Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Unfortunate Boyfriend, or No Min Woo's Sexy Abs, Face, Butt, and Lips

Previously, in my post More Men Who Make Me Watch Drama Against My Will: Hot Bods Edition, I confessed that I watched Full House Take 2 just for No Min Woo and his skinny, muscular body (and face that's prettier than most girls').

I also stated that I was probably going to watch The Greatest Marriage for him... but I never did.  It sounded too crazy and I was already watching too many shows at that time.  Lucky me, he's already in another drama and his abs seems to be what it's all about.  Yes!

Actually, is that the only thing this show is about?  It certainly is the highlight.  I mean, when a show starts out with this scene, literally in the first minute of the show, you know that the show is really about No Min Woo's abs.

That's some skill he's got there to fall into the water fully clothed and to come out conveniently missing his shirt.  It's a skill we highly appreciate, as well as his amazing wet hair flip skills, which are level: Master.

However, this is probably the last time we see him intentionally acting sexy like that, because his character is not "sexy" in the least.  He's adorable, but I literally don't understand him.  He's the most innocent person in the world.  So innocent that he might be borderline something that makes him not normal.  He's bound to have some kind of traumatic past, but at this point we've only got hints.

But despite the fact that his unsexy character is so innocent, this show is still about how sexy he is.

That is seriously the only constant about this show.  That is what this show is about... or is it?  Sometimes it really doesn't make sense.  But the one constant to cling to is that No Min Woo = sexy.

No Min Woo's abs:

No Min Woo's shoulders:

No Min Woo's neck, rawr:

No Min Woo's face:

No Min Woo's butt:

With all those close ups, it's clear she's checkin' it out... as are we.

No Min Woo's lips:

Even this kid can barely resist that, which is slightly creepy, but that kid is just slightly creepy in general.  Seriously, who is he?  And that little girl.  What is their relationship?  His house and... roommates?..  are some of the more confusing things that make me understand him less.

But as much as we don't understand him, the rest of the ensemble are almost worst.  I like that he's a nice guy, fitting right in with the recent trend of nice dudes and strong (bitca) girls.  And Ji Na is definitely leaning on the bitca side.  She's success obsessed, career driven, and entirely cares way too much what people think about her.  Basically she's a little crazy.

It's all about appearances.

 And she's so good at justifying things.

But she is good at thinking on her feet.  She clearly is the talented one... of the entire company.  They always make everyone so lazy and incompetent in these things.

And wearing outfits that look like scuba gear.  Really?  You wear that on the first day of your internship?

She has a boss, crazy best friend too.  Who is amazing... and random...  Love her.

She's well versed in the fake bag industry.

And pulling stunts to get out of situations.

Which reminds me.  Why the heck does Mr. Unfortunate go around in random costumes all the time?

Don't understand him, but he still manages to look pretty hot in the clown costume.  And I generally think clowns are just creepy.

Anyways, Ji Na is pitted against a fellow intern by this bug eyed pretty boy.

But I actually like their frenemy rivalry.

Until Buggy Eye Pretty Boy proves to be a manipulative little bitca.

Which really makes me confused about his motivations too.  Annoying little manipulator.  I especially don't like how he plays both girls.  Flirting with Ji Na and then treating Rich Intern Chick all hot and cold like.

I feel sad for her.  For now, she is quite likable for an other girl.  Buggy Eye Pretty Boy is the bitca of this show... for now.

But the thing that has happened the most (besides a butt load of fan service) and so should be said is the real theme of this show (besides the fact that the theme of this show is No Min Woo being sexy) is the uber awkward interactions of fate between the main couple.

They really are pretty opposite.  Definitely in their outlook and purpose in life.

But then they keep having awkward fate together.... really awkward fate.  Like getting her hair caught in his belt and stepping in poop.

But he is really so innocent that he's just a goner... like right away.  Poor awkward man.

But a "magic kiss" of life is better than a trip and fall accidental kiss.

And his reaction (complete with ridiculous amounts of blushing) is the best.

Their relationship is basically him being awkward (and cute) and her being embarrassed and frustrated.

Until he sexily saves her.

Acting all manly and making her realize that she is, in fact, attracted to him after all.

Love From Another Star reference?  He's blushing and acting weird because he ate "woman's spit," haha.

But while he is completely weird, he's also adorably relatable.

Going crazy because his crush and the kiss wont get out of his brain!!!!

Ok, so this drunken panda date was cute.  She's drunk and ends up dragging him around on a date, thinking he's her childhood panda character crush.  Sorry, I don't know that panda's name.  He's not my childhood panda crush.

Yeah, she's just crazy, and he's awkwardly cute.

But basically their relationship is just full of awkward misunderstanding filled fate.

I think that we're finally going to get some hints as to the past soon.  We already know a bit from the grandpa's surprise visit.

Oh, oh, mystery!  And hints of past trauma!  Just what we thought.

So anyways, this show is just full of crazy randomness and inexplicable characters.  But as long as we know that what it's really about is No Min Woo being awkwardly sexy, then it's all good.  The awkward romance will be fun, and hopefully we'll come to understand (a little?) by the end.  We hope.  At least he's sexy, and that is enough.

Bonus.  This man looks like Hal Stewart, from Megamind.

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