Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Refresh Man: Falling In Love With Aaron Again

I have to say that I had my reservations about starting Refresh Man, because FILWM Syndrome.  But then I really like Joanne Tseng.  But I guess that even with the whole FILWM thing and the Instagram thing, deep down I still love Aaron, so I thought I would give it a try and see if it would make me fall in love with Aaron again.

And it has.  It is just different and fun enough to make it awesome.  It defies some of the typical stereotypes and is about more than just the romance, although that is obviously a large part of it.  It is about self-improvement and getting out of stagnation, etc.  It's also about revenge or rather making her fall in love with him.  You know, good stuff.

So, here are some things that make this show pretty great so far:

1. Aaron is the cold CEO, Ji Wen Kai, who also happens to be her childhood friend/first love.

This means that while there is that cold bossy boss thing, there is also the childish revenge aspect that keeps him from just being his character from Just You all over again.  In fact, it keeps him from really being cold at all and just a sort of likable butthead who can also just be a butt at times.

2. They are equals when it all comes down to it.

She was #1 in high school, he is #1 now (aka her boss) and when they are not at work they still fight like teenagers.

Even when the second female leads walks in on them in a compromising situation, they aren't afraid to still act immature and continue their fight.

No shame even, he doesn't even care that his secretary sees him acting like a petty teenager, and I love that.

3. The general buttheadery.

It goes both ways.

This revenge based on their childhood is amazing, especially as it keeps them both human and on a more equal footing.

But then it's not without its purpose.

And he's not even going to hide the fact that he's doing it.

Tricking her into volunteering to be his cleaning lady so that she'll have to spend time with him, basically.

That face he makes before he gives her the question and then his laugh afterwards.

4. The second leads are nice people who you feel sorry for (for now).

They are both trying their best to help out not just the person they love, but also the other lead as well... to a point.  I love Ai Sha.

She's competent and nice.  She's got a sob story and I feel sorry that she has to have her little heart broken, but I honestly don't want her to be evil later.  Just don't like him, girl.

And Zhi Yu is Jack Li once again being the other guy who is just there to help our female lead.  I hope this time he stays as proactive as he has been doing with no staring off into the distance.  Actually it's Ai Sha who does the staring so far.

5. Skinship, skinship, skinship.

I have no idea how they didn't just date in high school.

They have chemistry off the charts and plenty of opportunity to prove it and be skinshippy.

This.  I love how that even in this "sexy scene" they're still pulling the sassy.

Hiding from the police.  Don't peddle on the streets, kids.

She falls into the pool, he saves her.  Good enough reason behind that.  She had like 2 hours of sleep.

Which of course means he has to blow dry her hair for her.

And her having to nurse him to health when he gets sick.  But then even this:

Turns into this:

Once again, that sheet fight.  Amazing.

Drunken head on lap, stroking face.  That progressed naturally.

That designated driver should be given a metal.

And they have to dance... sexily.

6. He doesn't really hide the fact that he's crazy about her... well it didn't take him too long to get that way.

He tries so hard to plan everything out so that she'll think he's so cool and so he can swoop in an save her... but it never seems to work out properly.

Even when he works so hard to be nice.

His dream expectations:


Outrageously happy that she's washing his dishes.

I mean the way he's staring at her, grinning.

Pretending he doesn't care that she ironed his coat so nicely...

When in fact...

He can't stop stroking it all day.

Stealing glances.

As if that wasn't a loaded question.

7. Aaron's jealous faces.

They are so mature when around each other, haha.  His immaturity drops exponentially when he is threatened by other guys.

Him shoving those squid pieces is one of the best things I've seen in a while.

And then immaturely trying to hide it, it just keeps getting better.

This dance of frustration though.

He gets jealous a lot too.

Like I said, he's crazy about her.

8. Which is why he takes such good care of her and worries about her.

Even when she's messing with him.

Or he's messing with her.

But he has to protect her and help her secretly in the background, or not so secretly.

In a very childhood friend way.

While she consistently infuriates him.

He's so honest when he's drunk.

9. Leo and Lance

It's like a FILWM reunion.  Same roles too.  Hero, 2nd lead, and jerkface.

10. The Oz Peeps

I love that there is a good reason why no one else does any work at her office.  They are literally the work bums who need their butts kicked into gear, which is the whole grand plan behind the tower thing with the pink princess.  This Oz will actually learn it's lesson though, or be fired, because honestly who keeps employees who don't work?

So yeah, there are some of the reasons I'm appreciating this show so far.  It started a little on the slower side, because we honestly didn't know what Aaron's motivations were.  Was Wen Kai just a revenge seeking buttface, or was he also trying to win her back?  It didn't take too long to get more into his head as he started messing with her full time.  There is also a lot of picking on the underdog, which means a big pay off later, right?  So, really I've been enjoying it so far, and as the show progresses, I'm just loving it more.  Cross my fingers, knock on wood, and hope there is not a train wreck ahead.  I really like this one.


  1. Gosh this drama! My feels~
    Go TWdrama😂 #Refreshman💕
    I love it! and I Highly recommended^^ I love how u describe all those detail up there😍. The chemistry of the two leads are just so perfect! I Seriously wish they do date IRL (In Real Life) this storyline about "real friend becoming Lover" is just so genuine and great! This drama make you want them to honestly be like that in real plus they really do know each other as friend~ LOL I Ship them so hard right now!

  2. Love this drama! They should star as a couple in another new drama soon. Will be a hit!

  3. Best explanation😳😳😁😁😁

  4. I have watched this drama so many times. I love all the things you mentioned and I just love the leads. The female is not whiny or trying hard to be cute (which happens a lot in Chinese and Taiwanese dramas). They're just effortlessly natural and their chemistry is off the charts. I love the story as well. I love Aaron but before this, I'd found his previous roles rather similar and therefore unexciting to me. But I think he won my heart all over again with this one. He displayed all kinds of emotions. Sadness, happiness,pettiness,angst, jealousy but also love the way the role displays his playfulness. One of my favourite Taiwanese dramas