Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chiseled Jawlines: A Neck's Best Friend

You all know I like necks.  If you don't know that, then just look at the blog title, haha.  But you know what makes a neck look better?  A nice jawline.  It is something that can cut through the horror of the turtleneck and brings out the glorious lines of the neck so well.  They're like best friends, really.  They compliment each other so well.

I recently re-watched Queen In Hyun's Man with my peeps (now that Curdy has finally fully succumbed to the Kdrama), where the second male lead's jawline is a wonder.  This caused us to start talking about how jawlines are hot and make necks better, which of course led me to start collecting peeps who represent this wonderful feature so nicely.  So here are some jawlines to appreciate.

Queen In Hyun's Other Man

I wish that Kim Jin Woo would play not a d-bag and not in a daily so that I can appreciate his lovely jawline to the fullest.  He was hilarious in Queen In Hyun's Man and was sadly one of the best characters in My Lovable Girl (he was an evil jerk).  But regardless his jawline is rawr.


Yeah, it's probably shaved, but I still love that razor line.  Ryeowook is just fierce in his prettiness.  He makes holding those high notes look good, and holding those high notes makes his jaw stand out nicely.  Oh yeah.


When did this puppy grow up to be a man?  He looks too good!  Vixx's neck game is just good in general, but Hyuk's jawline makes it a bit better.  Mmmmm (wait! he's too young for... never mind.)

Choi Jin Hyuk

There is a lot about Choi Jin Hyuk that is sexy, but I love his jaw almost the most (but no, his sexy voice!).  It is so manly.  It really won me over in Gu Family Book, where he was too sexy with the emo bangs.  Basically, it's just the best.

Crazy Rooster

I initially started trying to get a picture of Pillar, because his jawline is pretty decent, but then I was forcefully reminded of how great Crazy Rooster's jaw (and neck) is in Flower Boy Ramen Shop.  That kid just has it all.  Dimples, smile, neck, jawline... rawr, kid, rawr.

Lee Jun Ki

Jun Ki is just one of the prettiest people alive.  Even with that neck abomination (aka turtleneck) he looks great because it merely highlights his wonderful jawline.  That's talent right there.

Ji Sung

He looks amazing, even in prison garb.  Ji Sung was one of my first Kdrama loves, and continues on with his amazing acting and glorious jawline.  He can do no wrong.  Seriously, why is he in prison when he can do no wrong?

Wang Kai

My nickname for Wang Kai is literally "Blessed Jawline" because that is exactly what it is.  He might have the best jawline on this list.  It definitely makes his neck (which would be good on its own) stand out and look more blessed as well.  He is a beautiful beautiful man with a blessed blessed jawline.

Namgoong Min 

Can I just say how much I love Namgoong Min?  I'm so glad that he is doing comedy now.  He was made for comedy, although I love him being creepy too.  He is just amazing, as is his general physique, neck and jaw included.  His chiseled jaw makes him look so good no matter whether he's dressed as a bum or in a fine suit.

Seo In Guk 

His neck and jaw was one of the things that first attracted me to him... well his acting was first really, but that neck and jaw.  Even with his mouth full of food, you can tell how great it is, and when its not full... oh yeah.

Mmm, I like it.


That's right.  ALL of Shinee deserves to be on this list.  They just have strong, sharp jawlines that are lovely to look at.  They seem to know it too, or why else would they be always showing them off?  In particular, I like Key's.

Aaaaaand also Poo Butt's.

Dang it, Poo Butt, your neck and jaw are too sexy.

Sad Puppy

I had to include Lee Dong Wook in here, because to me, his jawline is his best feature.  And then when getting this puppy's picture, I realized that I also had to include the rest of the Dokkaebi bromance.

How could I forget that Gong Yoo's jaw is like a finely sharpened sword?  It really helped that these two have great jaws, because there was too much turtleneck in this show.  The worst part about winter dramas.


Yes, I forgot another one.  How could I?  (I even mentioned a drama he was in earlier! ::gasp at myself::)  Rain's jaw is amazing.  It's so amazing he's checking it out himself here!  He also has a complete set with his smile and dimples (and sexy body).  And from his cheekbones to his neck, via that jawline, he is one sexy, sexy man.  Rawr.

So yeah, ahem, jawlines are good.  I appreciate them.  Yep.  The end... or this list could go on for a lot longer....  seriously... I need to stop checking jawlines out.  I can't make this list any longer.  There are seriously too many blessed jawlines.  #blessingsinabundance.  Hallelujah.

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