a spiteful little bitca.  And his hair is nasty, making his eyes look beady and nastier.  He was just freaking annoying.

Kim Young Cheol- Padam Padam

There is little that is worse than a cheating ex-boyfriend being all clingy, all the while judging our ex-convict lead.  He just needed to be hit in the face every time he was on screen.  Good thing that actually happened once, or I would have had twice the amount of rage screams.  Where does that cheater get off thinking he still has any chance or right to be with her?  Poo face.

Ugly Man- Save the Last Dance

This man is ugly and evil.  He's also freakin' insane.  I hate it when the insane, jealous other dudes get possessive and weird, and then they start killing people, and making people crippled, and all that sort of batshiz crazy crap.  This guy was just rage inducing bad news... if I cared about this drama enough, because it was so bad that all of it just made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Ahjussi- Delightful Girl, Choon Hyung

Speaking of other peeps who are batshiz crazy, Ahjussi is right up there, taking the Joseon style tactics to get rid of his rival in the most literal sense.  He always creeped me out because he was creeping on a high school girl, and then on a married woman.  Seriously, this guy has issues.  Blackmailing a girl into being with you... or at least not with her husband, it just weird and sick.  He was so annoyingly in the way that he made my heart hurt a bit, because our OTP was so flipping cute, but so crazily unstable that they might have broken up without the annoying other peeps getting in the way... constantly.  Even now I feel the need to scream with rage.

Hyung- The Princess's Man

This was hard to watch, because I was watching Reply 1997 at the same time, but I hated Hyung so bad in this one, that it was hard to like him in 97, especially when he was accidentally stealing his younger brother's girl.  Not cool.  But this guy was so pathetic.  He was constantly making this face: "oh, I have to be a bad guy but I don't want to, but I have to in order to be filial."  That's a lame excuse, you lame piece of poop.  And then he gets even worse when he decided to really be a bad guy because that means he can steal his best friend's (and now sworn enemy's) girl.  "Why doesn't she like me?"  I don't know.  You only tried to kill her lover, who was your best friend, and are now forcing her to be your wife.  Can you just get kicked in the face now?  Please?  Also, lamest death ever.  Just an all around loser.

Jung Yong Hwa- Marry Him If You Dare

After how sucky Heartstrings was, all I wanted was something that was going to make me love Yong Hwa again.  Nope.  Let's give him a cray cray annoyingly obsessive character so that I now want to punch him every time I see him.  Not cool.  But to be fair, this whole drama was total crap.  They also ruined whatever chance it had to be redeemable with the worst ending ever.  Is this kid even the second lead?  I don't even know.  Basically there is a strong case for both male leads to be tied for second, because that's how stupid this entire show was.  Whatever, major fail.

Yul- Goong

Gagging just looking at this picture.  The only way to say his name is in a low, hideous growl, like this: Yuuuuuuuuuuul.  I just hated his emotional manipulation and bitca ways.  He tricked you into thinking he was going to be the good one, but he was just a whiny, obsessive, evil, bitca, with horrible hair and taste in clothing.  Not really a surprise, when his mother is outright evil.  Seriously.  They are just a royal bitca pair.

Oppa- Bride of the Century

So, you fell for the girl who looks EXACTLY like your sister?  Gross.  And he was so annoying about it too.  Why would I not want to slap some sense into this ultimately crazy person?  Stop acting like you're a good guy, you are just as greedy as your stepmother- well at least you never tried to kill anyone.  You only became "nice" when you were trying to make your sister's doppelganger fall in love with you.  Gross.  Just... gross.  Slaps for you, get some sense, dude.

Young Dude- Cunning Single Lady

Ok, I'm actually really torn about including this one, because I didn't always want to punch this kid... he started out so cute.  But then, he went so annoyingly dumb that I was so frustrated at him.  Yelling constantly: "You were so cute!  What happened!?!  Why are you as cray cray as your flippin sister, you little selfish turd face!?!"  Seriously, what made me the most annoyed at this dude was how far he fell.  He didn't have to go so evil.  He used to be so cute and nice.

