Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fall in Love and Then Get Forced Onto the Crazy Train for an Epic Crash You Can't Look Away From

I take it back.  Just You should never be compared to Fall In Love With Me, because that one was actually consistently good, while Fall In Love With Me turned into one of the worst most badly written dramas I have ever seen.  It couldn't even decide what the plot was, it changed so many times.  It was like... so bad.

What started out so good has become something so incomprehensibly bad that it became unrecognizable.  Seriously, the only way for us to get through it was to tweet to each other while watching it, sitting next to each other, mind you.

We've even made a graph to explain how this drama has gotten progressively worse.  Graph created by my BF Lizabreff:

Graph by Lizabreff

What started out as a happy little Romantic Comedy about a man, named Lu Tian Xing, who wants to escape from the corporate crap life.

He has to disguise as an alter ego, Xiao Lu, to help this girl who has an irrational hate for him.

Then girl falls in love with the alter ego instead of himself to the point of obsession.

The highpoint of the whole drama is way too early, in episode 4-5, where they are trapped in the warehouse and he figures out how much he likes her.  Way too early.

But this might be one of the best and only times of good romantic tension.

But despite that she only likes his alter ego Xiao Lu.

Which leads to everyone being sad and looking like this, because Xiao Lu doesn't real exist.

It becomes a complete melodrama instead, but at this point, while the drama was annoying, it would have been bearable, since there were funny times too, but it really needed to be the end.

Why would she not want to kiss him?  Seriously, how can she not be attracted to Lu Tian Xing when he is literally the same person as Xiao Lu?

This teal suit is a high point by itself. 

This part was quite good.

This kung fu fight over who gets to pick the flower out, awesome.

Then she is still so obsessive that he can't win against himself.

So he breaks down because he can't stand all this moping either.

And there is a little bit of cuteness before the inevitable happens.

If only you would, then this drama could have been over a lot sooner...

This happens and the drama, which might have been saved despite it's draggy dramatic crap, is ruined forever.

Did they run out of ideas and decide to steal the plot of Miss Rose?  It sucked in that one too.

Way too much emotional manipulation.

Then there is the mom.  Every time she was on the screen I just wanted to punch something, preferably her.  Especially when she made that face of ultimate manipulation.

The manipulation becomes so bad that it passes even from the realms of melodrama to something along the lines of a revenge drama, but not before the other girl goes completely cray cray.

There is one more episode where we have some cuteness, to brace us for the craziness that follows.  At least the main couple finally loves each other.

Aaron's got his shirt off- plus!  He's using the same moves as in the warehouse.  Scare the girl and she'll immediately jump on your lap.  Classy.

This was a laugh out loud moment.  Does he really think he's hiding? Did he get sneaky lessons from Tae Moo?

It's complete craziness, even the main couple tries to run away from it.  Of course it doesn't work, but here's to hoping.  Best part, Waterbottle Boy enters our life.

remember how that guy who ran into the water bottles and was hot was a high point of episode 18? That's messed up.

I am kind of intrigued by him because he came out of nowhere. Insta-crony? Do they grow on trees? #randomcharacter

Even next to Aaron Yan, this man is hot.

A new level of crazy
Then the drama gets so bad that we forget that Tao Le Si even exists as it becomes a Tian Xing revenge drama.

I feel that way too, Tian Xing, but how about Mama Li's face instead of the wall?

This shot made a rotten episode a bit more worth it.
Then the drama is suddenly about the other girl's family and more especially Lance, who feels dissed as the main man is everyone's fave and he is badmouthed and dissed to the point where he is angry and goes a little cray cray, which actually makes him a bit hotter.

I love how he bluntly tells it like it is.
I wouldn't take that crap either, Lance.

Then, suddenly, all the bad people realize that they were wrong and feel bad about what they did because it doesn't turn out the way they wanted it to, so they have to repent and be redeemed so everyone is a good guy again.

Lizabreff: Wow, that scene was much more dramatic than it needed to be...and not surprisingly, this statement can be applied to the whole drama

Let's all moralize and repent. We can turn this back and give everyone a happy ending...
The main couple isn't even in the same scenes hardly at all for the whole second half of the show and especially not the last three episodes. In fact, it really becomes about not the main couple at all, but a cautionary tale for the other girl's family.  The last episode is so preachy that it makes you moan and want to die.  Seriously, one of the worst written dramas of all time.

I don't call her Stone Face for nothing.

Does this couple even like/know each other anymore?

Seriously, she was responsive as a brick wall. Actually I think a brick wall might be more responsive than Tao Le Si.

It got to the point where the only way to watch it was by completely not paying attention, real time tweeting about it (mercilessly making fun of it), and generally just laughing at how bad it was.

We no longer cared about anything or anyone in it, but kept watching out of morbid curiosity about how bad it could really get and the fact that Aaron Yan is super hot will never change.

Other things that became highlights for us as the actual plot line was total crap.

Dale, the water bottle boy.  Discovered at the waterbottle car crash, but we actually checked him out right about here:

Seriously hot guy.  #waterbottleboy2015!

has a name! Apparently it's Dale. Still pulling for him as a male lead.
This guy is cute.  We need to get him a starring role soon.

I actually liked Leo being a jerk for a while, his hair got hotter too.

The drama could have ended a lot sooner had Leo not saved her here.

Lance became the only sympathetic character by the ending.  He was blunt and honest in calling everyone out on their crap.  Also, he was a big boy and knew what to do to change himself first without anyone having to tell him or force him.  In fact, he rejected their lame make themselves feel better pity and saved himself.

