Sunday, December 6, 2015

174. I Am Sorry, I Love You 我的鬼基友 (2015) Taiwanese

Jasper Liu, Bryant Chang, Andrea Chen, Zhang Yan Ming, Joanne Deng

Drama Rating: 2/10     Neck Score: A

I hated this show.  Bros before hoes, man!  They ruined one of the best bromances of all time because of some stupid twisted fate crap they tried way too hard to sell.  I didn't believe the characterless girl with the nerd for one second.  NOT ONE SECOND!  In fact they wasted so much time giving us all the drippy backstory with the ghost and the girl that all we wanted was for him to be alive again so he wouldn't be hurting anymore (didn't care about her one way of the other she didn't have any character).  Well, I guess her character was "nice and pretty" and "not afraid of ghosts" and "guilt complex."  I was shipping the childhood friend and the nerd so hard I had dreams about it.  They even made her in love with him, but then dropped it so hard it made me cry.  The end made me cry too.  Half because it was like beautifully tragic... well not even half, just partly, but mostly because I was so freaking pissed off!  They didn't even get to hug!  They were never alive at the same time!  I'm so angry!  I even waited a while to write this and I'm still too angry!  Ahhhhhh!  Either don't waste time on making us invested in the past relationship or don't pull this kind of crap with me.  I didn't care about the nard and the girl's love story so much I think I skipped past most those scenes because they were too boring.  Just boring.  I didn't care much about her mothering him until it somehow it became a romance.  Nope, wasn't there.  And that red string of fate triangle... yuck.  Just barf.  I just wanted my bromace to be alive together and they ruined everything.  Hate, hate, hate.  That Aaron song still gets stuck in my head, and I loved the bromance, but the show was total crap.

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