Monday, September 22, 2014

More Men Who Make Me Watch Drama Against My Will: Hot Bods Edition

Smiles aren't the only thing that make me watch dramas.  Sometimes I'm a lot more superficial and I watch a show just because I know that there will probably be a shirtless or brooding shower scene, and that actor has a hot body.  This just might be the most shallow post I ever will write, but you all know you've got your own list of hot bods.  Also, who wouldn't appreciate this list, because... yes.

Sometimes those shows are awesome, and it's not a problem at all that I started it out just for that one actor and how well he takes care of his body.  But sometimes, pleasure is mixed with regret as I wonder if that one shower scene was worth the 16+ episodes of crap.  That's a slippery slope, we won't go there, we'll just remember the minutes of shirtlessness, flexed arm muscles, and chocolate abs.

Rain- Full House

I first watched this show randomly on the TV before I even knew what Kdramas were.  I was impressed with Rain's arms and shoulders then.  Then I watched it over Lizabreff's shoulder.  So it was with full awareness that I went on to fully watch this show by myself, and all because I loved Rain.  Admittedly, his abs have not reached their full potential in Full House, he's only started to develop and grow into the man that Megan Fox swoons over, but he's still pretty fine to look at.

I especially loved how he wore all those open front shirts, deep v's and sleeveless shirts with the kitty aprons.  Yes, he is hotter in that apron than he is completely shirtless.  Why?  Because sweet, considerate men are the hottest!

So, am I also already watching My Lovable Girl?  Yes, yes I am.  And Rain has only gotten hotter.  He's so manly now, instead of being an adorable man child.

Kim Young Kwang- Bachelor's Vegetable Store

Having loved Kim Young Kwang since the Love Rain days, he was one of the main reasons for trying to watch Bachelor's Vegetable Store.  I still haven't finished it.  It's way too melodramatic.  But I don't regret trying because of this scene:

Yes, please flip your hair around some more, I want to stare at your biceps until I go blind.

George Hu- Love, Now 
While I actually enjoyed watching this show, I have to admit that it was daunting because it is 72 episodes long.  But I managed to get through it because George Hu is a very sexy man.  He's the perfect blend of toned muscles and a sweet baby face.  Having over ten years of martial arts training doesn't hurt either.

Yes, I would be making the same face as these ladies too, if I were in their place.

Not only is he so hot, but he's also a sweetheart!  Thoughtful men (with abs) are the best!

Kim Woo Bin- Heirs 

I've said before that the reason I actually watched Heirs was for Kang Min Hyuk's smile.  That's true, but I wouldn't have even considered watching it at all if it weren't for Kim Woo Bin.  That man... rawr.  I cannot ever regret watching this show, no matter how horribly bad it was, because of this scene alone.

Thank you, fan servicing!  We definitely needed a shot of him taking off his shirt for no reason other than him being sexy.  Good job!

Julian Kang- 12 Signs of Love

Out of all the shows and people on this list, I regret this one the most.  I love Julian Kang as a person, but his acting is not the very best.  But that's ok.  But while I watched this show just for him, the show absolutely sucked.  Also Julian's character was a d-bag.  So that just made it horrible.  There was nothing likable in the whole show, except for maybe appreciating this shot right here:

But out of all the men that she dated in this whole show, he was the worst, so I regret this one the most.  So if you want to see this man's muscles, watch a different show.  Like High Kick Through the Roof or even Marriage, Not Dating.  I hear he's also in Golden Cross.  That might renew my desire to watch that show, which I just haven't gotten around to watching yet.

Choi Jin Hyuk- I Need Romance

I only feel a tiny bit of guilt for this one... but mostly because this show is naughty.  But it was literally this shot right here that made me consider (and eventually actually watch) this show.

Choi Jin Hyuk, look what you make me do.  I had to watch this silly show just for this.... nope, that's not really that big a problem, is it?

The show was just weird, and filled with a bunch of sexy time, and what the heck was up with the main love triangle?  I mean, I ended up not wanting her to be with either man.  I actually don't really get why I didn't want her to end up with Choi Jin Hyuk.  His character was sweet, sexy, and rich.  What the heck?  I don't get that.  Also... Yul!  No!

But a bonus hot, sexily muscular man that made up for all the weirdness was this man right here:

Kim Hyung Min.  He's probably the most likable guy in the show.  Also a super sweetie.  I mean, this moment right here, the moment that Hyun Joo fell for him, when he helped her around the house like a real man should.

Those arms.  Woah.  Yep, this was the love story I was most excited for the whole time.

