Monday, August 17, 2015

KDrama Moments that Unintentionally Made Me Laugh

I finally finished the craziness that was Mask, and it had a lot of scream worthy moments.  The Bad guy was way too powerful and smart, and the way that everything was finally resolved was super lame.  However, until the lame preachy ending, it was as addicting as crack and had many moments that had me rolling.  As much as I hated the villain, I also loved him.  Mostly because he made faces like these:

How did no one spot that constant smirk that literally tells everyone he's the villain?  And he really knew how to play up the drama.  Especially when opening doors, peering through windows, or being a general creeper.  His door opening skills are literally my favorite part of that whole drama... unless you want to count like the OTP and all that stuff... haha.  But this situation is not alone in it's kind, I frequently find funny moments that make me laugh super hard when they really aren't supposed to be funny.  They just are!  And I just might have those spots cued up so I can watch them if I ever need a pick me up quick laugh.

The first one to ever make this list is from Rooftop Prince.  Like Suk Hoon from Mask, Tae Moo is a villain who lives in infamy solely because of his face making abilities.  It started around episode 16, with his "intimidating" tantrum.

Keeping it classy, Tae Moo.  This was shortly followed by his expert spy skills.

Look at him being so sneaky!  Hiding behind that newspaper.  Yep, there is no way anyone would spot him hiding behind that.  He might as well just cut eye holes in that thing.  But the best moment of all is at the end of episode 18.  This is the all time best moment in any drama ever.  My little brother and I could watch this for hours... or at least until we have to stop because we can't breathe.

I'm laughing just writing this!  Look at his little gremlin face!  I can't!  It's too....

Even though this next one is supposed to be funny, I just have to add it here, because we usually watch it at the same time as the Tae Moo face.

Barbra Streisand, Cheongdamdong Alice.  I could watch this all day.  Claps for Park Shi Hoo,

I also find a lot of these moments with my little sister, who is an expert at recreating people's dorky faces.  She particularly loves Turd Face's little face of horror at the end of episode 15 of Triangle.

That's not quite the face I would make if Kitty walked into the room like that, but it's perfect for Turd Face's situation.  And though Im Siwan earned the title Turd Face from this drama, it's out of love not hate.  I hated his character, yes, but that's because he is an amazing actor and he makes the best faces in the world.  He's my favorite meme.

Another face she makes fun of all the time now is from My Beautiful Banker, where Dumb Do Ha makes the fakest smile ever.

And my little sister recreated it perfectly, and we laughed for many minutes.  The only thing that can top this fake smile is the one at the end... where she is obviously not in love with him because she can't act like she is... when he is being the most adorable thing in the universe.

That was a fake laugh.  That was the fakest laugh in the world!  I can't believe anything you say, girl!  Why are you still getting lead roles!?!


I don't know how many times we rewound and watched this little nugget over and over.

Goiso had it coming, and this might be the number one reason we love Kang To.  No, we love everything about Kang To once he stops being an idiot and starts being Gaksital.  But especially when he so suddenly kicks Goiso in the chest.  Bahahaha.

This one being Lee Kwang Soo, it's probably supposed to be funny, in a sincere way.

But it single-handedly kept me watching It's Okay, That's Love, which is a good thing, because I ended up loving that show.  Especially Kwang Soo, but everyone else too.

Have to put the badness of Blood on there too.

Yeah.  That.

And of course we have the door openings of epicness from Mask.  He preps it with some creeper window stalking.

Then wha-bam!

I am rolling on the floor laughing.  This gif doesn't do it justice, as it is missing the dramatic music.  This man knows how to open a door.  More proof as he makes an equally dramatic exit.

It's so magical!  I love it!  He made me scream the most, out of anger and frustration, but boy did he make me laugh the most too.  He gets full points for turning a crappy, badly written drama into a gen of epic crappy funniness.  Good Job, Vampire Prosecutor!

Even the crappiest dramas can give you the joy of a good belly laugh, I guess.  Also, my siblings are the best.  I mean, Night Watchman's Journal wouldn't have been bearable at all without my little brother, and these scenes probably wouldn't be THAT funny without them either... but I have a pretty weird sense of humor.  Just ask anyone who has ever watched anything in the movie theaters with me.  I'm always that person laughing super loudly at inappropriate parts.  Like the sad, gory, or dramatic parts and not the actually funny parts, although I laugh at those ones too.  I crave the simple things in life.  Like laughing at everything.  It's fun.  Mwahahaha.


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    1. I know, right? I was dying just making these.

  2. I too laughed a lot during Mask. I loved Evil Guy's facial expressions the most. At least his wife caught on to the smirks. Who knows how everyone else was oblivious. Kwang Soo is just an amazing actor. I really enjoyed It's Okay, That's Love but he was my favorite character by far. I'd love to see more of him. Oh and I'm always laughing at inappropriate things during movies. It angers my friends. Ha ha!

    1. Haha, I think that those faces were the only thing that made it bearable to watch Mask, because the plot was just one big hole. I lost all interest when then suddenly and dramatically killed the mom for no reason, and everything really went lame. But at least the villain still made faces.

      And Lee Kwang Soo is the best. I'm basically in love with him. ;)