Monday, February 2, 2015

Birth of a Beauty: How One Couple Made a Drama Worth Watching- or why they should let couples be cute for longer

Having just recently finished up the ridiculous Romantic Comedy Revenge Melodrama that was Birth of a Beauty, I feel inclined to discuss why I even watched it in the first place and what made me keep watching it.  It was like the best and the worst at the same.  Insanely cute romantic comedy, ridiculous and scream worthy makjang.  I guess the balance was enough to make me keep coming back?

This is the reason I started it:

And this is why I kept watching:

But there is so much more to it.

What made this drama so likeable is because they didn't withhold the cuteness and togetherness until like episode 10-12 (when most couples get together only to be ripped apart half an episode later).  They keep them apart for as long as possible, and then tear them apart as soon as possible, etc.  But that is not the way this drama played out and it was completely refreshing, even if the rest of the drama and all the other characters were completely awful.
You mean a cray cray murderer match, you crazy bitca.

It's a revenge drama, with two completely cute people working together to get a completely well deserved revenge.  They are both such cute dorks that you just have to love them, and their chemistry is off the charts.  Woohoo!

The revenge is well deserved because the actual plot of this drama is a huge conspiracy makjang fest.  All of the bad guys are completely one dimensional murderers.  Yes, they are all murderers.

Or they are blackmailers...

 Who am I kidding?  She's just as bad.

And everyone else is just plain stupid.  And I mean stupid.  There are various levels of stupid.  Like clueless oppa stupid, manipulated by his evil sister.

Shut up, Oppa.  You have no idea what really going on.  P.S. Your little sister is cray cray.

Or stupid grandma stupid.  She is seriously the person I hated the most in the whole show.  Even more than the murderers.

MarlubsGD: Oh no, halmoni. Go take a hike.

Or the evil murderer husband's stupid family, who are just nasty people.

So what I'm saying is that this show is bad.  It's so dramatic and over-the-top makjang bad, but it still got us watching it every week and loving it, because the couple was so cute.  They started out cute, were cute before they got together, stayed together for longer than normal before the inevitable break up, and the over cute-ed the entire universe.

From their revenge plots:

To their ridiculously cute team work while executing their revenge plots:

To their superb action skills while getting revenge and protecting the people they love:

Their relationship developed so quickly as friends and partners, being so comfortable with skinship from the start, that when they started to like each other it was hilarious.  Especially since they were pretty much on equal terms, no matter what their partnership contract said.

Especially when getting revenge on the other person.

And how they support each other, through compliments or literal support, they are so adorable.

They really made up for all the dramatic crap and hooked us through giving us one of the cutest couples of all time.

And even when the bad guys tried to break them up, they resisted for so long (even though they still ended up pulling the noble idiocy crap and breaking up and lying to protect the other person- boo!!!).  Han Tae Hee is like the perfect boyfriend/fiance/husband/man.  Immediately apologizing after they fight or have misunderstandings.  Cute!

Ugh!  Relationship envy!  I want that!  Ahhhhhh!  Plus it doesn't hurt that these people are also super attractive.  Joo Sang Wook = rawr!  and Han Ye Seul is gorgeous.  And they play their quirky, sweet, and powerful characters so well.  They saved this show and made me watch it (pretty much against my will).

So even though there was too much of these horrible peeps, who we hated so much we just gave them nicknames:

Wiener Thinker:

Lizabreff : Haha. So MarlubsGD and I are watching Birth of a Beauty episode 16, and Lee Kang Joon has Sara backed up to a wall, threatening her, and telling her that she's not Sa Keum Ran anymore and that she is really pretty now. Marlubs shouts out "knee him in the balls!" And I say, "yeah, then he wouldn't be able to think anymore!"

A man so dumb (because he only thinks with his wiener) that what's going on has to be spoon fed to him.

Dog Poop Face:

Cray Cray Bitca (who seriously made me scream every time she was on the screen, especially if the grandma was also on the screen):

There was usually enough of this cuteness to make it better:

Although 17-19 were really hard to watch and 20-21 didn't manage to make up for that loss of cuteness.  No kissing?  LAME!  Still, I ship this couple.  One of my favorite OTPs of all time!

We did have the added bonus of this to make it a bit better:

Mmmmm!  Get Secretary Choi a lead role, pronto! #SecretaryChoiforMaleLead2016

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that an adequate amount of couple cuteness covers a multitude of sins.  Why do they insist on dragging out the couple getting together until episodes 10-12 only to tear that same couple apart in episode 13 so we can have 4-8 episodes of moping noble idiocy before the couple can finally be happy at the very, very end?  We want more happy and cute and less makjang moping!  That's what this drama has taught us.  The writers can get away with bloody murder (or making every villain a murderer) if they give us a couple with the right amount of chemistry and plenty of chances to use it.  So... make the already good dramas better and the okay dramas good with a little cuteness!  Or a lot.  We want a lot of cuteness.  Cuteness from episode 1!!!!!!


  1. This post made me laugh so hard. Oh, the crazy that was this show. The thing is that you are absolutely correct that the cute was the ONLY thing that saved this show, but you know what? They won't bring that back. That will not be the trend in drama universe, but we will still get the crazy ex-husbands the crazy new girlfriends, the crazy grandmas, and the crazy business/corporate makjang that doesn't make sense. I do not understand why we always have to wait so long for couples to get together, especially when they have a common enemy. It makes so much more sense for them to get together and then spend the rest of the series together fighting together. there would be enough angst and danger in that--particularly if you have a villain that is really dangerous as opposed to silly and annoying. I think this is one of the reasons that people like Healer; we got the cute, they are together (really together/spending the night together together) and the hope for that show is that they will fight together. Sigh (but we are going to have a misunderstanding first, right. Sigh). Anyway, Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul had enough chemistry that they could have bottled it and sold it instead of her dumplings or whatever else crap food she had to make for that conglomerate. What I liked about them is not just that they are so beautiful to look at (despite her awful give me a deep conditioning treatment hair) but they were completely committed to physical comedy of their roles.

    Secretary Choi should have his own spinoff show with all the great secretary/personal assistant characters who actually have their own club. I would so watch this show. Who else would you nominate? I would nominate Choi Jung-woo as Kim Gwi-do from Master's Sun and Im Ji Kyu who played a secretary/admin assistant in both Queen of Reversals and Greatest Love.

    1. Omg yes! I'd watch that show! Especially for Little Guy (our nickname for I'm Ji Kyu).

      And I agree that its not just because then couple is beautiful, because that totes not enough. It was all about the physical comedy, chemistry, and cuteness.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I wanted to watch this drama because I had heard about all the cute, but considering my terrible track for not finishing dramas (especially when they turn bad), I decided to avoid it. Which is sad. We need more cute and funny in K-drama. Like Marriage, Not Dating which realized it was a ROM COM and kept it in rom-com territory. *sigh*

    1. I agree. This one was everything from episode 1. In fact the first couple of episodes are so full of crappy conspiracies and evil in-laws that you know exactly what you're in for the whole time. And even the bad episodes aren't as bad as they could have been. I mean, they weren't Fall In Love With Me bad. They were cute even when they weren't together, they just weren't as cute. But oh well. If only, if only someone in the drama industry would read this post and realize how great our suggestions are...

    2. Someone needs to make a couple cute version ;) then I'll watch that. Haha.