Tuesday, February 2, 2016

131. Liar Game ライアーゲーム (2007) Japanese

Matsuda Shota, Toda Erika, Suzuki Kazuma, Hiroko Taguchi

Drama Rating: 8/10     Neck Score: A+

I don't know if I should have watched this first, but after I loved the Korean version of Liar Game, I had to watch this one.  The only problem is I tried watching it too soon and got a bit bored because I knew what was going to happen already, which was sad, because this is so good.  I also have to compare it to the remake, because I watched it first, which is sad in some ways, because this one was first and very well done.  Well, being from 2007, it is also super dramatic and a bit cheesy in how it is dramatic.  Like a million fast zooms to each character's face every time anything sneaky or dramatic happens.  Also, this one comes off a lot more sinister and sketchy in how people get roped in and trapped, etc., since this is literally a con set up by super rich and cynical people rather than a game show.  I think it probably would be better to watch it first.  I still loved it.  It has many points that I liked better.  One big one is Matsuda Shota.  He does happen to be on my list of 10 sexiest necks, and with reason.  Rawr.  Lee Sang Yoon did a good job, but Matsuda Shota did a million times better.  He rocked it.  I did miss Shin Sung Rok, but what can you do?  Even if you don't decide to watch this one first (I didn't, but I think it would be good to) it is worth watching.  I am also planning on watching the second season and the movie as well, it's that good.  Sinister games, good honest people winning with their goodness, bad boy con artists with secret soft hearts, what more could you want?

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