Turd Face- Triangle

On the other hand, I constantly wanted to punch this little Turd Face.  Literally, I can't call Im Siwan anything else besides Turd Face now, because that's how good of an actor he is.  He literally made me hate him with his turd faced ways.  Ugh, he was so good at it.  I tried to be sad when he died... but I could not.  That was a super lame death scene anyways.  But his character was so messed up that that was the only way to redeem him, I guess.  With the whole "I can't go against the man who raised me" crap.  Oops, I guess that was a spoiler.  Poor Turd Face.  But he was such a turd.

Dr. Derp Face and Robin- Hyde Jekyll Me

This show just plain sucked.  Probably because they made it about the second male leads, which have no compelling reason to make us be interested in them, and then do nothing but crap for 20 episodes.  Anyways, Dr. Derp Face was annoying because all he did for like 15 episodes was make this face:

Every time he went and chatted with the worst psychiatrist (with a life threatening head injury) in his sneaky back room, he would make the crazy eyes.  That was at least 3-4 times per episode.  And when he wasn't making this face, we had to put up with annoying, obsessive Robin, acting like a spoiled, possessive brat.

For a show about a man with DID, the main personality didn't get much screen time with these two hogging it with their annoying complaining and planning.  Not that Seo Jin was a nice person, because he wasn't, but I think he at least deserved time to actually show himself improving.  Nope, we just got to suffer through two annoying bitcas hogging everything with their unrealistic lameness.  No one even cares about either of you, go away before we boot you to the face.

Other Dude- Miss Rose

I did say that I hated clingy cheater ex-boyfriends, right?  So naturally there is no way in heck that I would ever like this man.  He didn't ACTUALLY cheat on her... exactly.  He basically cruelly dumped her to marry another girl for her money.  Sounds like a winner.  "Oh, I'm sorry, Rose.  I regretted it instantly and have been working this whole time to become famous so I can win you back."  Nope.  Sorry son, it's not going to cut it.  Get your stupid face off the screen before I knock it off.  Ugh, and when he acted like a know-it-all.  Ew.  Then he also turned into a betrayer... this dude is the worst.  Yuck.  And his hair is almost good too, but not quite enough to redeem him at all.  Nope, I hate him.  Make him go away.


Mr. Ji- Baby Faced Beauty

I have to say that I might hate Mr. Ji more than any other second male lead, and that might be because I loved Choi Daniel more than any other male lead, but it's probably because this guy was just a hot mess of creepy, presumptuous, weirdness.  First he comes off as a jerk, I was fine with that, but then he goes all mommy hunting, trying to find a mom for his kid (who is pretty ugly for a kid... which isn't saying much since kids are pretty much just cute).  And then he acts like he's the cooler better choice, like there is no contest.  He literally never had any doubt in his mind that he would win, when he had absolutely no basis for that confidence, and it made him look creepy and annoying.  I've never cried because I hated a second male lead so much I was so angry, but I did... but I was probably already in a ridiculous emotional state that night... so I don't think that you should hold that against me, but this man was so hateful that I literally said, multiple times while watching this, how much I hated him and told him to get off the screen before I kicked him in the balls... wow, Me, that's pretty ridiculous.  I hated this man more than the cheating, evil bitca and her mom, and I hated them plenty.  Basically I hated most everyone in this whole show except the lead couple (mostly just Choi Daniel), because everyone was a selfish idiot (except Choi Daniel, who was the cutest thing ever).  I hated Mr. Ji.  Arg.  Can I please punch him in the face?

Is there even a middle ground?  Yes, I actually couldn't even remember the second male leads in some of the dramas I watched, and I guess that makes the unmemorable the middle ground.  If I'm not getting second lead syndrome for them, I'm probably wishing that they would go out and jump in a lake, never to return to that show.  Or I just don't care about them either way, so they were just blase, but that is probably the rarest.  Anyways, here is some proof that it's not always a case of the SLS.  In fact, sometimes it's quite the opposite.

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