Top 10 Sexy Necks

1-3. Aaron Yan, G-Dragon, Kim Jaejoong

These first three are probably really just one, since they are pretty much just tied for first place.  I probably most actively support Aaron Yan's neck, after all, his was the neck that started it all, but since Jaejoong's (affectionately called Kitty by me) and  GD's necks are equally as good, and I've loved them for longer, they really can't be counted any less.  Seriously these three are equal in my heart.

I really think that GD clearly knows exactly how hot his neck is, since he keeps posing to show it off so very well.  I have ample proof of that at my disposal (winky face).

And Kitty (Jaejoong) has been my bias for forever.  For so long that I almost forgot him, until Triangle practically threw it back in my face how much I love him, how talented he is, and how freaking hot his neck is.  Man that hug scene... whew!

4. Lee Kwang Soo

Running Man's Giraffe is totes my favorite for many, many reasons.  If I could actually date any of my biases, I would probably choose him.  His neck is only one of the many reasons I love him; but as a connoisseur of necks, his has a great many sexy aspects that should be noted.  He is like the poster child for long, sculpted necks.  Mmmmmm.

5. Leo

There is no way that Leo and his glorious neck didn't belong on this list.  Seriously, I waited too long to put him on even.  Not only is his neck shapely, but it is paired with amazing arms and shoulders and the jawline of a Grecian god.  Add divine voice and an amazingly stoic and apathetic personality and you've got something beautiful.  Seriously beautiful.  He fills me with happiness.  And since he does much to show off his wonderful neck, the happiness is constantly there.  Beautiful sigh.

6. Shin Sung Rok

Where have you been this whole time, Shin Sung Rok!?!  Seriously one of the best necks I have ever seen.  Top that off with the ability to pull of creepy, quirky, crazy, adorable, serious, and a whole slew of other roles, and he's my ideal man.  I even have started taking to call him "my love" which is silly to me, until I realized it probably stemmed from the title of the first show I fell for him in (My Love From Another Star).  If not, it just means that I am obsessed with him to the point that I am giving him a silly nickname... but then I have one for Kitty too, so it's not big stretch.  But that neck though... rawr.

7. No Min Woo

I guess he could literally be my first Kdrama love.  After stumbling upon My Girlfriend is a Gumiho in my Netflix suggestions, I remember pausing the episode when I first saw No Min Woo's face so I could runand show my roommate.  "Look, look!  It's the prettiest man I've ever seen!  Look how hot he is!"  I know his neck was part of that love, but I wasn't expressive about it yet.

8. Shota Matsuda

He might have been one of the hottest men in Hana Yori Dango, but he was definitely on this list after Clinic on the Sea.  This dude is not only hot (from his neck to face to everything about him) but he also has some serious acting skills too.  Yep.  Definitely belongs here.

9. Cha Seung Won

The more I watch him, the more I love him.  If his neck was any wider, it might threaten to be a trunk neck, but it's not.  Instead it's one of the sexiest neck's I've ever seen.  From watching him in Greatest Love and You're All Surrounded, I'm impressed not only by his acting skills, but also by that sweet, long, shapely neck.  Mmmmm rawr.  Yep.  He had to be added to this list, bumping down my poor Yoonie to honorable mention... oh well.  Not only does Cha Seung Won have a great neck, but he looks oh so sexy with facial hair.  That's harder to pull off, and he does it so well.  Yesssssss.

10. Jack Li

Why do you have to keep being the other dude, man?  He was so good as the accountant dude in Love Around, but he doesn't seem to do much in Fall in Love With Me besides just stare.  However, as compensation for that, he is making everything better in Love Family.  Seriously cute, and is a good actor.  But as cute as he is, that neck just makes him that much hotter.

Honorable Mention: Jung Woo

I'm sorry, Oppa!!!! While I checked out your neck constantly during Reply 1994 and Lee Soon Shin, I really was looking at those abs more than the neck.  Still, Oppa's neck is great, but I had to make way for other better necks, especially when he can hold his own in the hot bodies department.  But his neck is a good example of the toned muscular neck type.

Honorable Mention: Yoon Si Yoon

I couldn't, with all good conscience, keep him on this list after rewatching King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo.  That hair and fat face/neck was too offensive, breaking too many of the Neck No-Nos in one go.  But I still love him!  So as someone who sometimes has a good neck, he's now the honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Hyun Bin

I was just watching Secret Garden for like the millionth time (probably only 4th or 5th) and there was one scene in particular that moved him up on this list.  He tries so hard to hide it with all those track suits zipped up all the way, but it's there.

This list might change in the future.  You never know, there are so many more necks in this world, and wonderful men who belong to those necks.

For the purpose of science see my post on 10 Neck No Nos.


  1. I endorse this list most heartily. These men sure do have sexy necks.

  2. I want you to write a post about the 10 worst necks. You know, for science.

    1. That would be interesting... and hard, since I think I tend to block those from my memory. But I will give the matter some serious thought.