Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When Following Peeps on Instagram Makes You Like Them Less

Following my biases and other Korean and Taiwanese stars on Instagram and Twitter is generally a delight.  Countless hours have been wasted browsing their goofy, cute, and fun posts.  But then there is always the problem of a little TMI.  You get less impressed with them because of what they post.  This has happened to me one too many times to not write about.

It just so happens that the monotony or the stupidity of their posts just annoy us enough to where we end up thinking less of them to even not being able to take them seriously any more.

One of the biggest offenders of this over lame posting on Instagram is Aaron Yan.  He posts a ton and they all look exactly the same.  He has exactly 3 facial expressions.

1. Smile:

2. Straight or "Cool" face:

3. Half Smile/Smirk:

They do go through variations, such as "Here he is smiling at the Gym.  Now he's smirking at the Gym.  Now he's looking cool at the gym."


Or the many variations of him in a car or on a plane:

Or wearing a hat:

Or Headphones:

Or glasses:

Yes, those were the same three or so expressions every single time.  He also has videos where he cycles through all of these faces in one succinct video.  How thoughtful of him.

Leeteuk was at one time in the running for second place in my heart for Super Junior biases, but now I can't even take him seriously at all.  Because his posts are some of the worst ever.  Especially this.

He didn't even do it once.  He did it like twice or three times.

Ew, nice girly legs, Leeteuk.  Now whenever I think of you, I'll think of girly legs.  Great.  And when he's being all serious and crying, like in the Evanesce MV, I just giggle.

And then there are those derp face pics, and the narcissistic "I look cool on stage," and weird cartoon type deals... yeah, I struggle with his posts.  They would be fine if I didn't keep thinking about girly bath legs... sigh.

Other peeps that I like just slightly less include Vanness Wu.  I don't really dislike him that much, but some of his photos make him come off like a bit of a tool.

Also he tends to post some really weird things and be a little too bold and honest, which is okay, but then paired with everything else just makes him less tolerable, I suppose.

There are some peeps that when I follow them, I just have to roll my eyes because they are weird, and that is okay.  I already knew they were weird, and I love them just the same.  I probably love them because of that.  Like G-Dragon or Lee Hong Ki.

They are constantly making me roll my eyes, but I don't think less of them for it.  Probably because they have a huge spectrum of craziness instead of just one repeated thing.

Other peeps just delight me with what they share.  Such as Siwon.

He does plenty of weird, but it makes sense and is fun.  Such as that centaur joke, or the many other fan started running gags that he appreciates and shares.

This guy just has a sense of humor and it's great.

Actually, most of Super Junior is awesome.  Just not Leeteuk.

I also really like following AKMU.  They are just cute and fun.

Anyone from Running Man is awesome.

And I've really been enjoying Ji Chang Wook's posts as well.

I also really like Key's posts.  They tend to be generally okay, but they might give me skin envy.

Mmmm, that boy's cheekbones.

I guess even idols and celebrities need to know what to do and what not to do.  Sigh.  Sometimes you just gotta shake your head.

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