Friday, February 13, 2015

Healer: The Best Drama We've Seen in a Really Long Time

Those feels!  No!  I'm going to miss this drama like I've never missed a drama before.  Why?  Because it was pretty much the perfect drama.  It was so good!

Not that I need to give any more reasons why, but because I'm going to miss it so much, I thought I would relive all the glorious moments that made Lizabreff cry and made this my new favorite drama.

Lizabreff is not a crier when it comes to these sorts of things.  Not during movies, not during dramas or plays or any other kind of entertainment.  But she was crying all over the place.  In fact it was so funny how emotional she got that I had to share it:

 ·  Jan 31
(as she is watching ep 5, full of emotions): this is what good writing does to me! (On the verge of tears).

Jan 31
I just can't....waaahhh. *Tear* why is so cool!?! Why is Young Shin so brave when she has every right not to be?!? *sobs*

She started crying just explaining to me why she was crying.  But it's true, that is what good writing does to us.  We fall in love with all the characters, get super wrapped up in the story and their lives, and everything becomes higher stakes.  Even hand holding.

 ·  Jan 14
I hate waiting a whole week for the next episode ! Boy those hand holds were sexy. The Beatles got it right

And can we just talk about all that hand holding?

Whew!  That was almost better than all the kissing (and there was plenty of that too!)

I was constantly tweeting about how I couldn't wait another week for the next episodes, and that hasn't happened in a very, very long time.  I will get impatient, but not to the extent that Healer made me impatient.  Healer was just that good.

 ·  Jan 1
Once again it's just another countdown until the next episode if is on. This show...

So lets relive some of those wonderful, sweet, funny, scream worthy, and amazing moments, starting with the 5 moments that made Lizabreff cry:

The first was the moment shown earlier when Jung Hoo makes Young Shin show how brave she is by "saving" them both, and isn't he proud of her.

The second was when she was frustrated at him not coming while talking to him at the phone booth.

Third of course was when Moon Ho stopped him and told him it was ok to cry.  Jung Hoo crying of course made us all cry.

Fourth was when she told him not to push her away because then he'd cry forever.  Once again, his tears...

The fifth one was when she met her mother.

I'll admit that those were all cry worthy moments, even if I made fun of her mercilessly for crying because she pretty much prides herself in not crying at these things.  Silly girl (head shake).

But seriously, I loved Healer (aka Jung Hoo).

His attitude:

His nightowlness:

His sense of justice:

His teasy butt-headedness:

His innocent literalness:

Of course his bad-a action:

His purity:

His jealousy:

His many disguises:

Not liking his face to be petted or examined:

More butt-headedness:

Hopeless romantic:

The glasses:

Bad-a multitasking:

The fact that he's pretty much a wild animal:

And super impatient too:

This moment, when he pays back the dude for hitting on his girl all the time:

So manly, rawr:

And the great part is that I love Young Shin no less.  She is awesome!

Worrying about him over herself, aw.  What a romantic too:

Her crazy good acting abilities:

Teasing him right back:

Being super honest:

Good thirst for adventure:

Real emotions and struggles:

A woman who knows what's what.  Eating Ice Cream while her boyfriend meets her dad "officially."

And super blunt:

Even Moon Ho, who could have easily been a second male lead stays awesome through the whole thing.  Dude.


Handsome and bold:


Ready to guilt trip like a good uncle:

Charming the girl with that awkward smile:

And being a bad-a reporter:

My favorite part of this show was the relationships, from our awesome OTP, to the other couple(s?), to just everyone else Jung Hoo befriends.  Such as his wonderful relationship with Ahjumma.

I want to be Ahjumma.  I just need some crazy cool hacker skills to start with.

Oh that moment when he first see's Ahjumma's face.  Haha.

Also, that bromance with Moon Ho.  I loved, loved, loved that.

And then I loved Moon Ho's relationship with his ex, which really needed to end with them getting back together (like it did- smile happily)

You know you can't really resist him, girl.

But naturally the best is the OTP.  I loved how their relationship developed.  From the one-sided mystery crush to her liking both sides of him, to them actually developing a relation ship as a couple.

Being besties with him and telling him about how she likes the Healer him and is like siblings with the Bong Soo him.

