Sunday, January 5, 2014

44. You're the Best! Lee Soon Shin 최고다 이순신왓츠 업 (2013) Korean

IU, Jo Jung Suk, Ko Do Shim, Lee Mi Sook

Drama Rating: 5/10     Neck Score: A

I started this because of Jo Jung Suk, and then I realized that it was 50 episodes long.  50!!!!!  At the time I didn't know those existed.  I had never watched the dreaded weekend family drama.  But once I started it, I had to finish it.  I did, somehow.  It was so long... and less about IU and Jo Jung Suk  and way more about the moms.  There were at least four of them and they were all annoying.  ALL OF THEM!  It was mom drama and birth secrets.  The grandma was even worse than the moms.  She kept pounding herself and asking why she was still living.  So annoying.  To give you an idea about how long it was, the premise I read said her dad died in it and there was hard times for the family.  The dad didn't die for like 10 episodes.  What?  There were some redeeming qualities.  Jo Jung Suk is adorable in it.  Awkward, sweet, trying to act cool all the time.  It was great.  Weird to see him in the jerk role at first (you know the typical rich leading man role) but once you found out that he was awkward trying to act cool, you just loved him.  IU did a great job.  She's really cute.  She handled all the crying and yelling well.  Then, I have to love this because it introduced me to the glory of Jung Woo.  Ahhhhhhh!  I fell in love with Jung Woo.  He is tall, hot, manly, and just made me love him.  Out of all the romances of the three sisters in Lee Soon Shin's family, the oldest sister and Jung Woo's baker ex-convict man was the best (or should we call it the oldest sister's daughter and the Jung Woo man, since their friendship had much more time to it than the romance).  Then maybe it was Soon Shin and Mr. Shin (IU and Jo Jung Suk) and then the middle sister and her husband.  They were mostly just annoying.  So, even with the mom drama it was tolerable.  There was a lot of time for character development, and that's good.  But don't make the mistake of thinking it's about the kids.  It's not.  It's totes about the moms.  Mom drama.

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