Why Necks?

This isn't some sort of weird fetish or anything like that.  Those are gross.  But the fact is I discovered that I like a good neck on a man, and necks have really good qualities.  Why should they be monopolized by stupid things like vampires... cause vampires are stupid... unless they are handled properly like Vampire Prosecutor... but most of the time... I'll just move on.

It started while watching Just You, episode 14/15, the first kiss scene.  It does one of those spinney panoramic make you dizzy shots, and we got a lot of nice close ups of Aaron Yan's neck.  Aaron Yan has a sexy neck.  I was like dannnnnnng, that dude has a sexy neck.

Personally I really like the back of necks best, with a good hair cut at the nape of the neck.  That's why mullets are an abomination, unless you just have a yucky neck, then by all means cover that gross thing.

But this guy has an all around sexy neck.  Good from all angles.  This is what I discovered.  It made me notice that I indeed appreciate a good neck.  Then I started noticing how many other of my biases have this same good quality.

So as silly as it may seem, this blog is devoted to this lovely quality that makes hot men hotter.  Along the way I'll probably end up talking about my current interests (such as my biases, dramas I am watching, and obsessions).

This is MarlubsGD, and I love all things Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese... yeah.  The works.

(Especially G-Dragon and his hot, hot neck.)

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