Which turns into a delightful one-sided love on both sides... hehehe.

And mystery life saving romance:

And lots of romantic tension.

Where she continues to tell him about himself.

I always love the look on the guy's face when he sees her dressed up for the first time.

Power couple.

And so much more tension... also that neck.  Rawr.

And that moment where she rejects him because she likes the other him... haha.

But she has a problem with him getting over it so fast?  Hmm?

And can't stand to see Bong Soo not talking to her?  Sense a little love on this side too?

And of course the sexy hand hold date.  What sexual tension there is because they are sitting in the same room!!!!  Rawr.

And being drawn to Bong Soo even if she doesn't understand it.  Mwahahaha!

Figuring out that her bestie and her lover are the same person?  What a lucky girl, she can have them both ;)

But first some tension...

And then an explosion of cuteness.

 I mean seriously.  Who could even handle that?!?!

It's like they're vomiting cuteness on us and we love it so much!!!!!!

I want this.

And once they can be honest, they are very honest.


Building a relationship of trust.

And then they become partners, with some awesome teamwork.

"Meeting" the dad officially.

And now really officially.

And those leave and come back for a kiss moments, haha.

So basically, this show is perfect because of this dream team:

Ah, this show!  I can't even get over this show.  I'll never get over this show!  I love it too much.  It was perfect.  There were no love triangles (not really).  No evil bitcas pushing around demure female leads.  No evil moms (thank goodness!) and no stupid amnesia tropes.  It pretty much was the perfect drama.  I am seriously trying to figure out if there is any reason to not give this a 10/10, but I really can't think of anything... (besides there being all too many turtlenecks) unless it's this man:

No, this man.  All the scream worthy moments were because of this man, making this face.

Especially this moment.  I screamed in rage at this moment.  What a horrible end of the episode.

But I mean that in a good way.  There needs to be gross creepy men like them to make this drama compelling, so I love that I hated these too.  Moon Shik for being an idiot, lying to himself, and this Creeper OCD Sociopath for existing.  I love to hate them too.  Because of that, this moment was so much better:

Haha, the way to torture an OCD sociopath is definitely messing up the room.  Hahaha.

Then this moment, when we were cheering as Moon Shik's "wife" left him.  So deserving and such a perfect way to completely ruin him.

 ·  1h 1 hour ago
Rewatching : "Moon Shik, you are such an idiot... but nice vest."

So even if there were tons of turtlenecks... I mean a turtleneck was part of Healers costume, and it was constantly over his chin... for good reasons.... but still... no actually this show was so good I rarely complained of all the turtlenecks.  I was too interested in what was going on.  Unless there was a seriously bad turtleneck, like many of the tight scrunchy types that Moon Ho wore.  But Ji Chang Wook's neck is good enough to make them less nasty than if some people wore them, so that helped.  Anyways, the turtleneck no no might bring the Neck Score down, but it will probably remain a 10/10 rating... probably.

The best part is that it started good.

 ·  Dec 22
Omo, I can't wait until the next episode of ! It's fast moving up to favorite I'm watching right now.

And ended so good. 

From start to finish, what an amazing drama.  I really can't say anything bad about it, but why would I want to?  I got Healer Fever and it's never going away...  I'm glad it's over, because it would probably ruin it for it to be longer, but I'm sad to see it go, because it's amazing.  But at least we can rewatch it, like I did, when I took those 165 screenshots of episodes 5-20 for this blog post... hahaha.


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I was just browsing through these pictures, and it just makes me just want to watch it all over again! I didn't know (hardly) anything about Ji Chang Wook before this show, but boy do I now!!! More dramas with JCW, please!

    1. You can always just finish watching Bachelor's Vegetable Store with me ;).... hahaha. But now that I am a million times more obsessed with both JCW and Kwang Soo, I might just have to actually finish that one... I only have 14 more episodes of it (staring off in the distances blankly).

  2. Hahaha. Maybe? I did read recaps for every episode of Empress Ki solely for JCW, so Bachelor's Vegetable Store wouldn't too far from that. I do love Kwang Soo and most (if not all) of the cast...maybe???

    1. Chang Wook and Kwang Soo are increasingly making it more worth it to finish. I think it would be more bearable if we did it together. But that being said it is super makjang, so...