Thursday, July 24, 2014

Men That Make Me Watch Dramas Against My Will: Smile Edition

Some actors just have that amazing power of making me watch a drama in spite of my better judgement.  I know the show will be crap/lame/bad/cray cray/super dramatic and so on, but I still watch them because of that one actor.

Sometimes it's to the extent that I've watched every show they've been in, and some of them were so bad (I'm talking to you, Yoon Si Yoon!)

Sometimes it's because of their smiles.  Those smiles that can make me watch even the dumbest of dramas.  Stop killing me with those smiles, you... super attractive and beautifully smiling men.

Sometimes watching that show ends up to be not that bad of a deal, but sometimes you finish and say to yourself "why the heck did I just watch that?" and then you see that man's smile again and you know why and feel no shame.  In fact, you hop online to look up another show he's been in, because you just can't get enough of that smile (or that neck and the rest of the face/body too).

Those are the some of the ones that I'm talking about here.  Bad or good, these dramas were watch purely for that man and his amazing smile.

1. Lee Kwang Soo

The offending drama I am talking about is Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire.  So boring.  But it had everyone that I knew in it, and on top of that Lee Kwang Soo.  I'm pretty sure I just want to date that man in real life as opposed to admiring him from afar like most actor/idol crushes.

Even though he plays probably the stupidest character in the show, whose actions made me want to cringe, I still only liked the parts he was in... well probably because the rest of the show was so boring.  Here he is playing the lazy, sneaky older prince Imhae, looking oh so good in his Joseon clothing:

Mmmm he works it.

Even though he is technically a bad guy... well antagonist... who causes lots of problems with his selfish stupidity and his smile is therefor used for evil, it's still one of the most adorable smiles ever and kept me watching the like 32 episodes of boring.

I mean, just look at that.

Also, I might have a bit of a thing of bad guys (not just bad boys).  So watching Jung Yi for Kwang Soo was not a stretch.  Plus I got to see some of this too:

Too adorable.  Who wouldn't fall for that hotness?

Mmmm... yeah.

So... yeah.  This drama was so boring, and completely lame, but those mens made me watch it, and I forced myself to finish it, just to finish it.  It was probably the boringest drama I've ever watched.  Zero kissing, but I wouldn't have cared if she had kissed the "main dude" because she had lover chemistry with the guy she was supposed to like as a brother and brother chemistry with the dude she was supposed to be attracted to.  That's unfortunate.  Oh well.  Look what you made me watch, Kwang Soo.  I hope you're happy.

2. Park Shi Hoo

Cheongdamdong Alice was probably one of the shows on this list that I regretted the least.  While it was absurdly cray cray, I also thought that it had some good points.  Mostly they involved Park Shi Hoo dancing to Barbra Streisand.  I could watch that on repeat all day.

Park Shi Hoo might have the best smile in the universe... one of them at least.  From the second he opened that door in Prosecutor Princess and I saw his face and smile for the first time, I was willing to watch a variety of lame dramas just to keep seeing that smile.

Here is an example of what I was treated to while suffering through the drama of Cheongdamdong Alice:

Not to mention also this.  Rawr.

I rewatched this drama a while ago, needing a quick Park Shi Hoo fix.  Honestly, if you just skip all the parts involving the weird rich bitca family who really have nothing to do with the main couple but are trying their hardest to have something to do with them, then the drama is a lot better.  It's plenty dramatic without the second second female lead and her oppa, who is the second female lead's jerk husband, or her cray cray mom.  Less of them and I would have been happier, because that probably would have meant more Park Shi Hoo.

He was cray cray and adorable in this, so even though this drama was crazy, I was well rewarded for my efforts.

3. Yoon Si Yoon

I have probably watched the most crappy dramas for this man.  Not just because I have watched every drama he's been in, but because he's been in more painful dramas than the other men I have watched their every drama for.

After falling so completely for Enrique's adorable smile in Flower Boy Next Door, I rushed to find and watch all the other dramas, and the first (and worst) was King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.  Ew.  Such a load of family drama crap that I didn't even watch it but skipped passed it.  The first 6 episodes didn't even have Yoon Si Yoon in it (since they began as kids).  In fact I skipped every part that didn't have Yoon Si Yoon or Joo Won in it, because it just wasn't worth it.  At least they were hot.

Looking back and rewatching this a bit, I must have been very smitten with Si Yoon at the time, because now that I look at this, I am bothered by how fat his face/neck is in this drama.

