Saturday, October 18, 2014

With a Side of Second Male Lead Syndrome

As Love Myself or You comes to an end, I felt I just had to pay homage to one of my favorite second male leads of all time, Hao Wei.  There was a time (for like 2 seconds) that I hated him and wanted him to go away, because let's be honest I really want Kai Qi and Ah Jie to be together like 100%.  I love Ah Jie so much that there is no way I would want him to lose... but then Hao Wei just made me love him so much!  I really just want him for myself.  He's like the perfect man!  Hot and nerdy, just how I like them.  And the nicest guy on the planet... yep.

There are so many second male leads that are the same.  Usually I am not voting for them to get the girl necessarily (because I am usually on the side of the male lead in that respect) but I do end up loving the second male lead so much that I wish I could date him in real life.

We all know this is called second male lead syndrome, so in honor of Hao Wei, I have created my list of second male leads who need to be my boyfriend like right now.

Hao Wei- Love Myself or You

I've already said so much about Hao Wai already that if I keep on talking about him I might sound obsessed... ok I am obsessed so I will just keep talking about him.  I love how he is a real person, even if he is too nice.

There is a rationalization behind everything he does that is realistic.  Yes, he is too nice (like most second male leads) but it's because he knows he doesn't have much of a chance and would rather have everyone be happy then to mess things up for everyone (including himself because he is too scared to get that final closure confirmation that he has no chance with Kai Qi).

Best of all, he is a good gege.  I loved seeing him help his little sister win the heart of the chef back, manipulating our main couple at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

He is also super funny and adorable, in that little nerdy, comic-loving way.  I just love this man!  Can I date him?

Daniel Pitt- Fated to Love You

I do admit that I 100% loved Lee Gun way more than Daniel Pitt, but I do also admit that Daniel Pitt still held his own in the contest, not for Kim Mi Young, but for my heart.

He's a bit of a dumb boy sometimes, but he is sooooo good looking!  Also, he needs to stop wearing those sexy button-ups with the collar undone and the sleeves rolled up because... I can't even.

He is just the perfect neighborhood oppa, and although I would always choose Lee Gun over him every time... I would be fine with picking him if Lee Gun wasn't an option (which he isn't because he is with Mi Young so...)

Yoo Jin Woo- King of High School

He was like the only sympathetic character for me after a while because this show kind of sucked.  He has a bad boy streak in him, but he also is a sweetie and has a super sexy voice.

Kang Ji Woon- Angel Eyes

I just want to marry this one.  Kim Ji Suk has been slowly growing on me over the years and now I just want to marry him.  He is seriously one of my favorite, most attractive, other men out there.  He needs to be a male lead pronto so he will stop making me cry because I literally want him to win most of the time... and the other half of the time I just want him for myself because the main girl is an idiot anyways (which was totes the case in Angel Eyes).

He's like the perfect boyfriend, I mean... seriously.

He needs to stop being so adorable.  Really.

Pillar (Choi Kang Hyuk)- Flower Boy Ramen Shop

I would have picked pillar over Chi Soo.  But then I am way more into the oppas than the high school students... I am not a super fan of noona romances... especially when the guy is still in high school, that's just no.  But Pillar now... (swoon).

He is the perfect man.  Except he's too nice.  That is always the problem.  Why can't those girls pick the nice guys like we actually would do in real life? (at least I would!... right?)  But while I love how he doesn't take things seriously, that could also be his problem (but it's also super endearing too... so...).

You just got to go for it, dude.  Nice guys can sweep her off her feet too, you know.

Yoon Pil Joo- The Greatest Love

I remember when I first saw him, I said "he's just my style."

With those glasses and quirky attitude.  I just love him.

I love love love Doko Jin too, but I would totally marry Yoon Pil Joo if I could.  Any day, anytime... and he would give me all the rest of the flowers too...

