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Hi, I'm MarlubsGD and as you can tell, I love G-Dragon.  And hot necks.  And lots of other things too.

I started watching Korean Dramas back in like 2012, through the good old Netflix route.  I've always been a fan of Anime and Asian movies, so I thought I would give this show a chance.  It was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  Loved it.  (BTW, Lee Seung Gi has a great neck... as does No Min Woo).

I happened to have friends who knew what Kdramas were, so they gave me suggestions.  (FYI Boys Over Flowers nearly killed it for me.  I thought it was only 16 episodes at first... boy was I wrong.  Who knew you'd have to scroll down the episode list to see all 50 million... or is it just 25?)  And from then I moved on to Kpop, Japanese Dramas, instead of just Anime, and then Taiwanese and Chinese dramas.

The moment I loved G-Dragon:
But I'm sure this helped:

But the best part of this is the self discovery.  It's weird when you think to yourself "man, that guy has some good looking hands."  But when you think it enough, then you see the trends.  I like to do that a lot.  I guess it's my justification for watching and liking these things.  I'm learning about me... and I get to look at a lot of really hot, really talented people while I'm at it.  Win-Win!!!!!

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