Saturday, June 13, 2015

Second Female Leads Who Are The Rage Scream Causing Queens

I recently wrote a post about second male leads that make me want to punch them in the face, but there is a corner on the market for causing rage screams usually reserved for the second female leads of dramas, fondly known as the bitca of the shows.   Honestly, they make the bitcas over-the-top evil more often than not, while the second male leads are more often so nice that they are pushovers.  This list could go on for forever, because 99% of all dramas have a bitca. Still, why not make a list of the worst of all?  The ones so bad that they make us scream in rage at the very sight of their faces.

There were so many of them that I had to break this list down and organize it.  It's not that surprising that I could fit all these bitcas into four categories.  You've seen one, you've probably seen most, because they make mean, crazy, bitcas all pretty much the same.  The four categories are: "Don't Touch my Thing," Evil Ex/First Loves, Vindictive Bitcas, and Cray Cray Obsessive Bitcas.

Don't Touch My Thing:

This might be my least favorite type of bitca.  This is when the bitca isn't actually interested in the male lead, but doesn't like other peeps touching her stuff.  So she drags her dude along, until he starts falling for the nice lead girl, then she turns on full bitca mode.  She doesn't treat the dude right, and then goes all out and is horrible to everyone.  Here are some of the worst offenders:

Bra Slut- Full House

Not only does she have slutty bad fashion taste, but she's awful.  She wants Mr. Trunkneck so much she treats Baby Rain like total crap.  Then, when Baby Rain starts to like his wife, she's like "oh, I want him.  Cling!" and then she flashes her slutty bra fashion in his direction, joining forces with Trunkneck to ruin a marriage.  Yeah, let me rage scream at the very sight of her.  Also, just that outfit alone makes me want to scream.  Ew.

Noona- Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

Similar to Bra Slut, we have Noona, the girl who only thinks about her dongsaeng when she is brutally dumped by hot Lie to Me dude.  Then she's all "Oh no, that little boy I tolerated is married, now I want him.  How dare she steal him!  He's my thing."  And then she proceeds to be a total bitca with lying, cheating, tricking, and trying to steal, causing many misunderstandings.  She's evil, and I screamed much at her... only second to Ahjussi, who made me scream and cry because of his craziness.  But she's a close second.  A very close second.

Im Se Kyung- Scent of a Woman

No, she did not want to marry him or have anything to do with him, but the second she sees that he is more interested in that older cancer woman (the lead), she's ready to own him and crush anyone who stops her.  Especially the lead female.

Vivian- Miss Rose

I love Puff so much, and she played this bitca so well.  She was just selfish and bored, and like all Taiwanese dramas they totally like try and redeem her at the end.  However, for most of the drama she was in training to be a full fledged bitca from that bitca queen, who was just plain crazy.  She even did the pretend to be blind to trap him with guilt and duty and crap like that.  Scream of rage.  Go away, Bibian!

Evil Ex/First Love:

There is very little worse than the male lead being hung up on his ex or first love.  They have so much power and they usually abuse it.  So what is worse than the male lead being hung up on their ex or first love?  When the ex is bat-shiz crazy.  First loves suck when they are evil.  We hate them all.

Ding Jia Yu- Just You

She might be literally the worst.  She was a mid-season bitca, who popped in just when things were getting good and then BOOM!  Crap hits the fan.  I screamed every time she was on the screen, but especially when she made the "pity me, my man is in love with another woman (ironically Puff), who is a million times nicer than me, and I was the one who stepped on my man and ran away from him in the first place, but I regret that now" face.  I can't even think about her without wanting to scream.  Taking this picture was miserably hard.  Ugh!  That face!

Han Jae Hee- Innocent Man (aka Nice Guy)

Obviously this girl is bad news.  She sent him to jail and ruined his life, and then continued to ruin his life as he tried to get revenge on her, which clearly showed that he wasn't over her... yeah.  She is basically just scum.

Baek Yeo Jin- Queen of Reversals

I really think that getting married to spite your ex is an awful idea.  The ex not giving up and ruining that marriage is barf worthy.  She was so barf worthy that I hated every minute that she was on the screen.

Park Han Byul- Couple or Trouble & Oh! My Lady

We dubbed Park Han Byul the bitca queen.  She is really good at making everyone hate her.  She is especially good at pretending to be nice while being a total bitca.  That is literally the worst.  If you're going to be bad, then just be bad.  Stop manipulating people with your falseness.  (Screams of frustration).

