Thursday, January 7, 2016

More of MarlubsGD's K-Dreamland Adventures

I know I said I was going to have Lizabreff's dreamland adventure next, but she honestly doesn't have them as often, and certainly doesn't write them down as much, so instead I will share a bunch of dreams I had over the last little bit.

There is less interaction because of how busy and how ridiculously different our schedules are these days.  Sigh.  It makes drama watching together extremely difficult.  Sad day.  Well, at least I can dream.

Any response is marked by who responded.  Anything else is all me.

11/5/2015 12:46pm

So I had my We Got Married turned into a action adventure romance dream again.

It's like still a celebrity dating show. But they have to go through feats to be able to date each other I guess. And it takes place is exotic places like Hindu temples, etc.

It started out as Key and Ari, but I think later on Key turned into Kai from Exo.

Especially when all the sudden it was Exo helping him create an amazing star gazing event in the temple ruins.

I know that the dad was mad that Key wanted to date his princess so he made him go through a trial. It evolved having to save them both from being trapped underwater at one point. That's the point I usually wake up, because I'm usually Key and holding my breath usually wakes me up.

Then Key wanted to get back at the dad's craziness by making the princess look for the locket, which he really had. At this point Exo was helping him, and he became Kai instead.

But this task was really a date trick that would end with the star gazing event. Haha.

The other Exo members were laughing at how he faked the locket or necklace thing being lost when he ended up with it after the water escape.

But sadly I woke up before the actual date part.  Maybe because I was the boy and I didn't want to be the boy in the date. Weird.

11/19/2015 11:33am

I had a dream last night about I Am Sorry, I Love You, the Taiwanese drama I was watching right before bed.

It's the one with the ghost /nerd bromance

I guess I want the nerd and his childhood friend to be together a little too much.

Totally dreamed that they kissed and everything.

I was the girl in it even.

I guess I relate to her like a million times more than the lead girl, who doesn't have much of a personality.

12/09/2015 10:32am

I had a dream where I met Nicole and Hugh from My Korean Husband at a smoothie place. It was the type where you could also get soft served sherbet made out of the smoothie stuff.

I actually asked them if they were them and Hugh was a tease about it.

Lizabreff: Hahahaha, now you have to meet them for realsie

Yeah I do

12/11/2015 9:35am

I had a dream that we had to escape someplace through the medieval well, which was full of wine that day.

But for some reason it turned into an arcade game that your brothers had to one up us in by beating our score.

I also was on a quest to find something and had to wander around rural Nepal or some place like that, and my dad was super worried about me.

Lizabreff:  Hahaha, our siblings are in your dreams...

Yep.  Being themselves too

You were super mad and didn't want them to do it, because you felt like they were doing it just to one up you. They probably were too.

Also, Tao from Exo was in this dream too

First because Zhoumi's Rewind was featured in it, but then it became more important to the plot.

This one is not really a K-Dream, but it was funny anyway.  Plus, sushi.

12/24/2015 8:18am

I had a dream where I had to kidnap and old man for some reason

He was the old guy from Up mixed with Walter Matthau.

I didn't want to, but had to for some reason and then I felt guilty, especially when we got invited to like a cast or group party where we would get free all you can eat sushi.

So I decided to take him back to his old people's home

I also had to take this survey about computer programs for a class

12/29/2015 9:08am

So I just had a dream that I was in charge of moving into this old house and everyone was following my orders.

It was a big old house. Also I  might have been royalty or someone important at one time, or just a leader.

But Jung Il Woo was a prince and one of the people who was supposed to be helping me. Him and his men, but if course he was a lazy and playboy prince (even I type cast him, I guess)

And he just wanted to flirt with me instead of work

He was pretty good at it too.

But I knew he was just messing with me, so I tried to resist.

Then he got involved with this bad guy foreman who was scamming me out of money and potentially dangerous like he would burn the house down if he didn't get what he wanted.

I'm pretty sure that this part was going to end with him saving me from a fire.

And Jung Il Woo was definitely not Cha Chi Soo, but more like a modern prince from Night Watchman, before he got lame.  So like dark hair and older Cha Chi Soo.

Before that I was working at a library and we were closing and I had to kick everyone out. But it was hard to find everyone in mazes of stacks, they all kept hiding.

12/30/2015 9:00am

So my dream started off as an event sponsored by 5uprise where you could choose from this list of actors to help you. They were not just 5uprise actors, but similar ones too.

I think I was the girl from Never Die, but I had a prophecy about me or something that I would save the people and hungry animals. Like the cows who were being excluded from grazing in farm lands.

I kept asking for Puppy's help, but then, eventually he saw what was going on with this exclusion of the poor people and cows and he realized that he needed to get my help to save everyone.

I remembered more of the start.

It was like a muscle man dance off where all the boys had their shirts off and you could pick one of them to dance for you. I went through them all but of course like Puppy best.

That baby namja.

Tue 8:21am

I had a dream that I was playing a Sim City type deal, but more real lifey.

But then we got to go to a VIXX concert and actually danced with the boys.

I danced with Ravi and he was taller than me, which was nice. Then we ended up being homeless or in a gang and we broke into this house for some shelter. Only the peeps got home.

As we were escaping Ravi made it into the hiding spot but I didn't and I got caught but it was by the kid.

So I pretended I was looking for directions and the kid walked with me to the house I was looking for. Then a gangster found me and I had to hide the kid for his protection. But that meant I kind of kidnapped him.

So while I was figuring out how to get him back he was staying with me.

He even vacuumed my dirty floor. Then these like college or high school kids came over and one of the girls figured out he was the missing boy and called the cops on me.

I then I woke up.

Why do I have to wake up from dreams like this?  Sigh.  Well, they're fun while they last.

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