Monday, February 22, 2016

194. I Need Romance 2012 로맨스가 필요해 2012 (2012) Korean

Jung Yu Mi, Lee Jin Wook, Kim Ji Suk, Kim Ji Woo, Kang Ye Sol

Drama Rating: 4/10     Neck Score: A

Also known as I Need Nasty 2, this one was every bit as bad as the first one, except I actually liked both male actors okay, because neither one was Yul (Yuuuuuuuuuuuuul! <hiss hiss>).  The problem was that it was just as frustratingly as predictable.  Basically it's a show full of idiots and sexy time.  The end.  At least in this one her dumbo boyfriend didn't ever cheat on her but instead just lied to everyone, including himself, for the entire show, unless it was too late and then he tried and failed, and then there was a magic year gap that somehow made everything better.  Yeah right.  The main girl once again comes full circle and ends up right where she started, we hope this time wiser maybe.  But we're not holding our breath for fear of passing out.

Here is the list of the couples in the order I cared about them:

1. Awkward Couple- Woo Ji Hee (Kang Ye Sol) and Kim Tae Woo (Heo Tae Hee).  I wish this couple had gotten more screen time.  They were awkward and adorable.  But they almost magically got together because that's how little time we actually saw them.  Sad.

2. Married Girl and Stupid Oppa- Sun Jae Kyung (Kim Ji Woo) and Han Jung Min (In Gyo Jin).  This couple was so fussy and sensitive.  But at least we saw them trying to work things out. They were more frustrating but at least I had hope for a reasonable reconciliation.  PS, the only reason he is known as Stupid Oppa is because of Birth of a Beauty.

3. Kim Ji Suk and the Ginkgo Tree- yes, this relationship counts for more than most.  As a kid, his character took care of a ginkgo tree because he was lonely.  He watered it everyday too.  Cute.  Then he gets a baby gingko tree that is supposed to represent his relationship with the main girl, but I cared more about him longingly looking at it every time they were broken up or had a fight than the fact that they were broken up or had a fight.

4. The Main Love Triangle Crap- Tsunami (Jung Yu Mi), Dumbo (Lee Jin Wook), and Mr. Perfect (Kim Ji Suk).  We've got a messy, messy love triangle that is full of lies and too much past.  Just too messy to actually care about.  Tsunami Yeol Mae (Jung Yu Mi) is smothering and selfish, but I loved how she was honest and tried. But Dumbo- aka Seok Hyun (Lee Jin Wook) on the other hand is cryptic, slithery-outy, and lies to everyone including himself.  There are obviously reasons he keeps lying to keep them from being together, but we honestly just don't care.  Then there is Shin Ji Hoon (Kim Ji Suk) who is like the perfect nice guy, if not a bit too aegyo.  Nice guys don't win in this shows (not yet) and so while we love how cute he is, we know he doesn't really have a chance.  Especially when the break up is based on frustrating lies and he is literally too nice for her.

So the show had lots of sexy time, even more frustrating lying and fighting, etc., and the longest, boringest drawn out ending ever.  Well... what did I expect?  It was I Need Nasty 2.  Blech... but also yes, cuz hot men and relatably flawed bitca women.  This one is a step up from the first, but not as good as the 3rd, from what I hear.

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