Thursday, June 8, 2017

Feast of Dramas: First Look at the Early Summer Lineup 2017

I tend to watch pretty much every drama that is being subbed at the time.  I'm just one of those people.  Usually have at least six going at once.  Lately it's been with my besties Lizabreff and Curdy, which is fun.  I'm a finisher, so I will usually just finish all of them no matter what.  Most of that time it's not too bad either, some better than others.  It's not often that you get a feast of what appears to be the good ones.

It usually happens once a year, at the start of summer vacation.  Normally the good dramas with be scattered around all year, but right as school gets out, I swear they cram as many exciting, good dramas together at once so that we don't even know how we're going to finish all of them.  It happens, rarely, but it's happening to me right now.

I am so in love with all of the dramas that just started airing, and I am so excited for the ones that are soon to be starting too.  We seriously don't have time to finish them all, but I'm going to do it anyway.

I'm so excited about them, that I'm giving you a rare first look at the ones that have gripped me these last couple of weeks.

Suspicious Partner

Way to start with a bang.  She's a murder suspect from the first two episodes.  What a premise!

What I especially like about this one is the characters.  They're so human!

She is everyone of us in her crush.  The way she looks at him, the way she reacts to him.  Such a perfect girl in love.  She also has that raw awkwardness that is realistic and relatable, as well as the gumption to stand up for herself and get even, and say what needs to be said, even if it gets her into trouble.  I love her!

Ji Chang Wook is killing it.  He is such a real person too.  He is so nice!  He reacts to things in such a normal way, and we can ultimately see where he is coming from.

Fight My Way

Once again, it's the characters that got me gripped right away, only it's their relationship.  I've never seen a set of "almost siblings but not" so perfectly set up.  There is the perfect level of comfort there, while there is still that edgy chemistry where we know that they are the best of friends/practically siblings, but they are so close to being not- there is love there.

The fight with each other constantly, but they also stick up for each other constantly.  He'll whine and complain at her making him do things, but the next second will be 100% behind it and supporting her.

She'll act like he's the worst person in the world, and then fend off the bitcas like a possessive girlfriend.  They are just there for each other, and it is great.

Then there are the others in this group of friends, and they are awesome too.  They really do a good job of making us believe that they have all been friends for forever.


This one is literally in my dreams every night after I watch it.  Why?  Because it is awesome.  I have such a woman crush on Lee Si Young.  She is so bad-a.  This roll is appearing to be everything I wanted her role in My Beautiful Banker to be.  The action cop- she fights, she rides motorcycles, she shoots guns, and is generally a hot blooded wild card who fights first and thinks later.

The whole show has an awesome vibe that's like part Scarlet Pimpernel, part Healer, and part any good revenge drama.

We've got the suspicious Kim Young Kwang, who seems like he's Scarlet Pimpernelling it, or maybe he really just in a brown-nosing d-bag prosecutor (haha, no).  Did I mention that he has great hair and wears wonderful suits?

Then we have Kim Seul Gi, another woman crush, who is a snarky CCTV hacker with similar awesomeness to Ahjumma in Healer.  

She has a similarly awesome relationship with Key, who is a hacker, but also gets to do a lot of the legwork, and has never seen Seul Gi's face.  I am already shipping them.

Shipping them so hard.

I usually have some kind of spy action dream after I watch this, and darn it if it features Key or Kim Young Kwang, wink.

The Best Hit

I'll admit that we're a bit behind on this one, since stuff has been stealing our watching time, but even after the first two mini episodes (so like only the first episode) Lizabreff was ready to start the next one, despite the fact that it was way too late and we couldn't.  She got really grumpy when we were forced to tell her no.  We are pretty excited about it, and already we can tell that it is just fun.  Quirky and a bit off, but in a good way.

I really like all the characters.  Meow (Lee Se Young) is pretty great in this so far, and I love Kim Min Jae always.  Naturally, I'm really mostly here for Yoon Si Yoon, because you know that I will watch anything (except him dubbed in a Chinese drama) for Yoon Si Yoon.  I love him so much.  I was missing him during the first parts of the episodes, but I am so excited to see him in the modern world.

He is so perfectly 90s, it's amazing!  I'm so excited for this!

I'm also really liking and excited about the sageuks that are happening now.  I love Ruler, although it is not one of the priorities currently.  I also really want to watch Queen for Seven Days, and have heard lots of good things about it.

Really, why don't I have more time to just watch all of these?  There are so many good ones right now!

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