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Kpop for the Day Picker Upper

In the mood when you want to feel happy, laugh, energized, peppier?  I've got a playlist that I keep for these occasions.  Because my last Kpop post was sad and super personal, I figured the next one should be happy.  So I decided to make a list of the Kpop songs I listen to so I can get pumped up and feel happy.

I'll be honest, half of these are because of how ridiculous they are, or how fun the MV is (which usually means the song is fun too) and not necessarily for the song alone.  Sometimes the song is even sad, but because of how fun the beat/dance/MV is it makes me happy.  So here are some of the songs I listen to when I am super happy/silly or just want to feel happier, because these songs always put me in a better mood.

Can You Feel It- Super Junior-D&E

This might be my favorite song of all time (right now) and I just absolutely love it.  In fact I absolutely love this entire album.  It just is so perfect.  Can you feel it?  I can.  There is no way that you can not just jump around for the entire song.  In fact the dancing is probably one of the best parts of it, and here is a video to prove it:

You just have to get into the happy jumpy dance action.  It's great for spontaneous dance parties.  Other songs on this album that are similarly wonderful for happy dance parties are: The Beat Goes On, Sweater and Jeans, Breaking Up, and pretty much the whole rest of the album.

Good Boy- GD X Taeyang

There was no way ever that I was not going to like this song.  I think the first time I saw the video, my eyes were wide, partially because it's super trippy, because I loved it from the music to the awesome dance moves... that are awesome because that's pretty much how I dance anyways.

The Dance Video is even better because there is less trippy stuffs and more dance moves to learn... which I did... like all of them.  Plus this MV is basically just one big show of GD and Teayang's bromance, which is one of the cutest things ever.  So this song and MV are going to make me happy no matter what.

Growing Pains- Super Junior-D&E

See, proof that this entire album is good, because even though this is a "sad" song, it just makes me feel happy.  Especially the part where they go "ooohwoouuooooh ooohwoouuooooh ooohwoouuooooh" while doing that little hand dance thing.  The song's melody and style make it more motivating than sad, so it's bound to lift spirits instead of dragging them down.  So despite the sad subject matter, this song makes me happy.

Eternity- VIXX

This song is another example of a sad song that makes me happy.  From the moment they say: "Love is a nigh-mare" to this dance:

There is no way this song just wouldn't make me happy.  Let's look at those body rolls again.  Wow, you guys, way to make me feel pedonoona.... well they aren't that young, especially since I like Leo the best, and he's not THAT much younger than me.  Anyways, there is just something about VIXX that just makes me so happy, from their funny English (it's maybe not what they say as how they say it, or maybe it's just all of it, and it's not the pronunciation as much as the tone of voice), to their very interesting MV concepts, to their nasty hot dance moves.  Body roll again!  Woohoo!

Ravi's English is pretty good, but he says things so funny, and always has to say his name.  G.R.8.U is probably the best example of this: "My name is ra-RAVI!!!!!"  Yes.  Entertained for days.

Sad Ending is another one that is deceptively happy, despite it's title and content.  But it's so motivational, with the "Don't Stop!" and "Go go go!"  It's actually one of the best songs to run to, because you literally can't stop running while it's going, because it constantly tells you not to.

Say No- Beast

Let's go along with the theme of sad songs that are hilarious.  This song is just fun, with the repeatable "Say no no no no no," parts and the super computer generated MV.  I like to channel the members through their hand movements, as they each have a distinct style.

This always gets our karaoke party started.  It just makes me giggle, and it's super fun to sing a long with.

S.N.S.- B.A.P

"Hey, let me talk to you.  Drop it now."  This song makes me happy in so many ways.  I constantly sing it to my friend, HeyCurdy, because she gets so flustered when I sing about her being sexy, which she totes is.  The best part about this song is the whole song, from the scratchy techno bass to the hilarious lyrics.  "Sexy, special, tweet me a mention." In fact, we tweet each other this mention all the time.

But this song is just so good to shake the booty to.  Also, the lyrics are hilarious.  "You're like a hot chili sauce, I'm a nacho."  "Frustrating as 3G."  Haha.  Nasty... and funny.  It's just an all around fun song.

Bad Mama Jama- Bigflo

This song = yes.  The dancing = yes.  Hightop's rapping = yes.  I don't think I could be unhappy with this song playing, "so classy, so classy."  It's just fun times.

I'm the Best- 2ne1

Gotta have a girl power song.  Nothing makes you feel happier than singing along to "I am the best."  The lyrics are fun and stuff.  Really this song just speaks for itself.

