Monday, September 8, 2014

Drama Picking Bias Syndrome

I've been called out on this before, and I probably won't stop doing it ever.  As much as I love Kpop, and I do at that, I have problems finding new bands or getting into their music, until I have a bias for that band.  I don't pick a bias until I have a reason to like them, and that reason usually comes from seeing them in a drama first.  I think it's possibly because I tend to just appreciate them as a collective until I know one of them enough to love him individually.

A prime example of this is my history of liking Super Junior.

I never didn't like Super Junior, but I had problems really getting into them like a ton.  I was a casual fan of them, but since I didn't have a bias I didn't go like crazy for them or anything.  Especially with a group that large, I felt that I didn't see one on the screen enough to actually like them, (although I knew I really hated "hamster face," aka Kyuhyun, even though I admit he has an amazing voice, I just don't like looking at his face- it's a Yunho type thing).

Over time I started thinking that perhaps I could pick between Heechul or Eunhyuk, since I noticed them more than the others.  Then I watched Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team.

Heechul wins!  Top that off with me actually watching We Got Married: Global Edition and I'm a goner.

That dude worked himself into my little heart before I could stop him.  And now I'm like looking up the SuJu MVs way more than before.  Go figure.

This is what I now have titled the Drama Picking Bias Syndrome.  Maybe you all don't need this sort of thing to pick a bias, but I do apparently.  Not that I did for G-Dragon.

That was just love at first sight, but in most cases I need it.  Here are some other examples:

Before I actually started listening to Kpop, and I merely watched Kdramas, I watched this show called Protect the Boss.  I had total second male lead syndrome for Cha Moo Won.

Then Lizabreff came over one day, not long after I had finished the drama, and made me watch the MV for Ayyy Girl. I recognized my bias at once.  Kim Jaejoong soon became Kitty (I'm not exactly sure how that nickname stuck so well) and is one of my all time ultimate biases.

JYJ will always have a special place in my heart as my gateway Kpop group.  I fell in love with Big Bang at the same time (the first Kpop I actually purchased), but because of Spotify (one of the only things we were allowed to listen to at my workplace) only having JYJ at the time, that is how I cemented my love of Kpop forever.

Similar to my SuJu story, I never could get into Beast before.  I liked Fiction, but they seemed so hit and miss that I never obsessed over them or anything.  Once again, I never really had a bias for Beast until I watched Let's Eat.  Then I was ready to give every Beast song a chance, and now they're on my frequently listened to playlists, just for Doojoon.

The most common story of this syndrome is shown in my discovery of Aaron Yan, who pretty much single-handedly got me into mandopop.

This is where my problem becomes obvious.  After watching Just You and falling in love with him (and his neck) I proceeded to look up his music, add it to playlists, and even start listening to Fahrenheit as well, which is the boy band he's in.  Then I continue on to begin watching all the shows he's in, past and present.

I followed this pattern with them all.  Start with the drama, proceed to look up everything about them, including their music, pictures, and other dramas they've been in.  Begin to be a fan of their band and other associations, etc.  I even did this for Puff Guo, Aaron's co-star in Just You.  I don't get into girl bands so much, but I do listen to Dream Girls on occasion.

Ask me who my Infinite bias is: L.  Reason: Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

CNBLUE bias?  I have one.  Kang Min Hyuk, because Heartstrings.

FT ISLAND?  Lee Hong Ki, of course.  Why?  His voice is amazing!... and because of You Are Beautiful.  Jeremy!!!!

B1A4?  Baro.  Why? Reply 1994.

2PM- Chansung... Level 7 Civil Servant... and Running Man... yeah.  Chansung is practically a regular when it comes to Running Man.
Running Man is another big way to get to know idols so they can become my biases.

I admit this isn't the only way I pick them.  G-Dragon is the best example of that.

Sometimes it's love at first sight.  Sometimes you just know.  But even if it isn't that way, not all idols end up actors, so here are some other examples of the discovery.  But it does take longer without the drama instabias help.

So... my bias for B.A.P.... Himchan?... Yongguk?...

Yep.  It's both.  I can't decide because I love them both so much.  Since they aren't in dramas (that I'm aware of) I tend to just watch them on variety or other shows and do other research.  They really don't apply to this syndrome, so never mind.  B.A.P follows the Big Bang model more, however it wasn't the same, since I couldn't tell them apart when I first saw them (because they were all blond in Warrior), so it couldn't be love at first sight.  But as much as I do love both, if I had to pick one, it would probably be Himchan.  Mostly because Dewaani loves Yongguk so I feel he's well represented among my friends.

