Friday, October 31, 2014

Still More Men Who Make Me Watch Dramas Against My Will: Sultry Voice Edition

Do I watch dramas just for the sultry voice of one of the male leads?  Why yes, yes I do.  Some men just have buttery, husky, velvety, and/or soothing voices that just make me what to listen to them while I watch whatever bad drama they are in.  Seriously, they need to stop seducing us (and by that I mean mostly me) with their sexy voices.  Dude.

Sometimes it's only their voice I find attractive *cough cough Lee Sun Gyun cough cough* but really isn't that enough.  I mean... that sexy voice.

Jang Geun Suk- Mary Stayed Out All Night (aka Marry Me Mary)

I really don't love Jang Geun Suk as much as his voice.  He's a hit or miss actor for me.  Don't love him, do think he's a good actor most of the time, think he's crazy in real life, dang his voice is sexy.  It's velvety even.  So deep and smooth.  I don't think that his singing voice is all that special, but when he talks... boy do I like that.

I don't remember why I actually watched Mary Stayed Out All Night, because it's a horrible show.  Just dumb all around, but I do know that I kept on watching it because of Jang Geun Suk.  Besides his voice, I love his luscious locks in this one.  Sometimes he has bad hair, but I have to say that he's one of the few who can pull off those lovely long locks.  Most men... nope.

He also does some singing, which is generally ok, but not something I go crazy for.  I do like the songs in this one.

Lee Sun Gyun- Pasta

Ok. So I'm not a huge fan of Lee Sun Gyun's face... well the face itself is handsome enough, but there is something about his mouth/teeth that makes me not attracted to him so much... he's got good expressions... I think it's just his teeth... yep.  In fact, we call him "Sexy Voice Bad Teeth."

But then his voice... ahhh! His voice is so sexy!  It's so deep and smooth.  That might have been what got me through the silliness of Pasta.  That show was so weird and kind of dumb, but whatever.  I just want to listen to his voice and not pay attention to anything else... ok?

Lee Hong Ki- Muscle Girl

I love Lee Hong Ki's raspy or husky voice, however you want to describe it.  He's singing voice is angelic, and his talking voice is just cool.  I just love to hear him talk, and especially when his voice cracks.
This show... shudder.  It might be the stupidest Jdrama I have seen.  It was the plot, I guess girls wrestling plots are just not compelling, and while I watched it just for Lee Hong Ki... I'm not even sure why his character was in the show, because it really never made sense.

Very badly written, but oh well.  Hong Ki's voice just soothed my soul anyways.

Choi Jin Hyuk- Emergency Couple

This show couldn't decide what it was, a romcom or a melodrama, and I sure wish it had stayed with melodrama, because that was way better written and executed.  Way more compelling, but oh well.  I got to watch and listen to one of my sexiest faces and gorgeous voices.

I even love his voice when he shouts, it's so deep and husky.  Rawr.

So even though this show was kind of all over the place, it just made it all better every time it was on screen and every time he opened his mouth (even if what it was coming out of his mouth was stupid).

Lee Soo Hyuk- King of High School

This man's voice makes me swoon.  His voice is literally seducing... like butter.  Because butter is pretty much irresistible too.  This man... rawr.  His voice... double rawr.  The rest of this show... werp.  Not good.  It was just (shudder).  It was boring, plotless, and just icky.  Yucky noona romance, yuck.  But then Lee Soo Hyuk popped up and I would keep watching.

I'll admit that I had zero interest in watching this show, but Lizabreff was super excited (she is obsessed with Seo In Guk, where as I just love him) so she made me watch the first episode and that Lee Soo Hyuk just won me over with his sexy face and sexy voice and most compelling storyline and character... yep.

Shin Sung Rok- Trot Lovers

Shin Sung Rock might just need to make it into the top 10 of my heart (at least the top 10 sexy necks) because this man keeps making me love him more and more and his voice is one huge reason for that.  Also his sexy neck and awesome acting skills.  Rawr.

He literally saved Trot Lovers, which was heading downhill super fast.  I would never have made it through that amnesia crap without his melodious, deep, sultry voice.  I keep talking about him, so I am obviously am pretty much obsessed with him.

Jung Yong Hwa- Marry Him If You Dare

I don't even love Jung Yong Hwa, and the more I watch his dramas the less I like him.  He keeps picking roles that I do not like and that makes me like him less.  Seriously, this show was the worst.  I was 100% rooting for Lee Dong Gun, and then the ending was a load of crap.  I don't usually say I outright hate shows, but I did hate this one.  And I hated Yong Hwa's character.  But, I super love Jung Yong Hwa's voice.  Especially his singing voice, but his talking voice is nice too.