She was literally the worst in Couple or Trouble, and was quite nasty in Oh! My Lady as well.  I really hate/love how she does that smirk thing... but mostly hate it.  I only admire how well she does it, making me scream every time.

Anna- Fated to Love You

Boy was I sick of Anna.  Especially Cun Xi saying Anna all the time.  She was just bad.  Selfish and annoying.  And then she went completely bad.  That abortion paper... yeah.  You can't come back from that.  She's the worst.

Evil Mom- Sweet Sweet Bodyguard

Evil baby mama exes are the worst, especially when they are vindictive as this one was.  In fact all of the bad drama in the show started when she appeared.  She tried to break her baby daddy and his fiancee up, steal the fiancee's job, and ruin her life.  All while pretending to be sweet.  She was annoying, impatient, and mean as a bulldozer.  Worst part of this show.  They should have just ended earlier... like at least 30 episodes earlier.

The Ex- Full House Take 2

She really didn't even have a point in this show, because she never had a chance.  She was just annoying and got in the way.  However, when you break up a bromance, you are in the hall of infamy for life.  Stupid evil chick.  How dare she make Take One not bros and cause a bunch of trauma and crap that just went on for too long.  Boo.

Vindictive Bitca:

It doesn't matter what is going on or who will benefit, these girls go in for the kill just for the fun of it.  They get their thrills from walking on people and seeking some kind of warped justice that only they believe in.  The sort of justice where they get whatever they want, because they obviously deserve it.  They will kick you while you are down because they can, and they will probably have an evil smirk while they do it too.

Gold Digger- Warm and Cozy

I take it back, this chick is the worst.  She chases after the money and then destroys people.  She doesn't even pretend to be nice, which I usually applaud because if you're going to do it, do it right.  But she's so evil that I can't help but scream in protest.  Especially when she makes that evil, kill smirk.  Ah.

Evil Roomate- Personal Taste

Man stealer and just for the heck of it, ok.  If she had stopped at Kim Ji Suk, she might not have made this list, but when she moved in for the kill on Lee Min Ho, that's when she permanently ranked among the worst.  Why did she do it?  Because she could.  She wanted to see the quirky lead lose everything and suffer.  I don't even remember why, I just remember hating her.  This also will not be the last time we see Wang Ji Hye on this list.  She is also a bitca queen.

Yoona- Modern Farmer

I'm not sure if vindictive is quite the right word for her, but kind of because while she comes off as nice, she definitely uses people like nobody's business.  She is clingy on the nice guy, throwing herself at CEOs, and blackmailing people.  Also poisoning the minds, manipulating, etc.  Just bad news.  I was constantly wanting to scream for no apparent reason, and then, when we realized what the deal was, I screamed a good "I knew it!"

Practically a Murderer-Birth of a Beauty

I told you Wang Ji Hye would be on this list again.  She's just bitca material, and this role was just crazy.  I suppose she could also be a "first love," or a "don't touch my thing" as well, but the sheer level of vindictiveness makes me keep her in this category.  Yeah, her level of revenge is just crazy, and how she played everyone.  Super cray cray and vindictive.  This show was just all sorts of bad though.

Jerk Face- Trot Lovers

Being so jealous and vindictive that you drop stage pieces on people, causing amnesia and ending up lying about relationships is just plain nonsense.  What the heck.  She was so bad.  I hated that face that she made when she was infuriated, annoyed, or anything.  I basically just hated her face... and her.  She just caused so much crap, making this show super yucky.  Blah.

Shin In Hwa- Cheongdamdong Alice

She's like the second bitca, since there is a real second female lead who is also a bitca... well let's be honest the female lead and pretty much everyone else in this show (including Kim Ji Suk) are bitcas.  It's about the fashion industry and gold digging.  Anyways, what makes her the worst is when she is rejected from a M&A type marriage (which is basically gold digging), she decides to ruin our gold digging heroine's chances at love because she "doesn't deserve" it.  Poor people don't deserve to marry rich people.  They are the scum of the earth, especially if they want to marry rich people... for whatever reason.  She just wanted to cause crap because she's a vindictive bitca.  She really was.  Super annoyingly bad.

Obsessive Cray Cray Bitca:

Those ones who just don't know how to give up, so they do all sorts of unspeakable things until they are pretty much jail worthy and evil.  I'm pretty sure that they are the worst of all these categories, since obsessiveness can lead to some of the worst evil bitcaness.  Oh the absolute rage inducing shiz that these ladies cause.