After KCON got us all more interested in younger bands such as VIXX, B1A4, and Teen Top, we've been watching more of their videos.  However, I still have to ask Lizabreff who my VIXX bias is, because I don't ever remember.  Yep, she just reminded me that it's Leo.  I need to research him more before I can really call him my bias.  Could it change if one of them appears in a drama?  Probably not.  I appreciate them for their music enough already.

So whatever the way you decide, it's always a plus when your bias is in a drama.  Also, if the dramas help me pick my bias, so be it.  I'm not going to complain about having more men to love.  Never, never, never.


  1. Haha. I love this post! As I was reading it, I thought, I'm not really sure how I pick my biases actually. If you are looking into getting to know VIXX better, they have a 200 episode (with each episode being about 4 or 5 minutes long) thing called VIXX TV, which was a way for fans to get to know them better. Leo is adorably adorkable in it, as usual. He was also on several variety show appearances. I am rather Leo biased myself right now, but I am also N biased, and I was initially Hongbin biased. It was his killer smile. I think for me, it's often about performance that gets me all bias choosy. Junsu has been my bias from JYJ/DBSK right from the beginning. Maybe it's his adorable giggling and laughing fits or his completely amazing vocal performance. I've loved Doojoon for ages, ever since I first learned about BEAST, like back in 2011? But then watching him in a drama totally cemented my love for him (and a large batch of headers made in his honour). I think that dramas help me love biases more, and in the case of SuJu, make me change them. I have been Yesung biased (and still am for the most part), but after watching King of Dramas, I am completely in love with Siwon. He just doesn't take himself too seriously. And I love that. Sometimes I watch MVs until I find my bias, that is how I found my EXO bias. I just watch all the MVs until I find a voice/face I like. It just happens. And variety shows. Those help me a lot too. Yeah. I could go on. I think I became a Yongguk fan when I saw how ridiculously smiley he is. He has a killer smile! And his voice! Ah! I adore it! And he's so talented. I do have a thing for voices, hence my love for TOP and Choi Jin Hyuk, and Jin Yi Han...and those two actors also sing! Ah voices! I have a weakness for them. Anyway...oh, I also think that mischievous grins get me too. Hence my Cheonji bias - his smile is so noona killer.

    1. I feel like most bands have their own little TV thing. I remember spending hours watching Big Bang TV and BAP TV and all those lovely things. I admit there are tons of ways of finding biases, and then indulging in the appreciation of those biases, but when I figured out how many of my biases were tied to dramas, I had to write about it. But I agree that sometimes dramas bring out the bias crushers as well. Siwon's pretty much one of those. I loved him so much in King of Dramas. Still going to keep on loving Heechul most though. But I also do the face/voice thing too. I think that's when I figured out that I loved Himchan too, when I finally watched the MVs enough times to figure out that he sang all my favorite part and was super hot too. But since I started out loving Yongguk I couldn't just give him up completely either. I actually first started liking Heechul while trying to figure out which SuJu member was my little sister's bias (she likes Yesung too) and because I was looking so hard I started noticing who I liked too. Then the drama sealed the deal.

    2. PS I absolutely love Yongguk's smile too! Absolutely love it. My favorite is when Himchan makes Yongguk laugh, etc.

    3. Oh us and our biases ^^ I never realized I could be so fangirly before I discovered K-pop. And my TOP bias totally helped me defrost some cultural boundaries the other day as the person I was chatting with was also TOP biased. Hehe. Biases for the win!

    4. My older sister once commented that seems like Kpop is for those people who never got into the boy bands of before. I disagreed and said Kpop is for everyone, but I think that what she meant was that Kpop manages to bring out the fan girls who even resisted the boy band era (like me). I never appreciated them, and now all the sudden I'm a total fan girl. I never thought that was possible. What our biases do to us... I love it.

  2. I related to all of this. I watched Protect the Boss (not really into Kpop at the time) and got curious about Kim Jaejoong because, I mean, pretty and googled him. Found his music and everything snowballed from there. Doojoon! I had heard of B2ST but wasn't really into them and saw him in Let's Eat and now I love B2ST. Same with Aaron Yan. I think Kim Jaejoong is my favorite though. His looks and his voice together make me swoon every time.

    1. Haha me too! He is so attractive in like all aspects that he possibly could be. I have a major crush on Jae Joong.

    2. Yes he really is. I don't think my words would come out if I happened to see him in person.