Wednesday, January 8, 2014

87. Goong aka Princess Hours 궁 (2006) Korean

Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hyun, Kim Jung Hoon, Song Ji Hyo

Drama Rating: 4.5/10     Neck Score: C

This is a C for bad neck wear.  I'm talking to you Cat in the Hat bow ties, lame collars, turtlenecks, and gay necklaces.  Also amazingly bad hair.  That should put it to C---.  Also, I hate Yul, that bitca.  Ok, as much as this show sucks, I had to watch it.  It was like crack too.  I think the parts that make it weirdly horrible is the fact that this is literally a modern sageuk, with the whole princess and palace crap.  So she's an ordinary girl but somehow she is chosen to marry the crown prince.  This leads to problems as he is still caught up on the other girl Hyo Rin (Ji Hyo) who turned him down, but now regrets her choice.  Then there is Yul, who is the bitca of the piece.  Seriously, he is the bitca while Hyo Rin is more like the other dude.  She's the man and he is the conniving bitca.  The crap that goes on in the palace is something that would only fly in Joseon times, seriously.  The bitca Yul and her his bitca mom are completely cray cray.  Everyone you started out liking at the beginning turns out to be lame and the people you didn't like at first turn out to be the only cool people.  Seriously.  When you first meet the prince you think he's a bratty jerk, but he turns out to be the only person you love, while Yul, who you think is a nice guy is really a bitca.  You start out liking the king and thinking the queen is too harsh and then you're like "the king is a stupid jerk and the queen is the only smart person here!"  Also it gets really draggy because it's 24 when it should only be 20 episodes (another thing that makes it like a sageuk).  The ending is also like wut?  But still, once you start watching you have to finish it, even if you are screaming about how much you hate Yul the whole second half.  Also those little teddy bear ending scenes.  At first I thought they were weird, but then they were some of the only things I loved.  This show (head shake).

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