Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Get Out" of the "Back Seat"

I was looking forward to the JYJ comeback.  Then I saw the MV for Back Seat:


My reaction:

Wut?  Ummmmmmmmmmmm no.

What was that?  That what what I was looking forward to?

The anticipation was way better.  Like this thing:


I guess it's just a reminder that I heart JYJ way more then I heart their music.  I would much rather watch them act in dramas, listen to their OSTs and appreciate their solo work than listen to this douchy misogynistic crap.  Why, JYJ?  Why!?!?

Well, apart from the lyrics of the song and it's basic concept, it wasn't that bad... I guess.  I actually like the sound of the song (it is a bit catchy), especially since they are such good musicians.  I just wasn't impressed with the lyrics.

They are looking hotter than ever.  So, I guess I have to be content with that part.  Well these parts:

Even if the dance doesn't fit the song and they are wearing weird suits, they can still dance well.


So, to remember the times that they looked good, here are some shots of that.

Really it just reminded me of a trashier version of this MV:

 This one is like a super classy one comparatively.  I mean...

I frown upon your latest nastiness.

There is even a car theme in this one too.  Only they're not liking the nastiness they are witnessing.

Girl, you no cheat on JYJ.

 Anyways.  As much as I appreciate Junsu's swivel hips:

Kitty punching the wall:

Or Yoochun's great faces:

There needs to be more than just those to carry the MV.  And I don't mean Kitty looking through a chain-link fence:

Uh... maybe I do...

No!  A better song please!

Well, here are their necks looking good:

At least there is that.  But it never left the lame old band in a box thing.  I was hoping for a fresh concept, but let's at least have an actual Kpop song and not an attempt at a western style lame/nasty deal or a commerical.  But at least "Only One" had a happy, preppy, clean feel.

Anyways, I've got no problem with their sexy stereotypes.

Feel free to keep dancing nasty:

Staring through fences:

Making great singing faces:

Punching walls:

Flaunting the hot bods:

Sexy hair:

  And showing their passion and feelings with their hand/arm movements:

We love that.  But we want to love the song too.  As in good feels, not nasty feels.

Good thing we've got other things to watch our boys in so that we can feel the right kind of feels.

These are the right kind of feels:

Also, hugging is a good way to show off how good looking the neck is, and both of these brothers have good necks.  Rawr.

I mean no disrespect to JYJ.  I love them with all my little heart.  Especially Jaejoong, who is at the very top of my Top 10 Sexy Necks list.

After watching Back Seat, I was motivated to go back and finish Triangle, as I had fallen way behind due to my vacation.  They are super good actors, singers, and so on.  That's why I support them in all their endeavors and appreciate the rest of their album more than the song they chose for their MV.... yeah.

♡ ♡ JYJ Fighting! ♡ ♡


  1. Obviously Back Seat is way catchier than I gave it credit for, because now it's stuck in my head and I keep singing it randomly against my will.


  3. "Pumba boma bag sit. Da bag sit"

  4. New blog reader and enjoying your stuff. Back seat is quite a mish-mash of kpop dance tropes. Wait, did they miss slowmo in shallow water :)? BTW, totally hooked on GOT7 - esp. their "I Like You" Very smooth dance MV too. Actually I think that is the ONLY GOT7 I know, but I listened to it the ENTIRE lunch break today. Sorry to jump in on the JYJ post, but that's blog commenting life, right?

    1. Haha, a slowmo shallow water dance might have made it more exciting. Why not, they had every other trope, might as well make the complete set. :)

      I had to look up that GOT7, since I don't think I've heard it yet. It is pretty good. I like watching the dance practice or just dance versions of MVs way more than the actual MVs because the dancing is my favorite part. :)