No Min Woo- Full House Take 2 

Hahahaha... this show.  It was so ridiculous.  Beside that one song that gets stuck in my head (you can touch!!!!) the only thing that made this show worth it at all, as a guilty, guilty pleasure, was the fact that No Min Woo is so hot (even with that horrible hair he had in this one).  And he was constantly taking his shirt off.  Nothing like giving the male lead a synthetic fabric allergy to throw in all the shirtlessness that could be asked for.

Yep, can't complain about that at all.  You're feeling itchy again?  Is it nylon?  Rayon?  Need to change your shirt?  Please, go ahead and change it on camera.  We don't mind at all.

Is it even needful to say that I will also be watching The Greatest Marriage for the very same reason?

 Count me in! I'm sold already!

Lee Dong Wook- Blade Man 

I really hadn't planned on watching Blade Man at all.  It sounded so very stupid, but when I did decide to, it didn't hurt at all that there was plenty of promise that Lee Dong Wook would be shirtless a lot in it.  I'm not a super huge fan of Lee Dong Wook, he's just not my fave (I was way more in love with Uhm Ki Joon in Scent of a Woman) but I do have to admit that he's got some nice abs.  I don't mind the skinny muscular bodies, obviously.

But I must admit that I was way more excited for this scene when it happened:

Secretary Ko!  I am a bigger fan of Han Jung Soo with his sexy low voice and manly muscular body.  From Prosecutor Princess to Arang and the Magistrate to this one = YES!

Bonus (when the hot body is just an addition to the drama itself):

Kim Jaejoong- Triangle

Then there are the times when I loved the show for the show's sake and the fact that one of my all time chocolate ab-ed bias is the star just makes the show better.  I admit that I started Triangle for Kitty (Kim Jaejoong) but I loved that show!  It was so good.  It had awesome character development and plot twists, even when it was a little melodramatic, it was well acted too.

However, I must admit that this scene happening at the beginning of episode 2, ensured that I would love this show completely.  Who wouldn't love watching Jaejoong run through the city in his bright red boxers?

This scene was so classic, funny, and perfect for more ways than just the fact that he is shirtless.  It is nice to appreciate his muscles, but the very fact of this scene, who witnessed it, etc, made it so much better.  He's caught running in his underwear by his older brother and the girl he likes.  It's humiliation humor at it's best.

Aaron Yan- Fall in Love With Me

This is a bonus because I wasn't expecting Aaron Yan's abs to be that great.  His muscles certainly weren't this great in Just You.  It must have been something about the fact that he would have to change on screen multiple times as he kept up his duel personalities that made him head off to the gym regularly.

No gonna complain about that part at least.  His abs are one of the few things that kept me sane while finishing this crazy mess.  Sad that as the show progressed he had less reason to change his shirt on camera.  Sad day.

These are just some of the worst shows I watched because of the sexily bodied man, it is by no means all inclusive.  However, I don't believe that this will be the end to the list either.  I'm not the only one with this weakness, so you all will understand.  Sometimes, you just gotta be shallow and watch a good shirtless or shower scene.  I mean, that's why brooding shower scenes exist.  We all know how often those happen.

For more men who make me watch dramas against my will, check out the Smile, Sultry Voice, and Flower Boy editions.


  1. Oh Rain and those cat aprons. It made me love him. It really did. I stayed with that drama because off how I fell for him. Those last four episodes might have made me tear my hair out in boredom, but Rain, I totally understand why Colbert has a man-crush on him. Also, mad props to the Aaron screencap to start this all out. I think I am at episode 14 of Bachelor's Vegetable Store...and I watched it while it was airing. I call that indefinitely paused...I can't drop dramas it seems. Woobie!!! I heart that man! Choi Jin Hyuk does have a gorgeous bod, but the thing that gets me all swoony over him is his voice. That and his adorable, dimply smile. Oh No Min Woo. He is so fantastically gorgeously hotte in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Ah. *swoon* I heard that in Greatest Marriage they had to film this one bed scene twice because the actors didn't know each other so well...and then after shooting a very steamy second take, the director was like, um I think we're going to have to cut this because it's too steamy. Hahahaha. Oh No Min Woo you sexy man! And Han Jung Soo is one smexy sexy man! Kitty!!!! Oh Aaron. I am in love with that man. And I STILL need to finish that drama. *sigh*

    1. I think I'm on episode 14 of Bachelors as well. I just remember that the cray cray mom figured out who he was or something and made that cray cray face and I was like "nope! Not doing this!"

      Also Rain is so hot in his new drama. His neck.... Whew!

      I could probably have my next edition be the sultry voices edition so that choi jin hyuk can be at the top of that one (Han Jung So too!). I certainly love his voice and face prolly more than his body, but that picture was literally what tipped the scales for me watching that show. Gotta be shallow sometimes.