Wednesday, January 8, 2014

63. Marry Him If You Dare 미래의 선택 (2013) Korean

Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Yong Hwa, Han Chae Ah, Choi Myoung Gil

Drama Rating: 2/10     Neck Score: A

Yong Hwa further ruined for me.  I really hated this one, which is sad because I really loved it at first.  It was a really interesting premise of a lady who goes back in time to change her life because of all the crap that happened.  She wanted to stop herself from marrying the man she married.  The interesting part was she was still so obviously in love with that man, even as an old woman, that you wondered why she wanted to change that fact.  Also, Lee Dong Gun, you are a handsome man.  I had tried to watch him in a drama before, but it was so old and stupid that I never got far.  I tried again because of this show and still didn't get far.  I hated the lead girl.  Anyways, Lee Dong Gun is the husband that she wants to keep herself from marrying, but both her present and future selfs are still falling in love with him despite everything.  I also love that he's a news anchor but has a super foul mouth.  Also, fell in love with him that time he put on the Darth Vader costume.  Yep.  Loved him.  Anyways, I really hated Yong Hwa's character in this one too, but if he just stayed the other guy that would have been fine, but all the sudden the writers went completely crazy and changed the plot completely making it into not a romance but a self-discovery of the main girl, leaving the ending completely open, weird and stupid.  I don't know if the Yong Hwa fans protested or something, but whatever it was shouldn't have happened.  A potentially interesting show was completely ruined by suddenly completely horrible writing.  I don't normally outright hate a show by the ending, not even Boys Over Flowers, but I seriously hated this one.  Boo!!!!!!!  Learn to write peeps!

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