Friday, September 4, 2015

Kpop for That Sultry Sound... yeah, the sound ;)

There is a difference between sultry and just sexy... at least in my book.  Sultry has that special sound that can only be described as rawr.  Overly sexy can sometimes be too much, because sometimes you are just in the mood for a sultry sounding song.  Something that is perfectly exemplified through dance moves like these:

Sway those hips, boys.  Rawr.  Yep, that's where the sultry sound is at.  So here are my favorite sultry songs, for when I want to just listen to something that says "rawr!"

Midnight Blues- Super Junior

This is actually one of my favorite songs from this album and probably why I made this list in the first place, because seriously I love this song.  Sungmin singing that "Yes or no" part might have even been my text tone for a while.  Yep.  He actually rocks the sultry the best out of all of them at this performance.  But all of them are just rawr.

Shady Lady- B.A.P

Sometimes the lyrics are not 100% sultry, and the song just is sultry anyways.  This one is like awkward/sweet/sultry smashed all together, but the sexy, smoky room sound seals the deal.  I mean, it's probably some weird way of seducing the girl (you're pretty without makeup, noona- wink wink) but whatever, the sultry sound of the song is going to make me think that no matter what the lyrics are.

The deep voices win in this one.  Super win.  I love the song.

Also can I just say how EXCITED I AM THAT MY BOYS ARE COMING BACK!  Yeah, I've missed my BAP, and I'm super excited that they are making a comeback and the legal drama is over (for now).  YAY!

Beautiful You- TVXQ!

There is nothing more sultry in the world than the way that Kitty sings this song.  From his voice, to the way that he is leaning against the wall, and his neck... yeah.


Also, why is Yunho singing to himself in the mirror?  Is he a beautiful woman too?

Really, why, Yunho?

Then there are Changmin's faces.  Haha.

You know what is not beautiful?  Your hair, Yoochun.  I love you and your sultry voice, but that hair is no, no, no, no, no.

Baby Good Night- GD & TOP

This song is second to only Bae Bae when it comes to innuendo.  There is seriously nothing but innuendo in this MV... well except the sexy strawberry moment becoming cutely funny instead.

TOP: Nom nom nom.

But the sort of whispery wistful sound of this song is perfect for the right mood of this song.


Does anyone else think it's weird that they are wearing their own faces on their shirts?

But from the start of the song, with the scratchy record sound to the jazzy bass, this song has that warm sultry coffee shop smell to the sound of it, which is cool.  I totally feel like I'm being wistful in a coffee shop while listening to this, and that is sultry.

I Love You- 2ne1

Or you can just go blatantly sexy with the dance moves, which is what all sexy girl songs do, with all that butt swaying and stuff.  But the bass line in this song is what I like the best.  Definitely booty swaying worthy.

Odd Eye- SHINee

This song is weird (like the whole rest of this album) but I like it.  And when first I heard it I already had this list in mind, and I knew it had to be on it.  Leaving Taemin's inappropriate hip swiveling and pelvic stuffs, aside, this has that smooth sultry sound.  The jazzy kind.  I love the "My eyes on Yooooooooooou!" part.

Smoky Girl- MBLAQ

This is one of the songs that I sing to Curdy to let her know that she's a sexy, sultry woman.  It makes her feel awkward and happy at the same time.  It's a more upbeat than outright sultry, but it still is basically super sultry.  Like what else could "smoky girl" mean?


The namja song of sultriness.  Or the sultry song of namjaness.  Either way this song is rawr.  Especially this part:

You flip those coats back, guys.  Ooooooooh!  It's just a fun song.

Beautiful Liar- VIXX LR

And now I will proceed to gush about this song for the rest of eternity.  I. Love. This. Song.  I mean:

That neck.  I can't even...

Whew.  Every time Leo sings "beautiful liar" I'm like: "well, you're not lying about the beautiful part."  Seriously.

I want to just spin around them in circles, watching the wind blow their hair around so sultry like, and listen to all those beautiful lies because I just want to listen to both my VIXX boys.  Woo... hoo...


I don't even think that words are necessary for these pictures.


I think the only thing I don't like is Ravi's nasty neck tattoos.  Well, I don't love any of his tattoos, but I do understand that he's the bad alter ego guy in this, so I can let them pass.  JUST LEAVE MY LEO'S NECK ALONE!!!!!

But minus the no no tattoos, both boys just look so sultry sexy good in this, and the song is a-maz-ing.  I literally listened to it at least five times just writing this post, and a million times in parts to take all these shots.  I had to force myself to not make more gifs and take more pictures, because I could literally go on for forever.  But seriously, Ravi, leave that neck alone.  Haha.

There are many more songs like this, but these are my go to ones.  I like sultry songs.  No secret there.  I'm just surprised I didn't make this list first, cuz yeah.  RAWR.

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