Friday, April 10, 2015

Lee Seo Jin, My Ahjussi Spirit Animal

While catching up on Running Man, I serendipitously found my ahjussi soulmate in episode 229.  He is literally the same as me- a lazy grumpy cat.

I'm not like that all the time... (looking around to see Lizabreff ready to contradict me... also to claim her rights as the creator of this post's title).  Ok, not always, but a lot.  Especially when it comes to things that are not worth it to me, like silly competition and random games.  I like to see Running Man go through it, but I can totally see myself completely acting like Lee Seo Jin if ever faced with a Running Man-like situation.  So here are some examples that completely made me laugh because I could completely relate:

Those moments that you're really annoyed, but trying to keep a low profile so that people don't draw out the situation.  Can we just move on now?

This is a constant.  In fact all these pictures represent Lizabreff and I.  She is Jae Suk (something I secretly think half the time anyways) and I'm Seo Jin.  She is my best friend, but she's also super clingy.  I'm a pro at pushing away too, Seo Jin.  I get you.

That panicky moment when you realize you'll have to deal with these peeps all day, and they will be acting like this the whole time.

And then they get on a roll and start doing everything they know you hate, because it's apparently hilarious when you're annoyed.  It happens all the time, so I guess it is.

Continued clinging, because they can?  Shudder.

I can't even count the number of times I've said that.

I know this is what my friends do behind my back.  They don't get it, and they think it's hilarious.  It is, but it's also annoying.

Ok, this is the only one I can't agree with.  This looks like a dream come true to me.  Back hugged by Kwang Soo (starry eyed imagining it).  But I do know the feeling of being attacked by your friends because they know you hate hugs... and having too much attention drawn to you and the fact that you hate hugs... and being crowded by hugs... ugh!  Claustrophobia!!!  You hear that, Kwang Soo!?!  Our destined hug must be one on one!  And super long and cute.  I'll hold in my awkwardness just for you.

Being attacked at every moment, it's tiring to keep having to push them away.

Once again, Lizabreff and I.  Seriously though.  Back hugs are awkward when done in this manner... or maybe always.  I don't know.  Kwang Soo, how about you romantically back hug me to test if I always find them awkward?  Also, awkward is an awkward spelled word.  W K W is just awkward.

This is the moment when they are on a roll and are so hyper, giggly, and in the moment that all extremes will happen.  All lines will be crossed.

Squashed by her ENFPness.  My INTJness never had a chance. (See Myers-Briggs Personality types).

Like I said, this is my daily life almost.  Once the word gets out that this is how I react, this is usually how they react.  And just like Lee Seo Jin, this is how I react.

Protecting oneself while still appreciating the fact that they just love you.  I kind of like it (but only because I like them) and hate it at the same time.

But just so you don't think that I'm just abrasive, I also totally connected to this moment as well:

Get me doing something I actually like, or just get me warmed up to the madness, and I actually get excited.  Music is usually the way to go.

This is Lizabreff and I during any car ride.  Even if we are only driving for 2 seconds.  Only it's usually Kpop, although 90s club music is always an option.

That's the Grumpy Cat attitude coming out again.

Story of my life.

Genuine reaction when this song comes on.  Who can NOT like Careless Whisper by Wham (George Michael)?

Like I said, let me warm up, and then I can get into it.  It just takes a while.

Which is what should always happen ;)


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! OMG this is so true!!!!! But we still love you ^^ I saw him on Alaskan salmon food can advertising at the grocery store tonight. Haha.

    1. He would advertise for Alaskan salmon. That just seems so him.