Lee Bo Young- Save the Last Dance

I love Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young in real life.  I love that they met through this show.  I hate Lee Bo Young's character in this show.  She is so obsessed with this dude that she lies, cheats, steals, and causes harm to lots of people.  And she looks like a complete crazy idiot while she does it.  She's always crying and being annoying.  Well played, Lee Bo Young, but I'm glad you are a lead female now, because you're way better than cray cray roles like this.  Whew.

Evil Lady- Me Too Flower

This evil lady was like an evil mom and vindictive bitca rolled into one.  She couldn't have Yoon Si Yoon for herself, so she hired the younger sister to make shiz happen.  She was obsessed with her thing (aka Yoon Si Yoon) and controlling his life, to the point that she did awful things, like turning sisters on each other... even if they were step sisters, that is awful.  She was so manipulative and evil, and it stemmed from her obsession, possession, and some weird kind of revenge... I can't explain it, but it was creepy and weird.

Chae Young In- Like Stars Falling From the Sky

She was just pathetic and annoying, all clingy and mopey.  Also, she's kinda ugly, just saying... I think the hair isn't doing her any favors though.  Just get over the dude, stupid girl.  Nope, she's going to be evil instead, when it was well past time to let go.

Little Sister- Sweet Sweet Bodyguard

This sister that didn't know how to give up, should have just given up.  She could have been the first love, or even the don't touch my thing type, but her annoying persistence was the worst.  She was just annoying, especially her voice, and as bothersome as evil exes can get.  Stop whining, Sis, and stop listening to your whining mom.  She's crazy and putting crap in your head.

Cray Cray Bitca- Cunning Single Lady

This girl has some serious issues, like transferring her obsessive love onto Joo Sang Wook.  She was literally crazy and scared me.  Also, pretty much evil anyways, but then the whole family was.  It was just a mess of obsessions all around.  Gah!  I can't even.

Huan Huan- Fall in Love with Me

Poster child for obsession that drove her crazy.  Not doing physical therapy so your legs never heal?  Crazy.  Putting on copious amounts of eye cream while staring into the mirror and chanting out your obsessive plans?  Crazy.  Lying and manipulating your man to keep him with you?  Bat-shiz crazy.  Girl, you are too crazy.  No man is worth that.  Not even Aaron Yan.  Please no.

Cray Cray Obsessive Bitca- Nightwatchman's Journal

Her name is literally Cray Cray Obsessive Bitca, that's what we called her because that's what she is.  I even wrote about it.  She literally is the cray cray obsessive bitca, hands down.  This actress is good at it.  She did the same thing in Super Daddy Yeol.  She just goes to ridiculous lengths to do, see, be with, mess up, get what she wants, etc.  To super unhealthy lengths.  How can you be so- uagh!

Ai Wei- Drunken to Love You

Ai Wei wasn't an inherently bad person.  She's not even inherently a bitca.  She just doesn't know when to give up.  Besides being completely wrong for Jie Xiu and treating him like dirt when they were together, she does not know how to give up.  This means that she is going to do tons of things that she will immediately regret because her obsessiveness makes her crazy.  This makes us rage scream at her because she is being a complete idiot and doing bad things when she's not really a bad person, and she's messing with the cutest OTP ever.  Seriously, just stop obsessing!  Ah!!!

Kang Yoon Seo- Baby Faced Beauty

Why is she so obsessed with that ugly old dude with a kid?  She waited 10 years for him?  Why?  Why is she so obsessed with him?  She even dissed Choi Daniel (which is ok since she's a bitca and he needed to be with Jang Na Ra), she was so obsessed.  What the heck.  And then she did so many bad, vindictive, crazy things because of that obsession, cheating being the least of those things.  She was always setting up some vindictive plot to catch and publicly humiliate So Young.  She was just bad.

So we have some Bitca Queens, cheers for Park Han Byul and Wang Ji Hye, as well as some in the writers category, as at least three of these bitcas on this list were written by the Hong Sisters (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Couple or Trouble, and Warm and Cozy) and really most of their others are strong runners up for this list as well.  Really if the bitcas have any of the qualities represented by these basic categories they will make us rage scream.  While I understand the need for them in the show, they bog it down and frustrate the crap out of us.  I like a good bitca, but none of them are on this list.  This list is for those who just need to go... before I bang my head against the wall out of frustration and give myself a concussion or something.