Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kpop for the Frustrated

Frustration happens to us all off and on.  Right now I am frustrated with life, meaning work and other businessy obligations that make me fall into a busy rut where I feel like a robot with no control.

When times like these come, I have to listen to a certain kind of music to get those pent up emotions out.  And yes, that means another Kpop playlist.

Coup D'etat- G-Dragon

I don't know why, but this is always the first song I need to listen to when I am frustrated.  I guess because it's liberating in theme.  Like I'm overthrowing all the crap in my life or whatever.  But it might just be the thumping rumbling drum.  Anyways, it is good for an early purge.

Still Alive- BIGBANG

I listen to this especially in the early mornings when headed off to the daily grind.  I hate mindless repetition and meaningless routine with no passion.  I also really hate early mornings.  But at least I can have this reminder that I am alive.  It's kind of relieving.

Bang 2X- B.A.P

Now we can get some power energy from shouting Bang Bang!  It's just a good shout out the emotions type deal.

Catch Me- TVXQ

Speaking of getting energy from shouting, how about wailing.  I super love the robotic "catch me if you wanna" part too.  Changmin's high wails and the foot stomping beat, good to get out that frustration.

The Reason- 4Men

And then while we're on the subject of wailing, nothing like some 4Men to get the wailing belts out.  Add the emotional stimulation of a favorite drama OST and you've got a song good for letting it out.  This might just be one of my favorite OSTs of all time.

Judgement Day- Joo Won

If we're going to talk about favorite OSTs, Gaksital is another super winner.  I like this song for a number of reasons.  Joo Won = yes.  That choir make me feel cool and powerful.  Also, the drums and instrumental is just bad-a.  Love it.


I also need to listen to super funky type stuff, like this song.  I have to admit that a mental breakdown it one way to get it out.  And the weirdness of the... yeah, I just like it.  I do a spaz out dance which is pretty fun too.

Error- VIXX

I like the electronic heart sound in the background.  And the whole song.  It just gets you right there (pounding the chest).

Voodoo Doll- VIXX

Weird, creepy, awesome, I like it.  As my first introduction to VIXX, it certainly got me interested in their weird concept.  It's dark and cool.  I love their choreography as always.  It's weird enough to distract, which is good in this sort of situation.

A Cha- Super Junior

Another techno bass song that I just love.  It might be my favorite Super Junior song.  It's fun with the whole raspy, gravel-y chant rapping and then the Engrish: "spider," "tornado," and "Don Quixote."  Also, Kyuhyun's belting.  Always good, it's my favorite part of the song.  My favorite part of the MV is Heechul, looking strangely attractive in a bowl cut, straightening his collar.

Whew.  It somehow with the bass + yelling chorus, relieves stress and frustration.  From the first second.

R.O.D- G-Dragon

I realized that I couldn't not have this song on this list.  For reasons similar to A Cha.  I love the dubsteppy bass line and the great lyrics.  It's definitely a forget the world love song that's absolutely adorable.  But hey that dubstep type deal.  Love it.

Superman- Super Junior

This song definitely needs to be on this list, because yes.  I love the power booms and the power chanting (bum bum bum bum... bum bum), and Kyuhyun's power freestyling, and the "ha ha ha tom nugu" (haha, Lizabreff).  It's a fun song, and it gets your heart pumping.  I always have to sing along with the "Shuper Junior, we are shuper shuperman."  This song just does it for me.  "Shuper Junior, the last man standing!"

Mine- Kim Jaejoong

I've gotta have Kitty's screamer rock.  Completely weird MV, but at least he looks super sexy with wings.  Anyways, the rock scream is great for frustration, and that is one reason why this song is perfect.  Also the pounding music = yes.  Everything but the plastic horn hat is yes.  Well... at least half of his clothes are not yes, but the other half are very yes?  Ahem.

Badman- B.A.P

Trust B.A.P to give us a bad-a type rebellion song.  Sometimes feeling rebellious is the way to go.  The MV is weird and violent, but I like the song.  Especially Himhcan's lower "I've got a feeling" part.  Apart from the MV, it's a good song to be like: "Flip that, I'll do what I want, (insert whatever is making you frustrated)!  I'm bad!  Woot!"

Flower- XIA

I also like to listen to completely weird things that are also somehow emotionally stirring.  I don't even know what this MV is about, and the song itself is like musical meets chanty drum claps meets Tablo (who is awesome and I love him) and somehow that works.  But what the heck creepy baby cry at the end.  Anyways, with or without the MV, this song is weirdly creepy and cool.  It's magestic in a creepy way and that somehow soothes me... whatever, it might just be me.  The song is good...

Try Again- FT ISLAND

Lee Hong Ki's voice always makes me happy.  But the message is just encouraging and as Hong Ki sings it so powerfully, it makes you get all motivated and stuff, which is good for when you've let all the frustration out from before.

Checkmate- Jung Yong Hwa

Aw, you're not alone, you have Yong Hwa and JJ Lin are there for you.  I love everything about this song.  Also the MV is cool... and JJ Lin is rawr.  It just gets me.  The song gets me, I feel like these two peeps get me.  It's just a great song.  It's hopeful, but also a statement on how crappy and scary the world is.  It's definitely a "Fighting!" song perfect for the end of this Kpop frustration therapy session.

I realized while making this list that several of the songs from my Kpop for the Heartbroken and Day Picker Upper lists crossover, such as G-Dragon's Window, Bang Bang Bang-BIGBANG (which might be the one I listen to the most for this), and Crooked (also GD).  They just work, ok.  But rather than including them, I just listed them here.  Anyways, I feel like rumbly base and power wails/belts are the theme for getting rid of my frustration.  Especially the techno bass.  Love that... and apparently weird stuff.  Love that too.  Anyways, I start out at the beginning of this list, go through a range of emotions, and then hopefully end on an empowered good note.  Works almost every time.

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