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What the Heck Did I Just Watch? Kpop MVs of 2015 That Left Us Feeling Weirded Out

It's the end of 2015, and there were a lot of what the heck Kpop MVs this year.  The kind that makes you wonder as you watch them "What the heck am I watching" and at the end you are still left with that blank expression of WTF.

What in the freak are they?  Well, here are some of 2015's that fit that bill.

FT ISLAND- Where's My Puppy?

This is the first one that I thought of when putting this list together.  Seriously, Hong Ki, what the heck is this?  I can't even fathom what they were thinking when they wrote this song and made this video.

Basically it is Lee Hong Ki wandering around looking for his puppy, and apparently going a bit crazy in the process.

At one point we're like, so is it even a real puppy?  Or is it this slutty pizza girl?

Nope, definitely not the pizza girl.  In fact they all only care about the pizza, I guess.

Well, Jae Jin didn't look too sad about the pizza girl flirting with him... plus, pizza.

And the end made me even more confused.  I mean really.  What the heck is up with the puppy?  Weird.

The song is catchy enough, but it and the MV are just so inexplicable that you have to just wonder what the heck did I just watch?  At least it's a kind of fun WTF.

Junsu- Flower

This one might be the number one weird one on this list.  It is a hauntingly beautiful song and as weird as heck.  Seriously weird.  It's all post apocalyptic and nasty with weird mutations and everything.

And what's up with the gold robot head thing?  Why melt it and drink it?  Too many weird things.

creeping me out.
We've got blue haired, weird eyed Junsu, dancing around in his broken palace, and also as a bunch of tribal peeps.

And we've got this creepy girl.

And then his food looks like this:

Yeah, I'd make that face too if I was asked to eat that.

Literally nothing can be explained.  I mean, after drinking the mask, did you not think you were going to barf up blue glowing kool-aid?  And the creepy girl just laughs... creepily.

Best part of the song: Tablo.

Second best: That line "Looks like love is pain" or something like that.

Basically the whole thing in not just weird, it's out right creepy and that creepy baby sound at the end... shudder.  But the song is great and gets stuck in my head despite all that, but that doesn't mean I'm still not scratching my head at the end of this video.  Agh!  The creepy baby sounds!

SHINee- Married to the Music

I love this song.  The MV is, well, weird.  That's why it's on this list.  It's a sort of Halloween zombie theme, I guess.  And with that, let the weirdness flow.  I mean, their whole theme of late is Odd, so I guess that shouldn't surprise us.  And they look very sexy being odd, if I might add (Except Minho, I just want to punch him in the face, haha), still, this pushes the limits.

I mean, they go to this party and then all start losing body parts.  Like head...




and maybe just get lit on fire.   Haha, Minho getting torched after singing like a dork like that seems very appropriate.

But it is all done with humor so we're not taking it too seriously, which helps a bit.

But it is still ridiculously weird.

Yay!  Barfing confetti!

And then there is the creepy bride lady who is doing all the dismembering.  I guess she is "the music."

Voodoo?  Is it voodoo?

I never imagined music looking that creepy.  Well, whatever.

EXO- Sing For You

Is it just me, or does this MV have nothing to do with the song lyrics?  I mean, really?

Why are they fighting and dancing in the snow?  Besides the fact that they just can?

And maybe it is just because I just watched a couple of creepy weird MVs... and I Remember You... but every time I see D.O driving with that creepy smile, I think something bad is going to happen.

And the whale.  Um, yeah.


Cool... I guess....

Jung Yong Hwa X YDG- Mileage

I absolutely love this song and the weirdness of this MV.  I also love Yang Dong Geun.

He might be my favorite part of this, but that's hard to say because Yong Hwa.

And together, after Three Musketeers and stuff, they are cool, fun bros.

So this makes me think Blue's Clues and Where's My Puppy a little, with the whole cartoony and paper cut out things, but they act it out so genuinely that it makes the weirdness perfect and hilarious.

Even the cars.

And with the whole mileage theme there is money and credit cards and stuff.

And the vertical bed... ok that's a bit weirder than most.

Especially when they are acting with the mannequins.


This just really looks he's got kids.  Like, seriously.

That part where he wraps the mannequin's arm around him on the bicycle, haha.

Then there is the bromance complete with the boogying.

Yes, and yes.  So for a what the heck am I watching, this one might be the most enjoyable.


I've talked about this song many times, probably because I love this song.  But I can't deny that this MV is kind of trippy, like a sensual drug trip.

Yeah, I feel the same way, GD.  I can't watch this!

We've got innuendo up the wazzoo and all of it is in a psychadelic dreamland, so if anything could be more WTF, then just let me know.

Cowboy with a movie projection of cherry blossoms?  Ok, probably the least weird thing in this.

Actually, Daesung's water and island is probably the least weird part.

And the worst, trippiest part: TOP, with his creepy Willy Wonka of Innuendo persona.

Seungri likes to have girls rubbing his chest, as we know from multiple other MVs, but this time it has to be with weird arms made of light.

And the trippy filter that makes all of this look super weird.  All of it.

Miss A- Only You

This one I have big problems with because not only is it the typical "we're sexy" Miss A song, but its all through the binoculars of a peeping tom.  Gross.

That just rubs me the wrong way.  What girl would act all sexy like that, knowing she's being watched like that?  Double gross.

No girl is going to act that way to a stalker boy.  This just sends all sorts of bad messages, like I like being stalked, and peeped at, and I'm in love with my stalker, which is all just bad, bad, bad.  If they just minus the creeper, this would just be normal whatever MV.  Instead, it's What the Heck.

JYP- Who's Your Mama

The takes the winner for the most WTF and nasty.  What a creepy old man.  No.  No, no, no, no, no with many many repeats and exclamation points.  This song is nasty and disturbing on so many levels.

He is literally just singing to the butts of these women and not them.  Mmmm, no.  Just.  No.

I mean the song sounds catchy, but it is so blech that even the song alone belongs on this list, and then we get way to many visuals of girls' butts and JYP in multi-colored suits.  Not that appealing to me, sorry no.

Basically everything about this makes me say: What the freak, JYP?  But this is the man who wore clear plastic pants so.... not that shocking.

There were many others that I considered for this list, such as Psy's Daddy, but that literally what we expect from every Psy song, so, I didn't feel like I needed to bother.  I did think that was a pretty funny sort of WTF song, but that's all I'm going to say.

Out of the many songs on this list there are many fun and catchy songs.  I like most of these songs, in fact, but they are blessed/cursed with really weird MVs that will haunt them for the rest of their days, I guess.  Well, thanks 2015 for leaving us with some really weird Kpop MVs.

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