His voice is so husky and melodious.  I do love it, and maybe that is why I keep trying to watch his dramas, hoping I will like his character along with his voice and face (his cameo in A Gentleman's Dignity wasn't too bad) and then I might love him again... maybe I should give Three Musketeers a try...

Yoon Sang Hyun- My Fair Lady (aka Take Care of the Young Lady)

Oska!!! I totally watched this for Oska only.  I love his voice and him, and I liked this show ok, even though is was pretty dang silly.  But Oska was great in it.  Especially that one time he slicked his hair back, with his collar unbuttoned.  Omo.  Plus the rest of the time he was wearing a tux, so yes.

I don't know if I can describe his voice.  Let me try.  Melodious- yes.  Sultry might be the best word for it, but then it's also comical, and that is why I love it.  The way he says things just makes it better.

Oska really made this show.  If it weren't for him, this show would have sucked.  But instead it was funny, silly, and not too bad.  Here is a better clip for listening to him.  It shows off his smooth melodious tones better.

Bonus: Voices discovered that made the show that much better.  Woopie!

Yeon Woo Jin- Marriage, Not Dating

I remember when I watched Arang and the Magistrate, thinking that Yeon Woo Jin was not that hot, maybe he just didn't rock the Joseon attire well, but I seriously fell in love with him in Marriage, Not Dating.

I just fell in love with this drama.  I haven't enjoyed a drama so much in a while, so this was a treat.  Plus, Woo Jin has a husky yet smooth voice that is very sexy.  I just loved listening to him talk.  The way he says things was just fun.  Plus they are the most adorable couple, even when they thought they didn't like each other and that this was all a plot.

Kim Myung Min- King of Dramas

Kim Myung Min's voice was not the reason that I watched this drama, but I'll be the first to admit that I love his deep, smooth, manly voice.  We were constantly saying that line "Antoni ibnida."  I could seriously listen to this man talk all day.

Also, his clothes.  He had the best wardrobe.  Every time he came on screen someone had to say something like: "That coat!"  "Those shoes!"  "That vest!"  "I love that suit!"  So great.  And then wearing that suit while saying things with that voice... it doen't matter if he's an ahjussi and not that hot.  I just fell in love with his voice and fashion!

Jin Yi Han- My Secret Hotel

This man is kind of handsome.  Not super my type, but generally good looking, but then his voice just makes him so much sexier.  It's deep, smooth, sultry, and rawr.  I absolutely love his voice.

And then there was that moment when he did his Lee Sun Gyun impersonation (which is spot on)... I just had to love him at that moment.  His voice makes him a million times sexier.  I am willing to watch more dramas (good and bad) with him in it just to hear some more of that voice.  Rawr.

Now I want to rewatch all of these just so I can hear their voices... or maybe just find another better drama to enjoy these sultry tones!  Swoon.  That is the power of a sexy voice.  What those voices make me do (as in watching another bad drama just for these men and their sexy, sexy voices).  Round two, sexy voices, let's go!

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  1. I too enjoy all of these voices. Although, as you know, I enjoy silly stuff so I liked most of these shows. Ha ha!

    1. Haha, the only one I outright hated was Marry Him If You Dare. All the others were probably just ones that weren't as good as they could be... but really how could I not still enjoy them with those men and those sexy voices?

  2. Rawrrr!!!!! Smexy voices!!!! I think it's safe to say that Lee Hong Ki is one of my favourite peoples in drama/singing land ever. Or maybe it's the whole Jeremy thing that I have for him. I just heart him. And you are so right about all of what you said about Emergency Couple. His voice. He needs record the phone book or something so I can just listen to him talking forever. #ChoiJinHyukFeelsForLife. Lee Soo Hyuk is um...I think my comments might be R-rated on him, well about how sexy he is, or at least how sexy I find him. As much as I love Seo In Guk, and I love him quite absolutely, I still haven't finished High School King. Yeah. That noona romance was not one I could get round. You know, I still have moments when I'm watching a drama and I think: What would Anthony do? And yes, his voice *swoon*. He is so brilliant! Jin Yi Jan's voice does things to my insides. No joke. Part of me just watched Empress Ki to listen to the scenes when he would speak. He is pretty silly on Instagram though. Cute, but silly. His voice. *swoon*.

    1. Haha! Seriously though! Their voices make them exponentially sexier and most of them are super sexy to begin with, so that's how our comments about them enter the R-rated realms. I just can't deal with their level of sexiness some days. Rawr to the umpteenth power.

    2. Hahahaha. Totally. Rawr to the umpteenth power might have to become my new favourite hashtag or something.