Monday, December 1, 2014

Shin Sung Rok Needs to be Added to the Top 10 Sexy Necks

I have already admitted openly that I am obsessed with this man.  I mean, he has it all.  Sexy neck, sexy voice, sexy smile, sexy face... the list just goes on.  So I have to write this post dedicated to him, and seriously consider who he could possibly bump off of the Top 10 list, or should I just make it Top 12?

If you've seen my recent lists, you'd already know that I am obsessed with him.  He made the list for men with smiles, men with sultry voices, other men, villains I love and hate (multiple times), and he could probably make more lists that I haven't made yet.  Basically he's like my ideal type or something (if I could have one of those, because I like so many different things).

Anyways, because of the recently ended Liar Game, and the recently started King's Face, I have plenty of reasons to be raving about him.  I mean, rawr.

So, here are some reasons why he is amazing and needs to be added to the Top 10 Sexy Necks... besides the fact that he has one of the sexiest necks I have ever seen.  I mean!  It's long, thin, sculpted, perfect proportions there.  But on top of that, he's also just all around amazing.

1. He plays a sexy and relatable villain.

Maybe that is what he is most famous for, or rather what he gained his recent popularity from, but he does it so well that how can we blame them for keeping on casting him in these roles.  It's not like just anyone can pull those roles off.

2. Or he can just really creep us out... in a super sexy way.  I'm creeped out and attracted to you at the same time.  How is this possible?

3. He can also be an adorably quirky other man.

4. His voice is just like music.  Whether he is laughing, cracking jokes, singing, or just plain creeping us out, his voice is just sexy.

5. He even makes those little roles, normally forgettable, good.  I admit that I didn't become obsessed with him because of these roles, but I did love him in them anyways.

It is hard to remember a minor character when you are too busy staring at Gong Yoo (who was your current obsession at the time *cough cough* Finding Mr. Destiny *cough cough*).

I'll marry you, Pilot Man!  She's got to end up with Gong Yoo, so I'll just accept that huge diamond from you... no biggie.

6. He rocks suits and ties.

That is a requirement for any man on the top 10 sexy neck list, but what is even more imperative is rocking the open collar.

Dang it, he does that way too well.  He's going to kill someone with that sexiness someday.

7. He looks great in prison garb.  Not many can say that.

8. He wore a turtleneck and it didn't suck!  What the heck!  He pulled off a turtleneck!  Not that I loved the fact that he was wearing it, but it didn't make me scream or moan.  I even had to admit that he kind of looked good in it... dang it!  It takes a super sexy neck to be able to do that, so slow clap for him and his amazing neck!

9. Somehow he manages to still look pretty attractive with some of the worst Joseon hair ever.  How is that even possible?

10. But that smile/laugh of his!  It's so flippin good!

And with glasses... too much for me!  I can't take it.  He did it.  He's officially on the Top 10 Sexy Necks list. And after committing (and managing to pull off) some serious Neck No Nos too...



  1. You got it bad guuuurrrrrlllll!!!!!!!! He does do creepy well in that steamy, sexy, creepy way of his.

    1. Haha, I know it. I pretty much had to write this post to confess it, since it was pretty obvious anyways. I am just going to watch every drama and movie he's in probably, because why not.

    2. We all have people in the drama world who make us weak at the knees. It's a funny feeling really to have such feelings for someone you've never met.

    3. Yeah it is. I'd like to say that I can distinguish reality from fiction, but really that is just probably not completely the case, just mostly the case. Fandom is like that, I guess.

    4. And you never know quite when it will strike. ^^

    5. I know. It's so random. They just have that power to sneak into our little hearts.

    6. Indeed they do. It's like they have a class: Pointers for getting women to fall in love with you 600 or something. They certainly aren't amateurs at it ;)