Monday, November 2, 2015

VIXX's Leo Wins a High Spot on the Top 10 Sexy Necks List

VIXX is making a comeback.  I'm getting excited.  I've actually been meaning to add Leo to my Top 10 Sexy Necks list since Beautiful Liar, but I've been busy.  But really, my obsession with him isn't going to stop anytime soon, so I had better just put him where he belongs on that list and have done with it.  Because that man is beautiful, and his neck is glorious.

That's not the only thing that's glorious.  Pretty much everything about him is awesome.  He's like 100% swoon worthy.  I could just fill this post with pictures of him, and be done.  Actually, that's probably what this is going to be.  I mean, I already took up half my post about sultry songs just on Beautiful Liar, so.... Yeah.

So last time, I took a million shots during Beautiful Liar, and was super giddy while I did it too.  I kept telling myself to stop, and that I had too much, but that didn't stop me from taking more this time around.

Even just of the back of his neck.  That should tell me something, haha.

Rawr is what it is telling me.

And when this happened.  Mmm hmm.  Yeah.

Other favorite shots I could look at repeatedly:

Literally cried with happiness when I got this perfection:

I think I know what I am going to stare at for way too long:

Ok, ok, too much indulgence at the beginning.  This is supposed to be about him being inducted into my neck hall of fame.  Well, that's basically just me ranting about how hot he is anyways.  But here are some proofs, or how I came to solidify my love for him.

I think I've told this story before, but after K-Con 2014, Lizabreff came back obsessed with VIXX.  I already kind of liked them after Voodoo Doll, but had never really researched them more than that (which is what you do when you're obsessed) so it was still new when I was looking over her album stuffs and pictures.  I immediately said "that one is hot" in reference to Leo.  Because he is, no doubt about it.  Soon it became a running joke that he was my VIXX "bias" because I really didn't know anything about them still so he really couldn't be.  I even kept forgetting his name.  I'm bad with names with no context.  But I finally broke down, when I had the time, and started watching the MVs and getting obsessed with them.  It wasn't hard.  They are awesome.  And Leo was forcing himself into my little heart.

Not that he had to do much to make me love him.  He's practically my spirit animal.  He is chill, rarely smiles, and loves cats and babies.  Seriously, is he a baby whisperer?  That bumps his hotness off the charts right there.


All things that I think we would bond over if we ever met.  His apathy is something I practically hero worship.  I sadly have been trained out of mine.  Like, I guess I pretend to care half of the time... haha.  No, but I do have a strongly apathetic side that goes right along with my amazing lazy streak.

It wasn't too long before Lizabreff was sending me links to amazing blog posts like this one from SeoulBeats: 101 Reasons VIXX's Leo is the God of Idols.  I could pretty much just say ditto to what she said and end here.  I wholeheartedly agree.  Slow clap for this masterpiece.  Seriously.

But I'm so in love with him that I will keep going, cuz pictures of Leo.

One of the things that I appreciate about VIXX is that they all have amazing voices, and their concept is so dark and like sexy... and weird.  And it doesn't hurt at all that Leo is the one who pulls the dark and sexy weird off better than most.

Space Vampires?  He's too cool to not rock it.

Look at Leo in the back, being too cool for this pose.

Yeah, he rocks the concept for On and On.  All I can say is neck... arms... shoulders... neck... melting...

And he pulls off the long haired demon type deal of Hyde well too.

He's like disturbingly sexy with those wings, actually.

Um, how can he even look this good in Error, with the creepy half built robot theme?

I'm pretty sure that this was the moment of confirmation that he would stay my VIXX bias:

If this already wasn't:

Please, stand just like that and look down at me.  I seriously would die of happiness.  That happens to be one of the most attractive poses to me anyway.  Hand in pocket.  Shirt not tucked.  Collar unbuttoned. He'll be the death of me.

But he also pulls off the more cute and normal concepts too, like in Only U.

But not without his swaggy, I don't care, I'm sexy attitude.  Yes, please loosen your tie.  Always wear my favorite kind of cardigan (I love those chunky cable knits with the large collar thing).  Can't handle him walking towards me like that...  ah!  Keep breathing!

So the latest concept, I'm not a super fan of yet.  It's those choker things.  I hate chokers.  Ugh.  The worst.  Luckily, he doesn't seem to like it either.  Literally his eyes are saying "get this nasty thing off me now!"

But I do love the blond hair and suit coat with no shirt thing.  Also, everyone else looks pretty good too, so I'm excited.

So I'll just end with this hair blowing gif of him saying he's beautiful, because truer words were never said.

Welcome to my top 10, Leo.  You're place is near the top, where it should be, you gloriously gorgeous man.

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