Omo! Crying in the rain. Wet hair. I'm so attracted to Lance right now.

as much as I love Lance, he shouldn't be the main character. But he rocks his ugly cry face well.

Also #deadbrotherformalelead2015

It started out so well, and ended in the crappiest train wreck of a drama ever.  But since I only started it for Aaron, I guess I can't be too disappointed, he was hot the entire time.  It really needed to be a shorter drama, ending around the time that it suddenly changed into a different drama.  There were several times where it could have ended, but didn't, and.... ugh!!!!

Like it could have easily been a 12 episoder and we still would have loved it.  We would have loved it more.  It would have been an awesome drama.  No crippling manipulation type deals and she just forgives him and they can do something to wrap up the saving Oz and all is good.  If only, if only...


  1. So glad that someone so eloquently put what so many of us were thinking. Hopefully Aaron gets to star in something like Just You next time and Puff is able to star with him, they have much better chemistry :) I'll just continue to watch The Way We Were to get over all these crappy Sunday dramas ...

    1. I know, right? He needs a good drama soon, and definitely needs to star with Puff again. I've been watching fluffy happy dramas ever since to get over how crappy they've been lately.

  2. Thanks goodness I found a place to vent. Thanks to dewaanifordrama. I stayed until the end because it became a game to me to try to figure out how the crazy plot could keep derailing itself. Now Mama Li is best friend Tao Le Si? Tao Le Si is comforting her and takes her home to a nice hot meal?!?!? What? And how come Lance is the start of the last episode? Although, since his character was the only one who a was kind of interesting at the end, it did make sense. However, how sad is it that the writers felt like they should spend that much time filming him cry in various scenes both dry and very wet (did anyone else notice how good he looked in that wet shirt and vest?) rather than on reconciliation between the main couple or even on the wedding. Lance and Huan Haun are now a couple? I did see that coming, I have to say, but even though I saw it coming it still felt . . .I supposed they can understand each other since they have both been in love with people who only saw them as siblings.

    1. I know, that part where Tao Le Si happens to walk by conveniently to comfort Mama Li is total crap. I can't stand how they just change characters to fit their lame situations. Taking her home for a hot meal? Yeah right. That was the most awkward scene to watch because no one was acting like themselves. What happened to the Tao parents who chase people out of their house with sharp weapons? What happened to the Tao Le Si who pinned people to the walls when they ruined her life? Crappy writing, that's what.

      Lance in the wet shirt and vest = very yes. Even though he was crying and doing a repeated Darth Vader yell, he was still super hot in that scene. Seriously, he was the main character in the last two episodes. I don't think that Lu Tian Xing even did anything in those episodes. Way too many plot twists.

      I felt like all the secondary couples were completely forced. I did see the Leo/Huan Huan couple coming, but that was still be big stretch. Also short funny hair boy and his "goddess"? Never. And Miao Miao and glasses dude? Nope. Too big a stretch, although that was was still better that the other one.

    2. Oh yeah, and now all of a sudden we are all out playing baseball? What the heck was that about? Proposal scene with stuffed animals interrupted by a baseball games underneath a highway overpass. Yup. That made a lot of sense, too. I agree. Lance was the star in the last two episodes. I so wanted to get on a plane to Seattle with him! At least he was interesting.

    3. TLS barely hits the ball and all the sudden it is flying away. Yeah right. I don't even think that LTX and TLS had characters by the last three episodes, they were just there and not even together, so when they got together there was zero interest and chemistry. I was like, who are these people anyways. So contrived and forced. Then the random happy shots at the end (like the baseball game and the wedding) were so cheesy and lame I wanted to barf.

  3. to be honest, i never saw Lance for a hot guy... but all these talks make me curious about him...
    by the way, when you said a sad and pathetic ending, i was scared for a moment and thought that it could be that Lesi and Tian Xing did not end up together?
    my heart keeps throbbing hard while reading
    and as the end comes nearer it gets more and more tighten
    fortunately the worst ending that i could possibly think of did not happened
    actually, i am stil at episode 8,
    looking at your graph i am slightly tempted to watch episodes 9 and 10
    but to think about it twice, what's the point if i can't bear the following episodes to come anyway...
    but i still have other options if i really want to see Aaron's consistent hotness...
    fast forwarding or skipping to the very end and just watch the fun parts and the romantic scenes of course (no matter how lame they are...Aaron doing it may probably help) besides, skipping won't make me see the bad parts so i won't have any prejudice or bad blood watching the ending don't you think? hehe
    i'm just saying :)
    but seeing how episode 20 took the lowest point in the graph is totally discouraging hahaha!
    and just like this drama that is good at the start but went to waste....
    i might just put it on my growing list of dropped dramas....
    and save myself from agony
    i lament a lot on dramas...
    i got affected easily and becomes very emotional so i try to watch rom-com a lot to keep my mood up
    so i don't think i would be able to handle the sudden change to a melodrama thingy hehe...

    the truth is, i tried to watch episode 9 a few times,
    but Aaron's hotness wasn't able to keep me to be completely disinterested on it
    to the point that i better spend hours watching random videos on youtube than to another minute of understanding the not-so-of a conflict (if you will ask me) of their love story that in my opinion is very easy to be solve and honestly, i don't really buy it that much at the beginning
    but ridiculosness of these dramas sometimes have a charm to a drama addicts like me that keeps me wanting to watch the next episode...
    sadly, they even lost that charm just by becoming more and more .absurd as time goes by...

    i hope that the next taiwanese drama that will catch my attention would be probably worth it :)