Jo Geun Woo- Trot Lovers

As much as I loved Jang Joon Hyun, it was Jo Geun Woo who saved this show.  If he hadn't been so funny, awesome, and super sexy, I could never have made it through the amnesia crap.  I just couldn't.  Nope.

But he was so cute during that, singing for her, making Joon Hyun jealous without knowing why.

Telling Joon Hyun the truth.

Yep, he saved this.  I loved his weird sexiness.  I have a huge huge crush on Shin Sung Rok too (even when he was the creepy killer brother in Love From Another Star) and his character in this was so perfect!

Young Do- Heirs

I had to include him on this list because he was literally one of the only people I liked in this show.  But I definitely didn't want him to be with Eun Sang because I hated her (and I pretty much just hate Park Shin Hye too) and Kim Tan is welcome to her because I hated him too, so they can be a hated couple together, I'm cool with that.

But how did Young Do make me love him when he was being a horrible bully.  Not even really a misunderstood bully.  He was literally a meanie and I still loved him!  What the heck.  With charisma and sexiness, I guess.  I really hated it when he went all dumb and mopey when he fell in love with the dumb dumb, I liked it better when he was dropping her in pools and bullying her...

Once again, what the heck... this show (head shake).  But at least I could still look at him and how sexy he is.  Oh, Kim Woo Bin, you just keep making me love you, don't you?

Jin Yuan Feng/Kinnosuke Ikezawa- It Started with a Kiss/Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

In every rendition of this story, I will always pick this man... but most especially when he is played by Jiro Wang or Yamada Yuki, because yes.  He's nice, devoted and an amazing cook!

What more could you want?  Especially when he is nice, which is one thing you can't say for Irie-kun or Zhi Shu.  They're jerks.  But these boys... heck yes.

Secretary Ko- Blade Man

He's not the romantic second male lead, but in terms of importance of his character in the show, he's the second male lead, and I love him way more than Hong Bin.

He's the only one I do love, really.  I want a Secretary Ko, and I don't want him to be beat up any more, and I want him to always be smiling.  Like this.

As always, these sorts of lists could go on for forever, bringing up others who have stolen our hearts, such as Kang Woo from Master's Sun or Chae Eun Suk from Scent of a Woman, but all posts must come to an end, and these are some of the more recent... or at least forever ingrained, second male leads that I just want to meet in real life so I can treat them way better than the female leads ever treated them.  I would definitely see them as a man, cause boy oh boy are they sexy men!


  1. Thank you for all the Hao Wei screencaps, he really was a gem - dorky, cute, kind, caring.... I can go on, but a complete sweetheart. I can't get over his scene in the last ep, my heart was breaking... argh. You're going to have to fight me for him!!! LOL

    1. You are welcome! I seriously had to restrain myself from adding more, because this man is too adorable! I was pretty much crying in that seen last episode.... Hao Wei!!!!!

  2. I know!!! In the alternate universe ending, Kai Qi would be looking through that gift Hao Wei gave her, then she realises she can't lose him, runs to the airport, they hug and do that spin in a circle thing... *The end* (Nope, I don't have any issues at all!)

    1. I love Ah Jie enough to actually prefer Kai Qi to be with Ah Jie... but maybe that's because I just want Hao Wei for myself. I wish I could get Kai Qi to send Hao Wei my picture, so I could date him for realsies. Sentimental sigh.

  3. I love all of these second leads; in fact, many of them I did like better than the male leads (the only exception is fated to Love You). Hao Wei, welcome to the adorable second lead club. I won't you guys for him, but will you at least invite me to the wedding? Can you invite all the other second leads, too? I won't mind.

    1. No one could ever beat Lee Gun from Fated to Love You, I agree. But Daniel Pitt might have stood a chance against pretty much any other male lead besides Lee Gun.

      It would be so perfect if all these second leads came to the wedding. Then whoever loses the fight for Hao Wei can have sufficient consolation... I'd be satisfied with anyone on this list ;)