I mean, it's not seriously fat, but he definitely had gained some since High Kick through the Roof, and it ruins his lovely neck... this is almost grounds to kick him off of the sexy necks list.  It could be the hair.  That is a big neck no no.

This is probably when his neck looks the best.

But this drama is seriously too long, so it might have been stressed reduced.  I mean, he more reasons to either look like a thug or cry in this drama, so that's understandable... but at least get better hair cause... no.

But I didn't stop there.  I watched more crappy dramatic dramas for this man.  At least his face/neck was better in Me Too, Flower!

However this drama was so cray cray messed up that I had to find the scene where he was drunk to actually get a good shot of his charming, childlike smile.

Yeah... he needs to be in better dramas so I can keep watching that smile.

4. Kang Min Hyuk

I laughed at all the previews for The Heirs as they promoted it.  The next Boys Over Flowers... well that was enough to make me not want to watch it.  But out of morbid curiosity I kept watching previews, and that was my downfall, because I learned that Kang Min Hyuk would be in it.  Noooooo!  Not the cutie drummer from CNBLUE who saved Heartstrings for me!  That sealed the deal.  Now that morbid curiosity (which was proof enough that I had some interest in watching it) would have to go on to watching it, because Kang Min Hyuk's smile is amazing.  Pile Choi Jin Kyuk and Kim Woo Bin (my favorite bad boy from School 2013) and I was sold.  I would watch The Heirs, suffering through all the drama, just to see those three men (especially Kang Min Hyuk's smile).

I was rewarded plentifully.  If there is anything that The Heirs had, it was eye candy with plenty of smiles.  All kinds.  Also lots of not smiles, but I ignored those (Kim Tan = no).

Not only is Kang Min Hyuk adorable.

But then he was part of the most adorable couple with Krystal.

They're so cute!

And then this.

Yeah.  That's enough of a reward.  Although this show is awful, I don't regret what I did.  Min Hyuk's smile was worth it.  Also... Woo Bin.  Yeah.

5. Daesung

I can definitely say that the only reason I watched What's Up was for our Smiling Angel, Daesung.  I'm not super into musicals, and the premise of this one was not interesting at all.  It's not a horrible drama by any means, but it's just not my type.  Proof of this is that it's been a like more than a year since I started it and I have still not finished it.  But creating this part has made me want to finish it again, so I probably will.  Because this:

I'm pretty sure that everything Daesung does is adorable (and I am seriously G-Dragon biased). 

Here is just some more proof of Daesung's ability to make anything cute:

Another bonus to this show is Jo Jung Suk.  I am impressed with his skills, because this character is so different from everything else I've seen him in afterwards.

6. Lee Seung Gi

I knew that Shining Inheritance would be one dramatic cry fest, but I love Seung Gi and his hamster smile so much, that I endured all 28 episodes of it, complete with the overly evil moms, annoying whining other girls (I still love you Moon Chae Won!) and lame premise.  I mean, why did the grandma have to be that selfish and cray cray.  Also, don't treat little autistic brothers that way.

But the part that makes this drama great is how well Seung Gi plays the butthead turning into a sweetie.  He knows how to pull off that sort of character development and it makes everything worth it, even if the main girl cries every episode.

7. No Min Woo

This might be cheating, because I haven't actually watched The Blade and the Petal yet, since I don't like Uhm Tae Woong right now and it looked long and tragic.  I have heard really good things about it though.  But the only part that makes me more than tempted was the moment that I learned that No Min Woo suddenly pops into the second half looking like this:


I told you I have a thing for bad guys.  No Min Woo playing an evil little bro type deal with a cheshire cat grin of evilness.  Super hot.

This is definitely on my list to watch now, even though he's the bad guy and only in the second half... and I know exactly how it ends so... yep.  He's too hot as the bad dude to pass.

8. Ji Sung

Save the Last Dance is probably the worst drama I've watched for a man, and the weird thing is that Ji Sung is not my very fave.  Maybe this drama killed it for me, since I've yet to watch another, but not by conscious decision.

This is an old one, and it's so tropy.  I mean, the whole plot is double amnesia, the worst kind of drama.  He gets amnesia, then it fixes and he forgets what happened when he had amnesia, and then she gets hit by a car... yeah, no.  I just laughed the whole time.  Also, I think the other dude is the ugliest dude ever.

