Tuesday, January 14, 2014

149. My Unfortunate Boyfriend 나의 유감스러운 남자친구 (2015) Korean

No Min Woo, Yang Jin Sung, Yoon Hak, Kwak Ji Min

Drama Rating: 5/10     Neck Score: A

I was pretty clear in my post what this drama was about.  No Min Woo being super sexy.  They seemed to have forgotten that halfway through and tried to up the drama stakes by giving the Bug more screen time.  That was a mistake.  It got super boring and lame when No Min Woo wasn't on the screen.  All we cared about in this drama was the OTP, not the stupid Bug second male lead.  The second female lead was pretty cool too.  The end.  Basically No Min Woo is a great actor because he pulled this character off, making us believe that he was really that innocent and awkward.  But they also still managed to make the love story cute and believable too.  The part that I loved that made this show have as high a rating as it does is how much our main couple grows.  She learns a lot, he learns a lot, they both make each other better and it's adorable.  Lizabreff complained that the ending was too tame compared to all the naughty awkward humor at the beginning, but since the characters had grown so much, that wasn't a surprise to me.  It would have been weirder if it had been that awkward.  The ending was slightly lamer than it could have been.  It also seemed rushed because they skimmed over a lot of things just showing the results and not the actual competition.  They also gave the Bug way too much time.  No one likes him, stop wasting our time.  So it was a delightfully weird drama, super cheesy and campy, but also a bit boring when the stupid second male lead suddenly hogs the screen.  Other than that I loved it.  It hooked me enough for it to be one of the few I looked forward to every week.

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