Sunday, March 13, 2016

191. Madame Antoine 마담 앙트완 (2016) Korean

Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon, Jinwoon, Lee Joo Hyung, Hwang Seung Eon

Drama Rating: 6/10     Neck Score: A+

DERP FACE!!!!!!! I think the number one reason I loved this show was because of all the wonderful and ridiculous faces that Sung Joon made.  The main plot was weird.  I liked how different it was, but it also needed a little more to it so that it wouldn't fall into the draggy trap... which it did.  But, it was still super enjoyable because we had a great cast of characters, and they were all characters.  Characters with unique and quirky personalities that made them lovable, even when they were being as frustrating as heck.  Which was a lot.  It also made us laugh because she was the ENFP to his INTJ, which just might be the exact Myers-Briggs personality types of some of us (nonchalantly clears throat).  I did have to turn my research brain off because of all the ethical issues in this show, confidentiality being the least of these issues, but once I just got passed that, I was able to enjoy the show a lot.  It's a K-drama, we're not expecting it to be realistic, okay?  I loved the back and forth between Hye Rim and Soo Hyun, since they both were super smart in their own way and played each other so hard.  Unfortunately that dragged on for a little too long, which was a little frustrating, but I still think that it was able to wrap up all the loose ends and give us a good solid ending.  I think I speak for us all (I watched this show with Curdy and Lizabreff of course) when I say that Ji Ho (Lee Joo Hyung) was just the cutest.  What an adorable, dorky, little clueless nerd.  When he went around with the sheep style towel on his head.  Dying of cuteness.  And his little walk and sissy run.  He did such a good job with that.  I loved Hye Rim's clothes!  Also Dr. Bae's clothes!  The girls in this show had a 95% approval rating when it came to their style.  The men had a 75% because too many bad turtlenecks/weird sweaters.  I seriously need to do a Madame Antoine Fashion Show post.

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