Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another List of Men Who Make Me Watch Dramas Against My Will: Flower Boy Edition

This might be the last of this series... I can't think of any more editions, but the Flower Boy edition probably has the strongest motivation of all.  I used to have a huge weakness for flower boys... I still do, but not as much as I used to, and that lead me to watching some horrible, horrible shows, because sometimes even the flower boys can't make up for the silliness... (cough, Nail Shop Paris, cough cough).  Oh these Flower Boys...

I think that there might be more ridiculous shows with flower boys in them than any other handsome type man shows.  There is like a trend for dumb flower boys dramas that have super hot flower boys but no actual plot, or if there is a plot then it's ridiculously overly dramatic and over-the-top.  I mean, Boys Over Flowers is the king of flower boy dramas, so that should tell you something... but then again, all of the actual "flower boy" series are pretty good.  Such as Flower Boy Ramen Shop and Flower Boy Next Door...

Anyways, the point is that there have been a lot of flower boys who have made me watch some pretty horrible dramas, against my will.  There is no way I would have watched these shows in my right mind... no way... never... hehehehe.

Kim Hyun Joong- Playful Kiss

I still don't know why I watched this one... or any of the other versions of it too (Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, It Started with a Kiss, etc.).  I actually started it, because of Kim Hyun Joong and then stopped it in the first 2 min because it was so stupid.  The second time I think that I got 5 min, and I still couldn't take it.  Then one day I just needed something absolutely stupid, so I watched it.  All of it.  It was so dumb, but Kim Hyun Joong was very hot in it... even if he still can't act.  So awkward.  That newlywed first night.... ugh!  But he's second hair style was nice.

No Min Woo- Full House, Take 2

The guilty pleasure.  This show keeps coming back, but I'm not that ashamed.  I'd watch a lot of things for No Min Woo.  Well, I guess he is my first Kdrama love, back from the days of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  And even with his terrible hair in this show, I still love him.  I even loved him in this.  It was a horribly ridiculous show, but still fun.  And I also am quite in love with Park Ki Woong too, so double win.  Even if he is pasty with the blond hair too... so many bad hair choices.

Kim Bum- The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

I need to just face that fact that as much as I love Kim Bum, he is just in lame dramas that I don't want to watch.  There are a few better ones, but I need to do more research before I jump into a drama just for him.  I usually can't take the noona romances very much, but this one was probably the worst.  The whole drama revolved around it and it was awkward, boring, and just not fun.  I pretty much just hated this drama without it being terrible, but oh well.

Joo Won- Level 7 Civil Servant

Does Joo Won count as a Flower Boy?  He should, because I want to put him on this list, and it might be the only one he makes it on, because most of his dramas are good.

I love Joo Won, but this show was just dumb.  It had so much potential, but it was not so good.  He was great, and it certainly wasn't the worst show I've watched for a man, but I cannot say that it was well done.  That would be lying.  Also, that chick just looked way too old for him.  Nuff said.

Song Jae Rim- Nail Shop Paris

Ugh!  Probably the one of the worst shows I have ever watched.  I only started it because I was curious to know exactly how bad it was, and then I saw him:

And there was no going back from there.  Song Jae Rim has to be one of the sexiest men alive.  Period.  And even though this show was so very very bad, I had to watch it all, just to see him.  Boo that.

But him in that black shirt with the unbuttoned collar... rawr.  That jaw line though... R.a.w.r.  But Park Sang Hyun's hair = no, no, no, no.

Kiriyama Renn- Switch Girl

Maybe this boy kept me going with this show, but he really wasn't in it that much, and probably had the most boring part.  It was really all about Nika, but he was still a beautiful sight to behold.

But then this boy was even better looking, even though he was a "bad guy."  I was so glad when he was a good guy at the end and even had a romantic interest in season 2.

But still, why did I watch both seasons?  It was a like crack show, but way too full of sexy humor, but at least it had a lot of beautiful men to look at.  Woohoo.

Jung Il Woo- The Night Watchman's Journal

How did I forget to add this one?  I totally watched this show for Jung Il Woo, and it was so very very bad.  Not only was the writing so horrible that nothing made sense, really, the acting was all so bad that it made it look like Jung Il Woo was over acting.  He might have been, but at least he looked nice in that Joseon attire.  Well actually, some of that sucked too, but not many people can rock the Joseon attire like Jung Il Woo does.  Too bad that was one of the only good things about this show.

Oh Flower Boys, why do you have to be so very pretty and stuff and make me watch the stupidest shows just because you are in them?  It's like they have magical powers.  I don't see myself breaking from this spell any time soon.

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  1. Oh Playful Kiss!!! I only watched that one for Kim Hyun Joong, that and it was like the third drama I ever watched so I didn't know any better.

    One of my Twitter friends, Mary, is gaga over Song Jae Rim (completely understandable). She has some really great posts about him. Here Twitter handle is @kdramalaws I think. SJR is definitely one of my favourite people ever. It's because of him that I'm thinking of watching that mermaid one.

    1. I think I'm following her already. She's great! I totally agree with her obsession with Song Jae Rim! I've been thinking about watching the mermaid one and We Got Married just for him too. He's like a variety genius! He was amazing on Running Man too.

    2. I've been watching the WGM with him and he's so hilarious that it makes me love him even more. He has all these super super cheesy lines that make Eric Nam totally spazz out (you know the people watching the couple from the editing room or whatever the set-up is). I just heart him.