Thursday, January 7, 2016

184. Never Die 그녀는 200살 (2015) Korean

Nam Ji Hyun, Ji Eun Sung, Kim Yoon Bae, Yoon Jin Yeong

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A

Well this was a cute little drama.  Emphasis on little.  It is super short and very faced pace.  It was so short that I forgot I watched it and am only writing the review for it now, when I watched a couple weeks ago.  The plot is really short too.  Basically, baby faced dude falls in love with a girl who died saving him, only she didn't die because she's immortal.  She falls for him, but is worried that she'll just get attached and feel sad when he leaves her.  There is also a best friend who gives him advice and a weird magician who made her immortal until she can find true love or something.  The resolution happens really fast too.  I mean, it's only like 5 episodes long, so of course it's fast.  Still it's cute and funny, so worth the short amount of time you would invest in it.

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