Tuesday, May 10, 2016

B.A.P Live on Earth 2016 in Chicago: Marlubs and Lizabreff's Concert Adventures

So recently, Lizabreff and I went to a BAP concert, which was awesome.  How magical is it that they came to Chicago the same weekend we were already planning to be there... well when she was?  I was just happy they came back at all, and then to be able to see them live... dreams do come true I guess.

So we flew in the same day of the concert, which meant that we were super tired, but it was super worth it anyway.  Those boys know how to work a crowd, just saying.  Sadly, we are low on pictures because my phone was running low on batteries... travelling, you know.

First off, this was me on the plane:

Thanks, The Sound of Your Heart for being so perfect for this moment.

So we went to the Fashion Outlets of Chicago Mall thing, which was right by the venue, before.  Where I proceeded to be super hangry until I got some food in me.  Travelling means everything just takes longer, including getting to the food source.  On our way there we totally drove past a big black van and made a joke about it being a Kpop van.... haha... it probably was.

We walked around the mall playing the which name brand have you actually heard of and feeling too weird to actually go in... we only went into Forever 21.

We park.  The parking booth peeps ask us if we are here to see BAP. We say yes.  Two seconds later the song we are listening to says "We are the BAP!"  Too bad it was after we started driving away.

There were some cool peeps putting on a flash mob performance of BAP songs.  They were good.  Especially this one dude.  He knew the moves.

Time to get in line.  That line was long before we even went to the mall.  By the time we got there, it was to the corner and all the way around.

I was stopped by this one girl who wanted to take a picture of my "the loof is on fire" shirt by the OneShots that Lizabreff gave be for Christmas like last year.  She said it was "effing amazing."

The line starts moving.

We see the same van we passed on the road earlier.  It WAS a Kpop van.

We get in.  This is the fanciest venue I've been to.

Holy chandelier, Batman!

We reach our seats.  A few rows ahead of us is a group of ahjummas.  They look excited.  They proceed to take a group selca and post it on Facebook.  They are Babyz too.

The most awesome sight was looking over the sea of green glowing tokki glow sticks.  I really wish I had gotten a picture of that.  But my phone was out of juice and I was saving it for Sexy and Special, because I wanted to snap it to Curdy.  That theater was black hole of no worky internet, even though it said that we had 4G.  No live tweeting for us.

All our photos suck.  We were tired and running out of juice.

We were able to see the live pre-show broadcast that they did on Naver where Young Jae and Zelo acted like adorable dorks.  The girls around us were cool.  We all freaked out together.

The ahjumma sitting next to me was funny.  We were on the balcony, near a walkway and the edge, and there was a sign that said to be careful not to lean over the railing.  She cracked a joke about taking your love for your bias a little too far.  She also had a pair of baby binoculars which she let me borrow at one point.  She was cool.

The concert started.  They opened with Warrior.  Immediately all my travel fatigue disappeared.

We were constantly on our feet, dancing and screaming.  The music was so loud.  The loudest concert I have been too, probably.  Maybe because the venue was smaller and a standard stage.  None of this round the stage business.

We were also on the edge, like right in front of the speakers.  We really couldn't see what was happening on that screen at the back of the stage.  Sadly.

Bang Yong Guk is so hot in person.  I really couldn't stop looking at him.  Unless it was to look at Himchan... or Zelo being a little sassy butt.  He was so sassy.  He kept teasing and shaking his butt.

Best moments:

Zelo popping finger hearts literally out from his chest, under his shirt.

Himchan throwing a sweaty towel right in a fan's face and then pointing and laughing when he saw what he did.

Young Jae spending half a song out on the wall around the pit, even kneeling to get closer to the fans.

Jong Up's sexy dancing and solo song.  Rawr.

Zelo doing more butt dances.  (The pass the dance part in Be Happy ended with him slapping his own butt).

Daehyun telling us all to sit down so he could sing to us about us being perfect and beautiful just the way we were (Shady Lady).  That was perfect, because my legs had started to get tired at that point, but I couldn't sit down without the peeps in front sitting first.  I'm getting so old.

Himchan stealing a camera and taking pictures of the fans.

SNS's sexy, sexy dancing.  That was already a song that made me happy.  Now... yes, yes, yes.

Yong Guk dancing out on that pit wall and lifting his shirt up.  Then dancing in the paper confetti that was periodically shot up.

Zelo teasingly putting his cap on a fan's head, only to take it back and walk away with a saucy little butt wag.

Yong Guk and Himchan spending half a song on the right side pit wall.  I wanted to be there so bad.  I guess paying for the pit is actually worth it at these things.  There was so much skinship for those lucky Babyz.  Help me, I'm poor.

The next day we were super touristy.  That was fun too.

So basically it was just an amazing trip, even though it was exhausting and way too short (for me).  Still totally worth it.

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