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Momance: Sometimes the Mom-Drama is actually the best part of the drama

When we think of Kdrama mothers, we usually think of those evil moms, like in Boys Over Flowers or Secret Garden who will stop at nothing to get rid of our heroine by whatever means.  We think of those moms that are just another plot device to tear the couple apart.  Or we might think of the mom drama moms.  The ones who throw a spanner in the works while trying to protect our protagonists, or themselves, or just make everything overly dramatic.  When the drama becomes a battle between the moms or the mom and children for what is best.  Like You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin, which I watched for Jo Jung Suk who was barely in it, which isn't really about Lee Soon Shin but her mothers.  Every single mother in the entire show was annoying and made me want to scream.

Moms are an important part of dramas, because moms are super important in real life.  But what I love and want to celebrate now is those mothers who actually made the dramas better.  Sometimes, they are the best part of the dramas, or at least so enjoyable to watch that they made it better.

Can We Get Married

This show was not my favorite.  I think I started it for Derp Face, but it was literally just about moms fighting.  However, that was also the best part of it, because all the couples were idiots... well the ahjussi/ahjumma couple was fun, but all the young kids were idiots.  But this mom was the best.

From her tacky makeup to her unyielding attitude, Lee Mi Sook was a joy to watch.  Especially when she was talking someone into seeing things her way.  She and Derp Face's mom were in a constant battle, a power struggle of the moms, over the wedding and all the arrangements involved.

I loved their constant commentary and inner reactions.  So while this wasn't the best drama, these moms were the best part.


This show absolutely sucked.  It was boring and lame, and the main couple made us feel icky inside.  But one thing that was good about the drama was the momance between Kim Tan's real mom and Ahjumma, Eun Sang's mom, who also happens to be the maid.  Never was there such a sassy relationship between mistress and maid, especially when the maid was a mute.

My favorite moment of the whole show was when they were reunited after being apart.  This was the true OTP of the drama.

Marriage Not Dating

It's hard to say that the mom was my favorite part of this drama, because the OTP was just the cutest, but I loved how this show really was about the children's relationships with their mothers, and most importantly, Gong Gi Tae's mother.  The very plot is a battle to escape her control, but that's when we find out that is that really what they want?

So I really love how our perception of her changes over the drama, as the children become more mature and learn and understand what they've overlooked before.  Also, her tactics are amazing.  I still just laugh at that montage of her saying "Jang Mi" so sweetly until Jang Mi has nightmares.  I really love the relationships between this mother and our OTP.

Queen of Reversals

I really didn't like this show.  Probably because the writing was all over the place.  I mean, the second male lead got the girl, and good thing too, because that is how much of a loser the male lead was.  But anyway, one thing I did love was the ridiculous rivalry between the two mothers.  Best frenemies is what they were.

Both ridiculous, but still better than the rest of the show.


I just kind of have a girl crush on Do Ji Won anyway, but she was great in Healer.  I loved how strong she was, even in her circumstances, and how she didn't take that shiz once she knew what was going on.

Yep, totally awesome.

Unkind Women

So, this whole show really is about the mom, but she is so bad-a that I have to include her.  She was the best part of the show.  Her and Mo Ran's womance was amazing.  The frenemies to besties womance.  Awesome.

Bonding under their joined misfortunes, they both knew how to work their bitcahood.  Neither one afraid to protect their own, in pure bitca fashion.  I loved them.

Reply 1988

Now here was a drama that was amazing, and was then ruined.  But to the bitter end, the best part was the gang of ahjummas, when the menopause story line was just that much more compelling than the romance disaster.

I only wish there were more parts of them chilling out in front of their house, being snarky and besties for life.

I basically just wish I were as cool as Ra Mi Ran.  I aspire to be like her.

Another Oh Hae Young

One thing that made this show so great was how real all the relationships felt.  Especially with Oh Hae Young's family.  They fought real, loved real, helped each other, cried with each other.  Every time her family was together it was perfect, like the amazing scene when they helped her pack a lunchbox, no questions asked.

This family is just so in sync.

And so bluntly real.  I pretty much just love Kim Mi Kyung in everything she's ever been in.  She makes the best moms and the best snarky hackers, and the best whatever she plays.  But this mom might be one of my favorite moms played by her.

Dear My Friends

This is another show that is about a bunch of moms, but I couldn't discount that because it had so much to say about those mothers.  Every motherly scene was so touching in this one.  This show made me laugh and cry so much.

I think one of the most frustrating story lines was that of Wan and her mother, because I wanted them to work out their shiz so bad and have a good relationship, because when I saw that relationship, I knew it was beautiful deep down.

But this was another one of those real dramas, that was about hard topics, like death, motherhood, and of course cancer.  You know, life and growing up, and because of that it was beautiful.  I loved the tribute to motherhood and its sacrifice as it showed all the mothers and those tender moments.

Yep, this show was amazing, and I loved all the mothers in it.

Jealously Incarnate

It's hard to say that the mothers in the show are the best part, because the whole show is the best part so far, but I have to give a shout out to this lovely bitca mother rivals.

They might actually be my OTP of this show... one of them anyway.  Two powerful, career women, who happen to have the same tastes in everything, including men.  Forever together, forever fighting.  They are both classy-a bitcas, and I heart them both.

Even when they are being absolutely ridiculous and completely deserving of all the crap that their daughter gives them, because they are awful people really, I just grin every time they are on the screen.  This show is about a bunch of flawed people caught in love triangles and being jealous, and that is ok.

I wouldn't mind growing up to be Reporter Kye.  She's kind of awesome and has the best clothes.

I do have to point out that Lee Mi Sook and Kim Mi Kyung both made this list twice, as did Kim Hye Ja, probably because they are queens who totally deserve all the praise.  Even when I hate the character they are playing, I love them.

So yeah, lets have more awesome mothers.  They are underrepresented and deserve to be as awesome as they are.

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