Sunday, January 5, 2014

29. My Fair Lady 아가씨를 부탁해 (2009) Korean

Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Il Woo, Moon Chae Won

Drama Rating: 5/10      Neck Score: B+

Probably the role that I liked Yoon Eun Hye best in, because she wasn't a "Spazcakes."  But I watched this one for Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun) who will forever be Oska to me.  This is also an interesting mix up from the traditional format as it's the girl who is the rich jerky chaebol and the dude who is poor.  That gives a totally different set of problems since it is a way bigger deal when it comes to a relationship.  Oska is Eun Hye's personal butler, since he is in deep debt and needs a job to keep the loan sharks off his tail.  He used to be a gigolo too, as he needed to pay his mother's hospital bills.  So he manages to get the butler job and keep it for way longer than anyone else, since Eun Hye's character is a jerk.  Moon Chae Won is the little sister type character (not related) who has a crush on her oppa.  I love her, she's one of my favorite actresses.  The part that worked for me least in this show what why Jung Il Woo's character ever liked Eun Hye's character.  I guess it was just a case of liking her against his better judgement, because he's a rich boy who cast off all to be a righteous lawyer and she represents everything he hates.  Oh well.  It is refreshingly different, especially with the role reversals, and pretty funny.  Oska's neck isn't as good in this one as in Secret Garden, but still good.  Also there are a bunch of random other butlers in their lovely butler suits to add to the nice neck count.

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