Anyways, because this drama is so melodramatic, it was super hard to find a smile.  Here is the best I could do.

9. Aaron Yan

No one would be surprised that I watched all sorts of things for Aaron against my better judgement, he is one of my ultimate biases.  But it's stretching it a bit when I say that I watched It Started with a Kiss just for him.  Yep.  I did and he was in it for a grand total of 4ish scenes.  None of them were close ups.

This is the Taiwanese version of Mischievous Kiss and it's not the worst one.  But this is when Fahrenheit was still fairly new and Aaron was so baby back then.  Still, out of the bit parts, he was one of the better actors.

Look at him go for the food at the wedding.  When you have no lines, you know what is important, and the reason to go to your girlfriend's friend's wedding is for the food.  Good call.

Yep, this was one of the few moments I watched this drama for.

The saving moment was the discovery of Aaron's bandmate (and equally hot) Jiro Wang.  He played the other dude and rocked it.  I would have picked him over the main jerk dude any day.

That smile.... he is adorable.

And then he grew up to look like this.

Dang. It.

10. Lee Jong Suk

Doctor dramas are not my fave, but North Korean political dramas are.  Still, Dr. Stranger was well on the crazy train.  Especially since the whole drama had me confused as to which girl I needed to be rooting for.   That's never fun.

I had problems deciding to watch this mostly because at the time I felt like all the dramas were melodramas and there was no romcom to balance it out.  Still, from the first moment Lee Jong Suk was on the screen, I knew that I had made a good choice to trust him and his charming smile.

Even though the drama was too emotional and stuff, at least we had plenty of this to make it all better.

Bonus:  Men whose smiles have won me over and make the show better.

Making a good thing better. 

Here are some dramas I am enjoying right now that have surprised me with a new smile to crush on.

Jasper Liu in Love Myself... or You?

I started this show because I love Puff Guo and wanted to support her in her drama, even if she is not playing opposite to Aaron Yan (which needs to happen again someday).  But despite the fact that he's not Aaron, I have fallen completely in love with Jasper Liu's adorable smile.  Here are some examples of how great it is:

Dimples?  He's killing me.

Even his resting face is smiley.

I'm loving this show.  It's like a less lame Pasta type deal with a girl who's much more relate-able.  Seriously.  I like Puff's character and she is proving once again that she is not a bad actress for an idol.  In fact she's pretty darn good.

Shin Sung Rok in Trot Lovers

I might have already been partially loving him from Love From Another Star, so he might have tipped the scales a bit when deciding to watch Trot Lovers, but it was mostly for Ji Hyun Woo.  But I'm not disappointed in either of them.  It's so nice to see Shin Sung Rok not be a creepy murderer.  Actually I love his character, even if I 100% don't want him to be with Eun Ji's character.

And then he is also incredibly sexy too.

Button that collar, man.  You're too sexy.  Seriously.

I know how you feel, Ji Hyun Woo, but it's okay.  I still love you the best!

 Do I feel ashamed of these... no, because a beautiful smile and hot man can pretty much make anything worth it, and there is always something good to come out of a drama that is less than my typical standards... even if it's just to realize that some dramas just suck no matter how hot the dude it.

But the main point is that smiles make anyone hotter, so smile away (especially those dudes on this list.  Please, please, please keep smiling!)

For more men who make me watch dramas against my will, check out the Hot Bods, Sultry Voice, and Flower Boys Editions.


  1. ㅋㅋ So funny but so true, man, why do we watch bad dramas when we love the leads?!?!?! Like for reals, it makes me crazy that I do that to myself sometimes. But then again, I love them too much not to...

    And as always, I LOVE your posts! You are the best!

  2. "Although this show is awful, I don't regret what I did." HA! That sums up Heirs perfectly.

    Did you ever watch Queen of Reversals? That thing is like ten billion episodes of straight Park Shi Hoo. Just fast forward all of the parts where people are crying, and you'll get through it way faster.

    1. It's on my list, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Next time I need a Park Shi Hop fix I probably will... On skip scene style.

    2. Yes, I actually liked Queen of Reversals --weh? the lead actress and Park Shi Hoo's million watt smile. Plus, I do like dramas with good office hijinks and multiple partners. Oh and REALLY long elevator rides. Love your writing, btw. too fun

    3. Thanks! Well, that settles it. Now I have to watch that one. Love me some long elevator ride tension.