Tuesday, January 14, 2014

160. My Beautiful Bride 아름다운 나의 신부 (2015) Korean

Kim Moo Yul, Lee Si Young, Go Sung Hee, Ryu Seung Soo, Park Hae Joon

Drama Rating: 8/10     Neck Score: A+++

I honestly can't call this show anything but My beautiful Banker, because that was what it was about.  That man is beautiful and bad-a.  Swoon.  The only bad part about this show was the fact that Go Sung Hee still can't act.  Dumb Do Ha ruined the ending scene with her bad acting, but whatever.  She wasn't in it that much.  I was also a bit upset with all the nothing that Lee Si Young's character did.  Detective Cha had the ability to be so bad-a cool, but after the awesome fight in the first fifteen minutes, she just sits there and does nothing, or just tries to convince the bank guy to not become a revenge vigilante but to work with the police.  So much wasted potential.  Also, I wanted somehow for the bride to die and bank guy to end up with police girl.  They could have consoled each other for their dead dumb significant others and been bad-a together, but of course that would never happen because stubborn loyalty and awesome faithfulness was at the very center of the back guy's being.  Really good action scenes, lots of interesting plot twists, nice snarky evil bad guys, realistic blood, a little rushed at the end (but after you kill off the only bad guy who really mattered, the rest was going to be lack luster) and some of the death scenes were just weird.  Slow mo car crash?  No, please.  Slow mo knife/metal pipe battles?  Acceptable, but does it have to be slow mo all the time?  So many hot necks in this.  Bank Guy = A+++  Scumbag Detective Boyfriend = A+++  That loan shark guy was an A even.  Rawr.  Lot of awesome fights, chase scenes, and gratuitous work out scenes.  My beautiful banker must be one of the most bestest men ever... except that his bride can't act, but no one is perfect.

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