Hyde- VIXX

Here we have VIXX again.  I think they just make me happy, and this song is one of my favorites.  The choreography is really cool, however the rest of the concept is a bit on the laughable side.  Pretty much all the hair is not my favorite (Especially Ravi's.  I also used to not like Leo's hair either, but it's grown on me).  Then we have the make up, which only looks good on a few of them, but other than that this song is just amazing.  Every time they sexily say "girl," whew.

On and On- VIXX

Once again, these boys are hilariously sexy with a good (funny) song, interesting concept- what are they, space vampires?- and awesome dance moves...

I need therapy after watching you guys swivel your hips in sexy zombie style. Haha, rawr, and thanks.

Marry U- Super Junior

I remember, and am ashamed, that it took me forever to get into and fall in love with Super Junior, because I was only shown these kinds of songs, No Other to be exact, which to be honest are just not my style.  I mean, they're so cheesy and fan servicey.  I mistakenly thought that they only sang songs like that.  Then I watched Sexy Free & Single, which is still one of my favorite songs, even though Heechul is in the army and not it the MV,  But now that I like them, well love them actually, this song makes me absurdly happy.  What's there not to love?  Thirteen handsome boys asking to marry you?  Love it.  Heechul drawing a heart in the sky, sigh.  It's so flipping sweet that it makes me giggly happy.  No Other and It's You also fit into this category, even though It's You is on the more wistful and longing side, that is still cute.

Bagsit- JYJ

Oh Bagsit.  It's so bad, and so nasty.  What were you thinking, JYJ?  I love them so much, but their music is only good 50% of the time.  I actually wrote a post about how horrible this song and MV really is.  However, this song is so flipping catchy that I can't not love it at the same time.  The lyrics make me want to cringe, but the Engrish is so bad that it makes me laugh, and the nastiness of the lyrics is so over the top that it also makes me want to laugh.  Pair this up with how much I love JYJ (Kitty!) and you have a song that will still make me happy, even if it's because I am laughing at how bad it is.

Another reason I love it so much, beside the fact that the bad Engrish lyrics get stuck in my head, is because it has now become an in-joke for me and my little brother.  Last Christmas, when we were going to the movies or something and we were forced to both sit in the back seat of my parent's van, I said, as he as climbing back: "Welcome to the Bagsit," which then sparked us to create a mashup between Bagsit and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.  It went something like this: "I feel it in I FEEL IT IN MY BONES, 'NUFF TO MAKE MY SYSTEMS GROAN. Welcome to the Bagsit, to the bagsit. Pumba mumba bagsit, to the bagsit."  We sang it the rest of Christmas break, and this song has since become a favorite.

Ayyy Girl is another example of this.  A catchy song that is actually so ridiculous in lyrics as well as MV that you can't take it seriously, but you love it just the same, and so listening to it makes you happy... but mostly because you are probably laughing at it.

Bae Bae- Big Bang

If we are talking about songs full of innuendo, then this is the king.  It's almost to the point of cringing, but is instead hilarious.  I do admit that I like it better while not watching the MV, because creepy innuendo Willy Wonka.

But the song is so hilariously nasty that it makes me laugh, because I'm apparently as mature as a middle schooler... probably less so.

But the fact that Yoo Jae Suk (who is just plain hilarious) sang it with impersonations of all of them just makes it better and more day picky uppy.  Especially the moment he made fun of Creepy Willy Wonka:

Top of the World- Big Bang

"I wanna know about you... You can be my queen tonight."  Rawr, GD.  Honestly, this song is just fun.  I wish there was a real MV for it, because I just love it.  I can't even pinpoint why I love this song, or why it makes me happy, it just does.  But then, it is Big Bang, and I just love them, and this song is fun, so I love it.

1AM- Taeyang

I just love, love, love this song.  Especially the part where he says "Jump in my car, go for a ride."  It's probably a bit of a sad song too.  Oh well.  I guess subject matter isn't what's important, it's how the song makes you feel, and this one makes me feel happy.

Bang Bang Bang- Big Bang

This list would not be complete without this song.  The moment it started I was grinning.  The moment I loved it was sealed right here:

Yes.  I definitely needed Taeyang's shirtless dancer army.  The MV is weird, but delightfully so?  Glittery GD, dancing cars, and a super jumpy beat- what's there not to like?  I've already listened to it many times on repeat.  I also love the other A series release, We Like 2 Party, although for entirely different reasons.

It looks like the number one reason these songs make me happy are how funny they are, but also how great the MVs, lyrics, or Engrish is... it's many things.  But sometimes I just don't know why they make me happy, they just do.  I guess they hit the right chord.  These songs are pretty specific to me though, so what songs make you all happy?

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